‘Tis the season! As the holidays draw nigh, and more states in the nation are legalizing adult-use cannabis (hello Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota), Team Honeysuckle seeks to answer the eternal question: What makes you dream of a Green Christmas? Or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa…

We discovered that no single cannabis lover thinks alike – although many of them enjoy the simple things. And in a year that has turned life as we know it upside-down, it’s a relief to get high with a little help from your friends. So have no fear if you’re stumped for cool gift ideas for your closest companions. Take some inspiration from these top-notch cannabis connoisseurs; soon you too will be walking in a winter wonderland. Just don’t bogart the good stuff.

We asked our favorite Canna Masters:

What is your favorite cannabis gift to give?   What is your favorite canna give to get?   What are your favorite are your holiday strains? 

Listen to these connoisseurs to achieve your Highest Holiday. Lord knows, we need it!

Mike Glazer, Comedian & Mary Jane Gibson, Stars of Weed+Grub; @weedgrub

Mike Glazer & Mary Jane Gibson of Weed+Grub c/o Lauren Hurt

Give: This year, we’ll be whipping up a batch of our signature Salted Almond & Chocolate Brittle with Satori’s Sweet & Salty Almonds in Dark Chocolate to put into decorative tins and drop on friends’ doorsteps. It’s the best grown-up candy there is!

Get: Homemade or homegrown anything. We have a friend who’s kindly shared her indoor harvest of Purple Punch, along with some very special mushrooms. It’s truly wonderful to receive a gift that someone has grown themselves.

Favorite Strains: We dig celebrating the holidays with pinene-heavy strains that remind us of a wintry pine forest. A few faves: Jack Herer, Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough, and, of course, the aromatic OG Kush.


Brooke Burgstahler, Creative, Actress, Founder of Budding Mind   @buddingmind

Give :I am currently growing cannabis a little off season, but will be harvesting my plants in time for the holidays!  I’m giving everyone I know, including my parents, a mason jar full of my home grown. I even had labels made for our strain, which we renamed “Happy Baby.” Yogi jokes…

Brooke Burgstahle c/o Kelly Tatham

Get: I would love to get an annual subscription to the psychedelic magazine DoubleBlind. The artwork featured in each issue is worthy of being framed, and the articles deserve prime real estate on the front of your fridge. DoubleBlind is female founded and operated and is paving the path for highbrow psychedelic content.  And seeing as though it’s the first magazine of its kind, I imagine hard copies will become some kind of relic in the future!

Favorite holiday strains: My favorite holiday strain is Northern Lights. It’s super rich in the terpene beta-caryophyllene, which is actually found in a lot of spices we cook with around the holidays like cinnamon and clove!

Angela White Photo c/o Jennifer Skog

Angela White, Equity for Industry Program Manager at Success Centers @415queencannabis

Give: I like to give Pacific Stone pre-rolls as stocking stuffers, Stiiizy batteries and pods because of the colors and sleek designs for those who like to vape. And for my senior friends, Papa and Barkley Relief Balm. Also, I like to give gummies by Nfused, Kanah Hybrid Peach, and Smokies…any flavor.

Get: I like Sativas and Hybrids — Maui Wowie, Pineapple OG and Wedding Cake.

Favorite holiday strains :I love happy strains — tis the season to be joyous.


Kristin & Danny Murr-Sloat, Founders of AlpinStash @alpinstash

Give: AlpinStash Original Cultivars paired with a fun little chillum or pipe.

Get: We would love to receive a new smoking piece! For Murr, that would be a bong, and for Danny that would be a bubbler.

Favorite holiday strains: Any of our Original sativa hybrids, such as Platinum Tiger Cookies, Platinum Pineapple, Tegridy Cookies and Li’ Sebestian, so we can continue to start and finish projects in a less anxiety induced manner. Everyone needs a little bit of uplifting energy, positivity and stress relief these days.

Paul Rosen

Paul Rosen, renowned investor, cannabis industry entrepreneur, strategic advisor, CEO 1933 Industries and Executive Chairman of cannabis consulting firm Global Go; @globalgo.consulting

Give: Going home team here but the Pantry keto bites are in my opinion the single best edible in the cannabis market and what I love to gift most. 

Get: Honestly all cannabis gifts are welcome in my house but my favourite would be vintage cannabis bottles from the early 20th century prior to prohibition.  

Favorite holiday strains: I am old school (or maybe just old) but I am loving the Jack Herer reserve strain for my high energy sativa lift.


Andrew DeAngelo, Cannabis Industry Consultant and Strategic Advisor, Co-founder of Harborside  @andrew_deangelo

Give: I like giving people experiences rather than stuff. I might actually provide the cannabis or visionary plant itself as a gift, or, something cool to experience while under the influence of visionary plants. Artwork, coloring books, a glitter collection, a black light poster, a rolling tray that is fun to look at or maybe glows in the dark. I lean towards sustainable and handmade items.

Get: I love it when people give me weed, believe it or not. It is still the best gift of all because every hit of that weed makes me think of the person who gave it to me. Good hash is particularly in high regard as a gift in the DeAngelo household. I also like cool exotic pipes or devices, antique cannabis, and anything made from 100 percent hemp. If anyone gets me some hemp glasses frames that match the ones I already wear, but natural hemp, I would be their best friend for life.

Favorite holiday strains: I like strains that chill me out this time of year but also get me talking. Purples and fruity strains are nice in front of the holiday lights. If I need to pump up the volume on the potency, I’ll add some good hash or hash oil to the joint. If I am in a creative mode, I like a strain called Red Congo by a brand called Congo Club here in Norcal, definitely more of an uplifting buzz, but clear as a bell, and I like to write with it. I find the flow with that one.

Jade Daniels, CEO of Ladies of Paradise & Lady Jay @ladiesofparadise

Give: A pack of Lady Jays

Get:  A grow-your-own mushroom kit

Favorite holiday strains: Currently loving Forbidden Fruit and Mimosa

Marie Montmarquet photo c/o Jennifer Skog

Marie Montmarquet & Allen Hackett, Founders of MD Numbers, Inc. 

Give:Always a variety pack of flower, edibles, cartridges and maybe a few other things. I’m usually the Cannabis Santa for my friends so I come bearing a lot of random fun gifts.

Get:My favorite gift to receive is top shelf flower. You can never go wrong giving me amazing nugs.

Favorite holiday strains:Two classics — Sour Diesel and Grand Daddy Purple.

Shelby Photo c/o Georgia Love

Shelby Hartman, Editor-in-Chief / Co-founder of DoubleBlind  @doubleblindmag

Give: “I hate to sound biased, but I think the latest issue of DoubleBlind is pretty cool. We poured our hearts into it and I think it’s the best one yet, featuring art, photos, and stories from top-notch journalists on the up and coming psychedelic industry. Other products I am loving these days include Rainbo Mushroom’s 11:11 tincture and Priya’s CBD oil. They’re both made by rad womxn with a whole lot of integrity, and have genuinely improved my day-to-day.


Did our experts name your favorites? Which cannabis-themed gift ideas did we miss? Let us know in the comments!