Let’s face it – Valentine’s Day gifts can often be cliché. While teddy bears, flower deliveries and gourmet chocolates are acclaimed as romantic go-tos, this year why not show someone special their loved with a thoughtful CBD gift they’ll enjoy long after February 14.

But with so many CBD products out there which are the best to choose? A good place to start is selecting ones that show you care and proves that you’ve been paying attention — whether they like a little pampering, have been stressing over a project at work or school or working towards a healthy resolution this year.

Come Back Daily offers a large selection of high-quality CBD products online and at their two store locations in New York.  Here are some gift ideas that are cupid approved, and will brighten the day of those people who brighten yours all year long.

The Best CBD Products to Gift on Valentines Day

Life Flower Care – Lavender Conscious Body Wash

Life Flower lavender conscious body wash

This organic, soothing Lavender body wash is perfect for anyone looking to unwind after a long day. Lavender essential oil is a powerful natural antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-depressant and sedative that’s proven to kill infection and increase cell growth. Which means, it can help wounds to heal faster while decreasing the appearance of scars. It’s also infused with a cleansed, tumbled Amethyst – the stone of sleep and sobriety.

Nu Bloom Botanicals Nano Hemp Play Intimacy Spray

NU bloom botanicals nano hemp play CBD spray

Couples will love using this organic spray. Formulated with traditional arousal-enhancing botanicals – like cordyceps, horny goat weed, and yohimbe bark – to help you relax, get in the mood and enjoy the moment. . . and Valentines Day.

Care Division – Move – Nootropic CBD Energy Blend

Care division move CBD tincture.

For anyone with an active lifestyle they’ll love using Care Division’s Move Nootropic CBD oil. This powerful combination of nootropics, herbs, and amino acids balanced with CBD makes for clear-headed energy without any of the jitters. They can simply add this water-soluble blend to any beverage to aid in physical performance all while supporting increased focus and productivity.

Lunchbox Alchemy – Sleep CBD Gummies

Lunch Box Alchemy CBD sleep gummies

Instead of the more traditional box of chocolate why not gift someone special Lunchbox Alchemy’s CBD gummies. Crafted with all natural organic ingredients and infused with full-spectrum extract derived from Oregon-grown hemp – they make a delicious and healthy snack before bedtime, that can also help onset Zzzzz’s.

Lock & Key Remedy – DIY – Chocolate Making Kit

Lock and Key Remedies DIY CBD chocolate making kit

For anyone that enjoys CBD and has a sweet tooth, they can now enjoy making their own CBD truffles! Lock and Key Remedies is collaborating with Cacao Lab for this amazing kit that includes 2 bars of chocolate and a vial of their extreme potency formulation (500mg of CBD).

Each kit makes approx 25 20mg Chocolate truffles, and it’s the perfect activity to enjoy during the colder months.

Come Back Daily – 25mg Transdermal CBD Patch

Come back daily CBD transdermal Patch

Let your loved one discover the benefits of CBD with Come Back Daily’s fast-acting CBD Transdermal Patch. They can easily apply directly onto their back, knees, arms, shoulders, hips, ankles, muscles and joints – wherever they have pain! Over the course of 12 hours this 25mg dose of CBD can help prove relief. It’s great to use for travel, sleep, or work, as they’ll feel an elevated mood and symptomatic relief without any visible signs of CBD use.

Tribe Tokes – Disposable Vape – The Remedy

Tribe Tokes full spectrum disposable vape

Tribe Tokes disposable CBD vape is easy and convenient offering an all-in-one use right out of the box! Perfect for on-the-go use or travel, and it’s a substitute for buying a rechargeable vape battery and replacement CBD cartridges – making it great for beginners as an easy starter vape. Upon inhaling the sweet, floral notes of their popular strain The Remedy, they will feel lifted into a state of mellow relaxation as inflammation and anxiety melts away.