MJ Moore

MJ Moore

M.J. Moore is Honeysuckle Magazine’s RETRO columnist. He’s the author of Mario Puzo ~ An American Writer’s Quest, and For Paris ~ with Love & Squalor (A Novel).


Alcohol & One Writer’s Boyhood

By M. J. Moore          In his short story “Just Like the Girl” (with its sardonic epigram being a line from an old 1890s ditty: “I want a girl, just like the girl that married dear old dad . . .”), author James Jones dramatized a deeply upsetting series of...


Fifty years after Jack Kerouac‘s death on October 21, 1969, a question arises. Should Kerouac be aligned with WWII-era male American authors like James Jones (“From Here to Eternity”), Norman Mailer (“The Naked and the Dead”), and Joseph Heller (“Catch-22”)? Ask around. You’ll be looked at like you’re a Martian. Yet, the...

Lauren's Song

Decades ago, the Berklee College of Music in Boston was commonly known as “the Jazz School” or some other iteration of a Jazz Institute.  More recently, it has been a haven for serious students of all styles – Pop, Rock, Fusion, Funk, Hip Hop and every imaginable kind of Latin Music inflection. Part of Berklee’s...


Mario Puzo died twenty years ago this summer.  As a novelist, he remains fixed in the public’s mind for one paramount reason: The Godfather. Michael Corleone’s tormented transformation.  Sonny’s temper.  Fredo’s fecklessness.  The horse’s head scene and the demise of Moe Greene amid a ferociously capitalist America in the 1940s...

RETRO: Ravi Shankar and the Quiet Beatle

Madison Square Garden. August 1, 1971. Against all odds, you scored a ticket to a concert steeped in legend and mystique. Initially advertised as a benefit concert featuring George Harrison & Friends, it’s now being called the Concert for Bangladesh. And because it’s helmed by ex-Beatle George Harrison, now at the peak of...

RETRO: Middle School Awakenings ~~ August 1971

It’s before midnight and business is slow at the New Corsica Restaurant, so Kev’s off work early and he’s surprised we’re all up and sitting there, gathered around the tube. He works really hard as a busboy on weekend nights. I’m glad he’s home early....

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