Which Cannabis Strains Should You Enjoy With Your Partner on Valentine's Day?

Cannabis is already known as a powerful aphrodisiac, but it's particularly suited to Valentine’s Day. There are marijuana strains that can brighten any dull love life and give your lover’s holiday an extra kick this year. Regardless if you’re spending the pink and red holiday with your partner, friends, family, pets, or just yourself, any one of these strains is a sure pickup. Relax and get romantic. Unwind and ease your mind. For first-time smokers or veteran connoisseurs, there is something for everyone.

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Cannabis and Sex: Why Should You Consume on Valentine's Day?

A 2020 study published in the journal Sexual Medicine showed that women who consume cannabis found their sexual experiences to be more satisfying overall when they used marijuana than when they didn't. Reports within the study found that cannabis use was associated with improved sexual desire, more lubrication, and heightened arousal and orgasm. An earlier study, by the International Society for Sexual Medicine in 2019, surveyed both men and women who consumed cannabis before or during sexual activity; 73 percent of the respondents said that they believe cannabis improved their experiences every time. The science suggests that because many people use cannabis to relieve anxiety, their bodies are then more relaxed and responsive to touch when it's time for intimacy.

Valentine's Day would be a perfect time to test this theory for yourself. Whether you're into smoking weed from the same joint together, indulging in chocolate cannabis edibles, or trying out some THC-infused pleasure oils, the quickest way to the heart is to feel the love.

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Valentine's Day Traditions with a Cannabis Twist

You can honor Valentine's Day traditions with a cannabis spin outside the bedroom too. Put a new twist on classics like flowers and chocolates with cannabis flower and chocolate edibles. (These are particularly good if you're doing a friends' get-together for Valentine's Day, or honoring the modern tradition of Galentine's Day on February 13th.) Most of the strains below are available in multiple delivery methods. Look for infused chocolate bars and cookies, portable vape devices, or pre-roll packs. Anything that's fun-size and ready to go will mean extra fun for your sweet day!

A Date With Yourself: Let Cannabis Be Your Valentine

Going solo on Valentine's Day? You can make the most of any of the options above, of course, but we also suggest checking out additional cannabis-infused products like tinctures - a few drops on your tongue or in your favorite beverage will put you in that elevated mindset right away - and even items including CBD bath bombs and oils, face and body masks, skin creams, and aromatherapy sets will ensure you can pamper yourself for this holiday. Self-love is the greatest love of all.

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Which Weed is Best for You? Sativa Cannabis Strains for a Highly Fulfilling Valentine’s Day

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a mainly Sativa strain said to bless its users with cerebral and euphoric effects. If anything, you want your Valentine’s Day to be euphoric. Take a few puffs and fall down that rabbit hole in pure bliss. Let the elevated sensory experience spice up life for you and your partner. This descendant of Willy’s Wonder is a cannabis strain with many therapeutic qualities great for melting into that massage before hands start taking advantage of that increased sensory response.

Love Potion #1

Love Potion #1 is another Sativa strain perfect for February’s romantic holiday. Its name should be enough hint of what the night will bring. This strain puts you under spellcasting feelings of euphoria, arousal, and happiness. Citrusy with a hint of the cannabis plant's usual earth, its funk will get you out of yours.

It is great to add this cannabis strain to your Valentine’s Day gift guide when your spouse’s favorite restaurant is fully booked or you “forgot” the flowers with the florist. It is a sure mood uplifter. Consumers have consistently rated this strain as the most stimulating for their libidos, with all the physical effects you'd expect it to have. Cupid's arrow has struck. Skip the chocolates for an aphrodisiac you can smoke.

Blue Trainwreck

Also known as Blue Train, this cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant Hybrid made from crossing Trainwreck and Blueberry. True to its name, Blue Trainwreck delivers blueberry flavors, giving a sweet flavor to your lover’s holiday. Not only will its flavor bring holiday delights, but so will its energizing and increased focus effects. Great for an extra stamina boost and concentration that will have you lost in your partner’s eyes. This hybrid is a mood elevator turning frowns upside down. Blue Trainwreck also combats fatigue, so round one is just the beginning.

