Sophie Wilkes

Sophie Wilkes

Sophie Wilkes is a New York University student and contributor at Honeysuckle Magazine.


Samantha Keely Smith: The Apocalypse and Abstract Painting

When stepping inside Samantha Keely Smith’s Brooklyn studio, it is impossible to miss the massive, surrealist paintings decking the room. There is an abundance of detail to examine in all of them: miniscule trickling veins of paint, hidden opaque layers upon layers, scraped away and repainted clouds. Some pieces are serene, while others are...

Maya Mercer: Transcending Tarnished Innocence

Art has always been a way for people to express the need for social justice. Maya Mercer [] uses her artistic abilities to help one group in particular–the teenagers wrought by class struggle in her rural neighborhood. Often left ignored, Mercer employs art to demonstrate their innocence...

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