The prince fought the dragon to save his princess, and they all lived happily ever after!

This is how we all portray our lives to be. But in reality, every prince and the princess has to deal with a flock of dragons- whether it is a brutal competition or changing climate, thousands of reasons to stress you out. Like a slow poison, this stress starts consuming you, and it is your relation that gets affected the most.

But, when there is a problem, there is a solution. In this case, there is a solid one: CBD.

Cannabidiol or CBD comes from cannabis plants. It is available in various forms, like,

  • Massage oil
  • Lubricants
  • Gummies
  • Oral sprays
  • Ointments

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CBD is a biologically active molecule, which can treat many problems like anxiety, chronic pain, and many more. All these problems have the potential to leave long-lasting effects on your relationship, but more on that later. First, let’s break down stress.

How does stress affect the relationship?

CBD, Stress, Love Life, Improving Ones Love LifeStress single-handedly affects the very dynamic of your relationship by hindering emotional and physical intimacy. Prolonged stress reduces a person’s libido, which may lead to the abnegation of sex. Many studies have proven that being stressed for an extended period affects testosterone production in males, resulting in a low sex drive and causing impotence in several cases.

Stress leads to the flight or fight response, which can be noticed with increased heart rate and blood pressure. This response stimulates the production of two stress hormones – epinephrine and cortisol. The presence of high levels of these hormones in the body decreases libido.

Furthermore, chronic stress makes the body consume sex hormones to meet high cortisol synthesis, which reduces the desire to have sex. Cortisol entirely deprives women of sexual desire. By killing the will to do ‘it’, stress becomes your biggest enemy. But this article isn’t about stress. It is about a possible treatment for it, CBD. Here are four ways through which CBD can strengthen your relationship.

Relieving the stress

With time, the number of CBD consumers is growing exponentially due to its antagonizing effects on stress and anxiety. CBD organically relieves the stress. CBD’s stress-relieving action is due to its impact on the brain and CBD receptors, which are part of the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ESC is responsible for the maintenance of essential bodily functions like metabolism, immune responses, etc.

CBD can alleviate the stress level by supporting the ECS and affecting the brain’s response to serotonin. According to a review, CBD efficiently reduces anxiety. CBD interacts with different receptors to reduce anxiety and panic caused by stress, improving mood, and maintaining the will for intimacy.

Romance, CBD, Love LifeBoosting Mood

A lousy day spoils your mood. However, when your mood is spoiled continuously, it means it is not the day that is bad. A bad mood can result from various conditions like depression, anxiety disorder, or even chronic pain. It not only keeps you on edge but makes your partner walk on eggshells. Eventually, the relationship starts getting sour.


Many couples try to find creative solutions to spice up things. However, they are the solutions to the symptoms. A bad mood can often be a symptom of serotonin’s low levels, a chemical responsible for regulating anxiety and making us feel good. If your relationship is also affected by your bad mood, you need something to improve your mood organically. CBD can be useful in such situations.


The Central Nervous System synthesizes serotonin, which maintains the mood and regulates the sleep cycle by producing melatonin. CBD stimulates the Serotonergic System by regulating the metabolism of its neurotransmitters. In simple words, CBD is reported to activate the receptors and increase the effects of serotonin. CBD rectifies the Serotonin levels, which ultimately trigger the feel-good response and improve your mood.


Reducing pain and inflammation

The physical health of your spouse plays a crucial role in maintaining a relationship. Your sound physical health reflects on your overall mental health. With good health, you feel more content with life. On the other hand, illnesses like inflammatory disorders lead to depression. Many such diseases lead to chronic pain, which rocks the boat of your relationship.

CBD can be a big help for this problem as it can ease pain caused by inflammation. Many arthritis patients use CBD topically for joint pain. But along with that, CBD can also alleviate the pain caused by endometriosis and menstrual cramps. Like ibuprofen, it acts on the body’s pain receptors and limits their sensitivity to inflammation, the main cause of pain.

Furthermore, CBD can improve nerve sensation by increasing the blood flow, which ultimately intensifies the orgasm and gives more sexual pleasure.

Reduce Pain, Inflammation, CBDImproving sleep cycles

Despite sleep deprivation being a serious issue, it is the most neglected condition these days. Changing lifestyle, odd working hours, and stress, all of them can keep us up at night. Sleeping is essential as it heals our bodies overnight, and that is why not getting enough of it causes irritation, which starts affecting everyone around us.

Moreover, not having enough sleep affects performance in the bedroom. Here goes another reason to use CBD to rectify the situation! Sleeplessness is an outcome of cortisol released by the body as a response to stress. CBD impedes cortisol from being released in the body, thereby helping you to have a sound sleep.

Stress: the real culprit

Indeed, stress is our biggest enemy. We understand that we should not stress ourselves over things we cannot control, yet we fall prey to them. Stress is inevitable in this competitive world. It is brutal out there. However, it should not mean you let stress destroy your beautiful relationship. You can fight with it without the collateral damage with the help of CBD.

Whether it is chronic pain or decreased libido, stress has its ways of wrecking a beautiful relationship. However, CBD is like one promising solution to many problems a person may face daily. CBD products are available in several forms, and you can choose according to your needs.