Cookies & Cream

If sweet is what you like, then Cookies & Cream is for you. This balanced hybrid’s sweet vanilla and nutty notes are the ideal substitutes for dessert. Save some calories and try this cannabis that will create a head high sparking you with creativity and euphoria before invading your body for a mini boost of energy. Its ability to ease pain makes it great to try heavy-handed action in the bedroom or (red room if you're like Christian Grey). In high doses Cookies & Cream can relax you to sleep, but its good spank will wake you right up.

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What Is the Valentine X Strain? A Special Kind of Weed


Named after St. Valentine, the patron saint of epilepsy, this strain is often used as medicinal cannabis. Valentine X is a balanced hybrid high in CBD content, with a CBD to THC ratio of 25:1. Its flavor has been noted as predominantly earthy, with some citrus notes and a small hint of pine.

Medical Benefits of the Valentine X Strain

Notably, Valentine X is a cannabis strain specifically sought for its medicinal value. It has tremendous healing capabilities and, like its namesake, works well to treat symptoms of seizure disorders. This type of weed is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, and reportedly has had success when used by cancer patients to treat pain relief.

This variant of the ACDC strain is great for a smoke session that won’t mess with your mind. Valentine X however relaxes your muscles and releases waves of creativity. Its medicinal effects combat stress and body aches, allowing for a restart to your holiday.

Final Thoughts on the Valentine X Strain

Perfect in case you woke up on the wrong side of the bed in your honeymoon suite, Valentine X's low THC content also makes it great to mix and match with other strains. Sprinkle in your favorite Love Potion variant or preferred Kush strain to add any effects you like. A customized high to make your Valentine’s Day just how you like it.

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Valentine’s Day Indica Strains That Love Your Body Back

Love Potion #9

If all that sensual goodness of Love Potion #1 tickles your ears but Sativa is not your preferred cannabis species, then you’re in luck. Love Potion #9 gives you all the euphoric and aroused feelings but in an Indica dominant strain. This cross between Northern Lights #5 and Love Potion #5 is a potent beast. It gets you stoned almost instantly but won’t have you passed out on the couch. You can endure enough rounds to lead into February 15. Not only great for sex it creates an intense sensation of joy and leaves you in a bliss relaxation, in case it’s just you and lotion this year.

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Chocolate Kush

Chocolate Kush maybe become your preferred way to indulge chocolate. This strain eases you into a physically relaxing high and increases thoughtfulness and focus. The easy onset makes it well suited for newbies in the cannabis world. But its never disappointing high still has something to offer certified potheads. In light doses, the upbeat thoughtfulness is great for connecting with your partner. It will help make those “why do you like me?” questions easier to answer and you’ll dive into what makes your significant other so significant. High doses of this Indica strain can also lull you to sleep if you need an escape from answering.

Diamond Girl

Because diamonds are a girl's best friend... This is a great strain to match that tennis bracelet or the pandora ring she’s been not so subtly hinting at. Diamond Girl is an Indica leaning hybrid made from the combination of Early Pearl, Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk. Despite the heavy cross this strain is not overly potent allowing you to keep up with your evening activities and endure the long-lasting buzz. Its sweet taste makes it suitable for a shotgun kiss sure to get the love wafting in the air.

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Pink Kush

For all the kush lovers,another perfect Valentine’s Day pick is Pink Kush. It is an Indica dominant strain and like its parent, OG Kush it has long-lasting effects. Its sweet notes and floral aroma add to its fun and playful feel. Pink Kush allows you to unwind and ease your mind making it suitable for Valentine’s Day wake-and-bake that will bring waves of calm euphoria to your entire day. Also great for a fast fix to a lover’s quarrel.

Can You Recommend Any Other Valentine's Day Cannabis Strains?

We love those listed above, but for you canna-connoisseurs, check out a few other recommendations of awesome strains: Whether you're cuddling up indoors on a snowy day or looking for festive celebratory strains, we've got you covered.