Nothing but high highs and great flows at Wednesday night’s Humble Bloom Winter Solstice “Smokes and Jokes” comedy show. Upon arrival at the beautiful William Vale Plaza in Brooklyn, attendees entered a winter wonderland decorated with colored lights, different types of greenery and some of the hottest cannabis vendors.

After a couple of puff, puff, passes, the stage and audience were ready for some laughs. The boisterous creator and host of Smokes and Jokes, Ohene Cornelius presented a mixture of comedians and musicians, but not before Rosebud, a delivery service, presented a pre-packaged blunt to the audience. Each comedian brought their own style and jokes to the stage, including the audience when necessary. Amongst the performing were comedians Yemi, Amanda Van Nostrand, Laz Rivero, Chanel Ali, Christopher Carr, and Headliner from the Daily Show, Randall Otis. Other performances included songs by Kita P. and Saint Wlf.

During the performances, the open floor concept allowed for onlookers to learn about new products within the cannabis space. The companies offered an eclectic variety of items from bath salts to cannabis horticulture for even the most diverse of interests. “We are trying elevate consciousness through education around cannabis consumption. Asking people to consider what they put in, on, and around their body as well as who they are supporting with their buying dollars and who they are not. We are here for the people,” explained co-creator of Humble Bloom, Danniel Swatosh, “by finding ways to connect, appreciating difference and connecting on commonality- we can become agents of change.”

Below is a list of popular vendors and their most coveted products.

Leaf and Wood: A local Brooklyn company founded in Boerum Hill, Leaf and Wood breaks the stigma of cannabis with its beautiful wood rolling trays, display blocks, and humidor boxes. Owner and creator, Robert Pettit developed his products after noticing how clients lacked style in displaying their own supply. As he noted,“There is a demand for quality, stylish, functional art products that revolve around cannabis.”

Favorite item: The Purple Heart Sapwood

A mixture of dark and light wood, the Purple Heart sapwood is sleek and classy.

Unplugged Float Essentials: A company dedicated to floating, Unplugged Float Essentials is the go-to for all bath needs. “Our goal wasn’t to enter and capitalize on the boom of the CBD market, but to make an amazing bath experience reminiscent of the physical benefits of Floating,” noted CEO Kevin Rose Jr. The best response to a long day at work, weekly self-care, or post-workout, each hemp-infused bath salt caters towards recovery, detox, and relaxation.

Favorite item: Queen Recovery Soak

“A combination of anti-inflammatory activity coupled with muscle and cramp relaxation, improved blood circulation and a boosted metabolism; ideal during periods of increased physical and mental stress.”

The Brooklyn Botanica: A Kaftan for every mood, The Brooklyn Botanica offers beautiful fabrics and prints ethically handmade in Cali, Colombia. Each piece caters to the curves of every woman with belted kaftans, open and loose, and ones perfect for poolside lounging. In regards to the mission, the company notes that “We set out to design for individuals who are not afraid to be bold. Bold in how they love, bold in their beliefs and bold to stand up for the truth. For us, it’s the only way to live. Dare to BE BOLD.”

Favorite Item: Beach Cover Up- Kaftan

Vibrant colors, and versatile for any mood- this Kaftan Beach Cover Up is perfect for a brunch or an afternoon at Coney.

Canna Style: Canna Style makes smoking look good with their sleek designed pipes, apparel, and odor-proof bags. From Leopard rolling papers to geometric pipes, each item allows customers to display their own individuality. When asked about creating such a diverse line, CEO Amanda Smith wanted to “create a line that went further than the expected swirled glass pipe.” Their newest addition is an assortment of leather odor-proof bags and fanny packs.

Favorite Item: Black Odor-Proof Fanny Pack

Great quality makes an odorless pocket for discreet safe keeping.

At the end of the night, when asked more about the success of “Smokes and Jokes,” Ohene remarked,  “I think that the all-around legalization of marijuana and the industry…will definitely level the creative playing field to pave the way for people such as myself, who are already working.” Randall Otis kept the vibes going til the end when he closed the show.

Co-creator of Humble Bloom Solonje Burnett spoke on the intention of the Winter Solstice and why it is imperative to the cannabis space. “Cannabis is for you no matter what’s your entry point. Black or white, rich or poor, CBD or THC- we are here for you!” The rest of the week at the Winter Solstice features yoga, a conscious consumption dinner, and a winter solstice party. In regards to the diversity in events, Burnett explains “Every time we create an experience there is an intimacy and it’s open for sharing- we become therapists- we are using cannabis as a conduit.”

A special thanks to the ladies at Humble Bloom for having me, Ohene, all the comedians for the laughs and all the vendors who took the time to speak with me.

Check out the dope ladies of Humble Bloom at and be sure to try and catch the Winter Solstice pop up before it ends!

Nikki Frias is the creator of the website “Girl, Tell Me About It” a platform for new and unpublished writers and also a full time freelance writer. She lives in the non gentrified portion of Brooklyn with her fine ass man and even finer ass dog. For more information head over to