If cannabis is a part of your holiday season, let your flower be festive this year. De-stress from hosting parties for relatives you did not want to invite (or from the disappointment of event cancellations), or reenergize to fight in line to get the last discounted flat-screen TV. The holidays are already the perfect excuse to stuff your face before making those weight loss resolutions or indulging in eggnog and coquito with the heavy-handed pour of rum. Now the popular c-word before the tree will be cannabis this season. You and your bud will be holiday ready with this year’s list of festive flowers.

Which Cannabis Strains Are Best for the Holidays?

(C) Elsa Olofsson

For a White Christmas: Jack Frost

Jack Frost is an emblem of cold wintery weather. For all you white Christmas lovers, send him a prayer for snow. If that fluffy white doesn’t come, fear not, for this fluffy green is in season. Unlike the man, this Jack Frost will bring an air of peace with its balanced Sativa-Indica blend made from the cross of White Widow and Northern Lights. It is set to energize and uplift. A Christmas spirit pick-me-up if you will. Said to spark creativity and energy. As the head high persists the body becomes induced with sleepiness. Be prepared for the holiday party to become a sleepover or an excuse to roll another blunt. Jack Frost has an earthy aroma ready to match the pine tree scent already wafting through town. Perfect for mini holiday decorating projects or ignoring the meaning behind "Baby, It’s Cold Outside".

(C) jeshoots

For a Sweet Treat: Candy Cane

Candy Canes are a classic Christmas candy. The sweet treat will have you hooked and so will its cannabis namesake. This Indica dominant strain is made from the combination of AK-47, Mango, and White Widow. A triple threat leaving its inhaler relaxed and happy. Its euphoric effects make it great to combat stress and tension. Did someone say, in-laws? This strain is set with a potent and long-lasting effect of unwinding and relaxation. With its minty and fruity aroma, you may have the munchies for the actual candy.

(C) Elsa Olofsson

For Holiday-Themed Potency: 3 Kings

For our Protestant potheads, you’ll be higher than the star the three wise men followed to find baby Jesus. Many Christians celebrate Jesus’ birth on Christmas day when the three kings trekked bringing gifts, and oh, do I have a gift for you. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has an earthy aroma but with a sour twist. The three strains, Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush, merged to create this hybrid to maximize its potency. The 3 Kings’ frosty coating fits right into the winter season. With the first few puffs giving a head high followed by body relaxation, it is also said to act as an  aphrodisiac. Perfect for when the guest finally leaves. A holy trinity of holiday Christmas, cuddles, and cannabis.

(C) Elsa Olofsson

For a Pure High: Christmas Tree

What is more festive than a good ole pine? It is the time of year where everything from donuts to doors is Christmas tree-shaped and pine-scented. Let your cannabis join in on the fun. Christmas Tree is an Indica leaning hybrid. It has a sweet and earthy amora that is sure to transport you to Santa’s forest. This herby powerhouse strain is great for the nighttime. Perfect for once you’re stuffed and can’t take one more hallmark movie. Its leaves are ornamented with light amber hairs. This forest fire is set to give you a full-body high that leaves you cool, calm and collected. It brings feelings of euphoria without causing an energy increase or making you feel anxious.

(C) Elsa Olofsson

For a Blessed High Holiday: Jesus OG

This Indica-dominant strain rumored to have psychedelic effects is your ticket to heaven. Your body will be lulled like baby Jesus in a manger while your head is high above the clouds. It is the hybrid of Hell's OG and Jack the Ripper, the only case where two wrongs make a right. This flower will release a saturated lemony scent once ignited. This bud will bring a smile to your face unlike the third pair of socks you’ve unwrapped. Its blend allows it to be good for both mental and physical activities. You’ll have the best chance at Christmas charades this year. Jesus OG is commonly used to suppress anxiety. So if the holiday dinner goes awry, I have one question- if the ham is smoking, why not you?
These holiday cannabis strains are sure to delight and even make a great stocking stuffer. And of course, they can be enjoyed all year round for a festive high anytime.

(C) Elsa Olofsson

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