Valentine's Day and cannabis are a match made in heaven. Now is the perfect time to get a guide for buying gifts for your stoner spouse and other cannabis enthusiasts in your life.

Cannabis Valentine Gifts for Your Stoner Friends and Family

What better way to express your love than with cannabis gifts?

Single or solo this Valentine's Day? Romantic love isn't the only love you can celebrate. You can show love to your usual smoke session pals. Or, maybe your sister is a toker. Whether you have a partner or not, the holidays are a great time to get a stoner gift for anyone. If you have someone in your life who you want to celebrate you can! Looking for something unromantic for your friends and family? We found a variety of the best gifts to show your shared appreciation for weed and love with your best buds. Here is a short guide to some Valentine's Day gift options for platonic relationships in your life.

Looking for a funny gift? Why not get them a marijuana-themed Valentine's Day card from Kush Cards?

Kush Kards, Source: (C) Kush Kards

Remember those little cartoon cards you gave out to your friends in school back in the day? The ones that came with a small candy attached? Well, they got an upgrade. Even if you're an adult you can still get something for your friends, and a greeting card is a great idea. Grabbing a few at once can help you knock out your gift list quickly. Get your pals one of these Valentine's Day Kush Cards. The cards feature quirky stoner humor and a place to hold a gift joint for your stoner friends. Some of them even include a festive Valentine's Day one-hitter! Grab a few for the squad, and show them some love the old-school way.

What's Valentine's Day without some classic candy?

Chocolate and heart-shaped candies are Valentine's day classics! The sweet treats are a great gift idea for your platonic pals. Why not take it up a notch and make it relaxing? CBD-infused chocolate and gummies are a great alternative. These fancy Grand Cru CBD Bon Bons from Black Dahlia are an infused relaxing treat. Chocolate, not their taste? Try this CBD Valentine's Day 6 Flavor Sampler of Wellness Gummies from Martha Stewart. The subtle infusion could be a great idea for your canna-curious family members! You can also check out Kiva Confections for a variety of treats to gift a friend. No need to abandon the tradition of giving your friends candy for Valentine's day.

Looking for a discrete gift? Check out Dad Grass's CBD pre-rolls.

CBD pre-roll case, Source: (C)Dad Grass

Despite the growing acceptance of weed and CBD products spreading across the country, some people still like to be a little more discrete. What's a better way to show love than getting them a cannabis blessing in disguise. Check out this discrete case of CBD pre-rolls. They come in a nostalgic candy case that looks just like a valentine's candy box. A perfect gift for your stoner buddy valentine who also happens to be a dad now. They can hide their present in plain sight while showing their love of being a parent.

Sexy Cannabis Gifts for your Stoner Valentine

What to get your kush king or queen?

People who enjoy cannabis often talk about all the ways it makes their relationship better. Sharing a joint with a romantic partner can ease the tension and boost the mood. Just like chocolate, cannabis is known to be a libido-booster. If you're the type of couple that likes to create a chill vibe for romance weed can help. There are certain cannabis flower strains that help get you and your Valentine in the mood. Who wouldn't appreciate some weed as a gift but you're probably going to want to gift them something to go with those strains. Not sure what to get your cannabis enthusiast lover for Valentine's day? We found some romantic stoner gifts good for most holidays, but perfect for Valentine's day.

How about pre-rolls wrapped in rose petals? Soulshine CBD's Rose Petal Premium Pre-Roll Shells are scent-sational.

Rose Petal Premium Pre-Roll Shells Source: (C) Soulshine

We couldn't create a valentine's gift guide without including flowers. Looking for something to pair with the beautiful buds you bought your boo? Try getting them these Rose Petal Premium Pre-Roll Shells from Soulshine CBD. How romantic is it to give your partner a dozen of these? The smell of roses will fill the air as you smoke. Combine these It's a romantic way to do something special for your valentine's day smoke session.

Why not get a box of all the feel-good essentials? Try The Quickie Kit from Foria

The Quickie Kit, Source: (C) Foria Wellness

You don't have to consume weed to infuse cannabinoids into your love life. You can find anything from cannabis-infused lubricant to CBD enhanced balm for your lips. Do you have a taste for something new in the bedroom, but are not sure where to start? Wellness brand Foria has a starter kit. The kit includes sample sizes of their luxury CBD-infused arousal oils and lubricants. They made it easy for you to explore the benefits of introducing CBD to your bedroom. CBD has some physical l effects that can enhance sensations during sex. According to Foria, CBD is great for releasing discomfort associated with sex, while increasing blood flow to key pleasure areas. With the tensions down, you and your valentine can get busy in relaxed bliss! Only have time for a quickie before dinner? The small travel size kit is perfect for a good time anytime, and anywhere.

Want to try something new in the bedroom? Why not try some including some rope play? Check out our article Learning the Ropes of Bondage Play with Lotus and Blane Ropewolf for some tips on how to do that safely from expert sex educators!

