What stories caught your attention for the year 2021? Check out these seven stories about sexuality, racial justice, and racial equity written by Honeysuckle Magazine staff.

Top Political Stories: Bias in The Criminal Justice System

Featured photo: Matthew Baker courtesy of FAIR

Justice for Matthew Baker Jr: Racial Bias in McDonough, Georgia Could Send an Innocent Man to Death Row

"Racial bias could convict Matthew Baker, the only Black suspect in the McDonough, Georgia "Bonfire Killings" case. The advocacy nonprofit FAIR is campaigning to save his life."

A few months ago, Honeysuckle started covering the case of Matthew Baker Jr, a man who was allegedly wrongfully accused and sentenced to death in the state of Georgia. The case highlights the racial bias that is present in the American criminal justice system and how innocent people can be wrongly convicted because of their skin color. This article was a deep dive into the details of the case as Baker's family fought to keep him off death row. Be sure to check out the latest update from Honeysuckle on this story!

Psychedelics for Pleasure

What It’s Like to Have Sex on Psychedelics

Are you and your partner curious about introducing psychedelics in the bedroom? In this article, Honeysuckle gets honest about the history and potential dangers of combining psychoactive drugs with sexual play. See what experts like the godfather of ecstasy Sasha Shulgin have to say on the manner, and get the truth before trying it yourself! This article was published in collaboration with DoubleBlind Magazine.

Guest Writer Talks Diversity and Inclusion

Centering BIPOC Voices for Inclusion, Not Validation

"Organizations and institutions must actively center the voices of BIPOC and marginalized communities, such as the incarcerated, to create genuine inclusivity."

Honeysuckle collaborated with the Columbia University Center for Justice, Pastor Isaac Scott, and the Columbia Spectator to publish this timely statement. While inclusivity, equity, and racial justice gain are starting to trend, Pastor Scott challenges organizations and institutions to put these things into practice by centering on people of color. Scott is the head assist at The Confined Arts at the Center for Justice at Columbia University. He spearheads the promotion of justice reform through the transformative power of the arts.

Media Censorship: How sexy is too sexy?

House Party’s Challenge to Sexual Content Standards: Inside Eek! Games’ Most Controversial Title

"Bobby Ricci, CEO of the development studio Eek! Games has come a long way since the early access release of his game House Party to Early Access in 2017."

When the game House Party game first came out, it caused quite a commotion both in and outside the gamer community. Video game journalists labeled it controversial and over-sexualized it shortly after its release. Still, House Party has become much more than the salacious niche romps its critics originally predicted. Honeysuckle caught up with game developer Bobby Ricci to talk about what House Party has become.

Guest Columns with Sexy Tips

Top 8 Sexual Fantasies That Are Definitely Worth Trying

"Having sexual fantasies is not something that you should be ashamed of. Quite the opposite, actually! Many of them might be worth sharing with your partner. However, you might not feel like that is the case. What if they do not like it? What if there are more exciting things out there that you can try together?"

In this article, a guest columnist joined Honeysuckle to share a list of sexual fantasies that are worth trying out with your partner, including things such as having sex outside, threesomes, roleplaying, to spanking. Check it out!

Controversy in Art and Culture

Ocean Vuong and Metaphor Gate: The Social Media Controversy That Wasn't

"Jumping out of the deep past and into late November of 2020, when Covid-19 raged over America, and a fascist threw a temper tantrum over losing an election, a writer named Ocean Vuong created a series of Instagram posts that had the literary world harassing him on Twitter. "

Aitoho Ocean Vuong, most known for his 2016 book of poetry Night Sky with Exit Wounds and his 2019 novel On Earth We Were Briefly Gorgeous, started a mini social media storm when he posted a thread about metaphors. His experience highlights how quickly social media disagreements can escalate into conversations about cultural nuance.

Sexual Exploration the Safe Way

Learning the Ropes of Bondage Play with Lotus and Blane Ropewolf

(C) The Gawddess Blane Ropewolf

"A sex-positive workshop from dating app #Open saw professional kink educators Lotus and Blane Ropewolf teaching an inclusive audience the BDSM basics."

The BDSM and kink communities are attracting new members as the practice of sexual exploration becomes more mainstream. Curious kinksters are looking for ways to safely engage in this type of play, and Honeysuckle got the chance to sit down with sex educators and life partners Goddess Blane and Lotus Ropewolf. Check out the interview for some tips and tricks to consent-informed kinky rope play!