For a snowy day high, relax and refresh with the best Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. Perfect for winter holidays or enjoying a cannabis-friendly white winter. Each weed strain delivers an array of potency, flavors, and effects perfect for day and night. Enjoy along with snow activities or simple relaxation.

When the cold weather rolls around, nothing warms the heart better than a bowl of your favorite ground cannabis flower. In a pipe, joint, bong, or blunt (or other delivery methods), you want the best weed strains to combat a snowy day. Let the cannabis gift you with warmth and relaxation. Forget that temperatures are below freezing, winds are high and frosty precipitation is falling. Let your Indica, Sativa, and hybrids energize and uplift you all winter season long. Whether hibernating until the Spring or enjoying buzzed snowy winter activities, have the right marijuana strains by your side.

Which Cannabis Strains Are Best for a Snowy Winter Day?

Best Indica Strain For a Reminder of Summer: Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake Strain (Source: Leafly)

When the ice cream trucks are all parked away and it’s too cold to trek to the parlor, why not try the smokable kind of this delectable treat? Ice Cream Cake will remind you of just that with its sweet berry notes. This flower is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain making it ideal to relax inside and escape the winter weather. The name is a perfect fit as this cannabis strain is a cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. Ice Cream Cake leads you to lazy town with its heavy body high. Relax under your weighted blanket, turn on some movies, and drift like the snow you’re avoiding.

Perfect Wintertime Cannabis For Snow Sports: Jack Frost

Jack Frost Strain (Source: Leafly)

We first introduced Jack Frost as a festive holiday strain but it is perfect for the rest of the winter season too. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that allows for a balanced body and head high, thanks to the cross of its parent strains White Widow and Northern Lights #5. It is a great blaze to boost any winter activity. So bring Jack along on your snowboarding, skiing, tubing, sledding, or even ice skating trip. With its creativity and energy uplift, it can even spark new ideas for building snow forts and snowmen. Jack Frost is an ideal wintertime strain. The earthy pine smell will keep you in the winter spirit ready to embrace the nature around you and in your grinder.

Marijuana Strain Great For Tropical Transportation: Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian Strain (Source: Leafly)

This strain is a balanced Sativa and Indica hybrid that will turn the snow into sand. Bred from a cross of Blueberry and Hawaiian Sativa, it is a fruity smooth mix as if you’re sipping cocktails right out of a coconut. Blue Hawaiian is said to help with anxiety and stress, creating a relaxed high for its users without any paranoia. It's high THC potency makes this flower ideal for a fun morning, afternoon, or night whenever you indulge. The euphoric but calming high is great for avoiding shoveling snow without the worry of who will dig out the car. Sounds like a tomorrow problem, because for now you’re in Hawaii and as long as no volcanoes erupt you’re in bliss.

Top Sativa Strain For a Cabin Fever Cure: Memory Loss

Memory Loss Strain (Source: Leafly)

Snow days can keep many trapped in the house and the feelings of isolation are a bummer. For an escape that will take you outside without ever leaving your humble abode, try Memory Loss. This Sativa strain with a heightened THC potency will leave you with an unforgettable high. The cross-blend of Amnesia Haze and Face Off OG delivers a mind-warping high ready to transport you outside of this world. The peppery and sweet taste tantalizes the tastebuds from the first pull. The head high persists early on gifting a mood boost before your mind takes flight. Don’t plan on focusing if you smoke this. The high soon takes over your body, relaxing your entire being. You’ll be happy to be inside while your mind travels.

Best Weed Strain For A Snowy Day: Ice

Ice Strain (Source: Leafly)

This hybrid is a combination of four lovely strains, making it the best of all the worlds. A cross of Shiva, Northern Lights, Skunk #1 and Afghani come together to deliver an energy boost, creative and focus high. You can enjoy Ice and any activity to go along with it. Embrace the cold with a snowball fight, cozy up with hot chocolate, organize your winter wardrobe or even build winter dioramas. However, you enjoy your weed, Ice can happily accompany you along for the ride. Despite the cool sensation its name brings, this strain has a gassy, diesel-like taste. Keep in mind the more blunts you smoke of Ice the increase in the body's high and sleepiness. Be prepared with your favorite snacks and see where the adventure takes you.

Great OG Kush Hybrid Strain for Snow Leisure: Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie Strain (Source: Leafly)

Looking for a weed strain to have a stress-free snowy day? Well, look no more. Girl Scout Cookies is made from the classic cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison. True to its name, Girl Scout Cookies has a sweet aroma with minty, fruity, and citrusy notes. This Indica-dominant marijuana strain insights a eutrophic high with full-body relaxation effects. It is a cannabis strain great for a needed day off and taking some downtime when frostbite is knocking on your door. Because of Girl Scout Cookies popularity, two other hybrid strains of Girl Scout Cookies were created with a different mix of combining OG Kush and Durban Poison. The variation cannabis strains Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies are both sweet and uplifting hybrids.

Best Strain for a Cool Winter High: Snow White

Snow White Strain (Source: Leafly)

If a high potency and balanced trip are what you strive for, then Snow White is for you. This hybrid strain delivers a steady high with its cross of White Widow and Northern Lights. It is similar to Jack Frost but with a lower THC concentrate. This strain has a sweet smell and is said to induce hunger, so have your favorite cookies handy. Snow White will relax your muscles resulting in a mellow body high. But this hard-hitter strain has uplifting effects to support feeling happy and euphoric. This hybrid has an earthy flavor with nutty and floral notes perfect for a wintery feel. Snow White is a great source of energy without being overpowering. It soothes the body after clearing heavy snow and relaxes the mind without sending you straight to bed.

Are we missing your favorite winter cannabis strain? Have you tried any strains on our list? Let us know. Looking for a warm place to smoke when it’s cold outside? Check out a cannabis lounge.