Want to give your partner something pretty? My Bud Vase is a functional work of art.

Aurora, Source: (C)My Bud Vase

Show your partner you have good taste with this classy stoner gift. Maybe you couldn't get the diamonds, but this beautiful bong from luxury cannabis accessory brand My Bud Vase is a close second. The award-winning My Bud Vase has bongs crafted from high-quality materials like glass, porcelain, and ceramic. Each bong comes with a floral arrangement that doubles as a poker set to clear out your bowls. The company has "the mission to celebrate the spirit of flower and the power of femininity are evident in every beautiful piece". What better way to celebrate your stoner queen? Pack the vase with some festive buds to share with your valentine. When you're done smoking, it becomes a beautiful piece of art to display. There are so many handcrafted options on the site, but Valentine's Day is a perfect time to start a collection.

Release some tension with the help of the Culinary and Cannabis Cannaspa Kit

Cannaspa Couples Kit Source: (C)Culinary and Cannabis

What could be more relaxing than combining a long soak in a tub or a massage with cannabis? Maybe your partner deserves better than a cheap bath bomb pack to use at home. This valentine's day you can splurge and get them a Cannaspa Kit from Culinary and Cannabis. The curated kits come in three varieties (his, hers, and couples) and are packed with CBD-infused spa care products and goodies. The cannabinoids infused in the products are known to provide pain and tension relief. The kits also have smoking accessories like rolling trays and cigar cutters. Grab one of the couple's kits for a relaxing addition to your Valentine's sexy time. You can make a night of catering to each other, and set the mood for a relaxing romantic evening.

Love Weed Bundle (C) Rebelle

For those who want it all this Valentine's Day, try Rebelle's Love Weed Bundle!

If you really, truly want to indulge your love for cannabis, this ultimate gift bundle comes with top-quality luxury plant-based items and a bunch of fun accessories for a playful, naughty, fully stimulating night in. Curated by Rebelle, the stylish women-owned brand with a cannabis dispensary in Great Barrington and creative activations all through New York, the Love Weed Bundle is an excellent choice for those pampering themselves on a solo Valentine's Day (and beyond) or sharing the sensory pleasures with a partner.

Featuring a range of infused treats from some suggestively named flower to the most arousing edibles and topicals you can get, we also enjoy the Love Weed Bundle's nods to the kink community. No better combination than good sex and cannabis!

What's inside? Custom Rebelle edible cookies (the brand's first infused product), rolling papers, and a lighter; Her Highness Pleasure Oil; infused massage oil; one-eighth of Guicy Banger flower; 1906 Love and Bliss edible drop capsule tins; the Waves For Play Chocolate Bar, which pairs chocolate mint with a delectable mix of organic infusions and is said to increase feelings of desire; a limited-edition poster for Rebelle's Need Weed campaign, including Rebelle's Guide to Elevated Sex; and for the sensually adventurous - rose gold handcuffs and satin blindfold, an ostrich feather, and a candle. Dropping February 1, this is the gift of a lifetime.

Want even more cannabis-themed Valentine's Day gift recommendations?

We've got good-time ideas for a weed-inspired Valentine's Day - check out our lists of favorites. Whether you like CBD, unique surprises, or totally evergreen gifts, trust us; there's something for everyone.

Perfect Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Stoner Couples

As we approach Valentine's Day, you're probably looking for the perfect setting to give your partner your gift. Many of us haven't been on a date in quite some time and Valentine's day is the perfect time to get back out there. Stoner couples sometimes get a bad rap as couch potatoes, but that doesn't mean you can't plan a special night out to celebrate your love for weed and each other. Here are a few ideas for possible outings that are sure to be a hit with your stoner valentine.

Comedy Club

Cannabis and comedy is a perfect pairing. If you and your boo have a shared sense of humor chances are you have your go-to funny movies. For the holiday, why not get off the couch after getting high together and head to a comedy club. Live entertainment can switch up your routine and be a great memory of laughing with your partner. Laughing together is a great way for people to experience a different kind of intimate experience with a partner. Going to a comedy club with your Valentine's Day can add some lightness before a night of heavy passion. After having your fill of laughter, you can go home together for a night of romance.

Try pairing dinner and a joint

Sometimes after smoking you might get in the mood for a taste of something comforting. Snacks might be your usual go-to but why not take your partner out to satisfy your munchies. Share a joint before venturing out for reservations to your favorite place. Between the ambiance of the restaurant and the relaxed state after smoking, the vibe for the evening should be blissful!

Find a weed-friendly weekend getaway

Maybe you'd like to get away from both of your addresses for a spell? With legalization efforts expanding the possibilities nationally, there are plenty of weed-friendly locations for a quick weekend getaway right before Valentine's day. You and your love can share joints while over-looking mountains, or lock lips over cannabis-infused dinner. Try looking at cannabis-friendly vacation spots and surprise your date with a trip.