Coded Bias Documentary on Netflix

Coded Bias Documentary on Netflix

First premiering at the Sundance Film Festival to critical acclaim in January 2020, Coded Bias became available on Netflix [] on April 5th, 2021. A year after its arrival on streaming platforms,...

College Behind Bars is a Work of Public Service

By: Riley Dole Lynn Novick’s [] brilliantly insightful documentary, College Behind Bars, screened on November 16, 2019 at the first Harlem Documentary Film Festival. [] The four hour, four-part series, executively produced by Ken Burns [], is set to air on...

Francesco Zippel: Director Extraordinaire

On August 25, 2019, Honeysuckle had the distinct pleasure of interviewing director, producer, and writer Francesco Zippel, whose new documentary “Friedkin-Uncut” is an introspective portrait of William Friedkin. The documentary features the irreverent 1970’s legend, who directed The Exorcist and French Connection, as well as his countless admirers. “Friedkin-Uncut” has been shown in festivals...

Friedkin, Uncut: Behind the Scenes on a Hollywood Legend

Directed by: Francesco Zippel [] OPENING AT CITY CINEMAS VILLAGE EAST [], New York, New York FRIDAY, AUGUST 23, 2019 In Hollywood, the word “real” is an anomaly. It is a place where the goal is to try to fool others into believing things...

Brown Acid and A Girl in The Lake: A Review of Mike Greenblatt’s Woodstock 50th Anniversary: Back to Yasgur’s Farm

In 1964, The Federal Communications Commission enacted the FM Non-Duplication Rule [], which mandated that AM and FM radio must distinguish their programming from one another. Although a seemingly small event, it started something that would change history. The need for distinctive content on the airwaves opened up...

Murder Mountain

Netflix’s new six-part docuseries, Murder Mountain, covers multiple missing persons, betrayal, murder and marijuana. It investigates the dark side of the hippie dream. What is Murder Mountain? The region around Humboldt County [,_California], California produces 60% of the medical marijuana grown in the U.S. Humboldt County...

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