Officially a holiday to honor Saint Valentine, Valentine’s Day has become a holiday to pamper, celebrate and cherish our significant others. Traditionally, partners give each other chocolate, flowers and cards. 

If you’re thinking out of the box this Valentine’s Day then look no further than Honeysuckle’s curated gift guide. Filled with the quirky, the luscious and the sexy, this list will fulfill all your gift needs! Whether you’re looking for a new spin on a classic gift or an experience as a present, this Valentine’s Day, there are endless, innovative ways to say “I love you.”  

The LoveBook

Want to give your loved one a heartfelt, one of a kind message? Look no further than the LoveBookThe LoveBook is a personalized picture book you can design! You can easily create your own story by designing illustrated characters and answering a few questions about your relationship. This gift is completely unique to your partner and your relationship. Taking the time to make a gift is a great way to illustrate how much you really care. 

Unbound’s “Jelly”

Want to get adventurous this Valentine’s Day? Enhance your relationship’s sexual intimacy by giving your partner the gift of lube, or Unbound’s “Jelly”. Jelly is a water-based lubricant and is made of 95% organic ingredients. Unbound boasts a wide variety of sex toys and accessories for partners, which can also serve as great gifts to use together.

Milk Bar’s Valentine’s Day Desserts

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate. While you’re planning to snuggle with your partner and eat copious amounts of chocolate, why not kick it up a notch? Milk Bar’s Valentine’s shop is open for business. For the first time this year, Milk Bar is delivering their desserts all over the USA.

Their special edition red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting might stop your heart before you even taste it. You and your partner can eat your hearts out together over one of their masterpiece cakes, boxes of truffles or even both.   

Cannabis Gift Box

If your partner is a canna fan, this homemade gift is sure to light them up! The Blue Mandala Stash Box and the Rosa Lidded Stash Box are great options! The Mr PotBeard Stash Box comes with a complete cannabis kit. The Kalotart’s Wooden Jewelry Box comes with a hidden compartment for the perfect stash spot! You can also repurpose a heart-shaped box, perfect for Valentine’s Day, but you can enjoy the leftover chocolates after using this gift.

Chen Ben Simon’s Pasta Class

Due to quarantine, romantic Valentine’s Day dinners at restaurants are not an option. However, there’s no reason why you and your partner shouldn’t have a 5-star meal as well as an immersive, relaxing cooking experience! 

Buy a cooking class and pantry box to learn how to make pasta at home with chef Ben Simon. You can join him via zoom on Valentine’s Day for a 75-minute cooking class and learn how to make pasta with your bare hands, sans machinery. Price-wise, it’s the equivalent to a romantic meal at a restaurant. Plus, you get to spend quality time with your partner, learn a new skill and get your hands into it.

Heart Snapshot Mix

Support an independent artist this Valentine’s Day. Order the Heart Snapshot Mix and receive a unique piece of art for your partner. This service will turn 30 of your favorite photos with your partner into a heart-shaped collage. The pictures can be tinted black and white, blush, blue and rainbow! For an extra special touch, you can add captions to some of the photos. It’s a wonderful way to showcase your memories with your loved one, and to give a very unique gift.

Me Undies

Considering the quarantine, this might be the perfect Valentine’s Day to snuggle up and do nothing. Give yourself and your partner the gift of matching underwear or pajama sets with Me Undies

Their underwear is super soft and comes in many different patterns and a wide range of sizes. This year you can spend time together in matching underwear, or spend time together taking it off, the choice is yours! Maybe matching underwear will become a holiday tradition for you and your partner, getting special pairs for special occasions.

Of course, buying a gift for your partner isn’t the only way to show just how much you love them. A handwritten card, a specially curated song playlist, or a book you love are great, inexpensive ways to say I love you. 

Gratitude is a gift in its own right. Especially right now, in a world of uncertainty, just being with your partner can be the ideal gift of all.