1st Person

Money and Drag don’t Mix

27/10/2017 Jean Decay 0

Financial struggles are part of every artist’s story, but Latinx drag performer Jean Decay has discerned a particularly entrenched history of money troubles among her community. Here she discusses how drag maintains the illusion of […]


Mizz June on Gay Marriage

25/05/2016 Honeysuckle 1

Mizz June is a woman. Mizz June is black. Mizz June is an artist. Mizz June is trans. In this video Mizz June talks with us about the Gay Marriage bill and some of the […]


An Interesting Life? Part I

04/05/2015 Honeysuckle 1

By Laura P. People fascinate me. They fascinate me because I know that they’ve all done something that would make another person howl with laughter or gasp with disgust. We’ve all done very ordinary yet […]