Honeysuckle Media boasts some of the most innovative and ROI driven marketing campaigns there are. Our Clio award-winning offerings traverse our mediums of creative branding, print, digital, photography, video, OOH and events. We have pioneered plant medicine initiatives across NYC, including serving as the first to place cannabis and psychedelic brands on Times square billboards in NYC. Our creative agency, Honey Studios offers innovative and ROI driven services in Since its inception in 2103, Honeysuckle has pioneered many initiatives in plant medicine in NYC across their multi platform offerings. Visit our creative agency @honeymagstudios for corporate and creative work in corporate photography, videography, events coverage and film.

Honeysuckle has some of the most unique advertising opportunities in media for cannabis and mainstream brands alike.


Digital ads, banner displays and article ads. Contact us for more details.


Have a great brand you think would synchronize with our audience? We would love to sell your products for you, with online advertising and affiliate content available also, in print and on the web.


Take part in our online community with an audience of 150k+


Place an ad in our upcoming print editions. Brilliant displays of cutting edge art, design, celebrity, relevant topics on social issues, pop culture and more.


Honeysuckle can provides unique opportunities to advertise on some of the most iconic billboards in in the most sought after neighborhoods of San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and primarily in Times Square, NYC. We have a range of options for price, size and locations. Many companies and clients use our platform to gain general awareness and to showcase their brand and/or product.


During these times, the couch is considered to be the new Times Square. Connected Ads are largely consumption based and reach the viewer wherever they are, whenever our placement criteria trigger that they fit the profile of the buyer we are trying to reach.If desired we can, however, tighten our placement list so that there is a focus on top-tier programs or networks - although this is not recommended. Placements are seen across thousands of networks, shows and applications stemming from major networks and television shows down to niche vlogger shows and YouTube pre-roll placements on non-linear viewing platforms (Roku, Amazon Firestick, Sling, etc.)

Contact us for more information : media@honeysucklemag.com