RETRO: Pulp Fiction

05/07/2017 M. J. Moore 0

By M. J. Moore For Jaime Lubin Before the 1969 publication of The Godfather made his fortune, author Mario Puzo wrote profusely for the so-called “men’s magazines” published by Martin Goodman, who ruled the roost […]


RETRO: Four Days in June

05/06/2017 M. J. Moore 0

By M. J. Moore Of all the questions about America in the 1960’s, perhaps none is heard as often as “Where were you when Kennedy was shot?” Invariably, the questioner is referring to JFK’s assassination […]

Alfred Hayes

RETRO: Once Upon a Time in Italy

20/04/2017 M. J. Moore 0

By M. J. Moore Disillusion. Confusion. Inexplicable grief. All three leitmotifs dominate All Thy Conquests by London-born Alfred Hayes, who became a naturalized American and whose poems, novels, and screenplays retain their power. Although now out […]