Samantha Keely Smith: The Apocalypse and Abstract Painting

Sophie Wilkes

When stepping inside Samantha Keely Smith’s Brooklyn studio, it is impossible to miss the massive, surrealist paintings decking the room. There is an abundance of detail to examine in all of them: miniscule trickling veins of paint, hidden opaque layers upon layers, scraped away and repainted clouds. Some pieces are serene, while others are...

Bed-Stuy: A Perspective on Community and Hope

Honeysuckle Team

It’s a hot, sunny, summer, afternoon on July 9, 2019; about 88 degrees. On this day, Vaughn Jefferson, AKA The Cure Rater, unveils an original mural honoring the late Dr. Frank Mickens [], a Bedford-Stuyvesant community icon, to a large crowd outside the Ideal Food Basket grocery store...



Honeysuckle Writes

n a world increasingly inundated by advertisements where everything—including people—is for sale, the non-profit initiative #SAVEARTSPACE is taking back billboards across America and transforming them into spaces for bold, creative dreamers.

Loving You

Loving You

Honeysuckle Writes

Alison Clancy is one talented lass. A singer, dancer, overall performer, we fell in love with her from previous videos and performances as well as her new one, 'Wasted Love,' a collaboration for the theatrical Street Ballet NINE BY SEVEN.

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