Have you heard of Green Wednesday? The day before Thanksgiving is for more than just travel and food prep; it’s the cannabis industry’s Black Friday, a day for consumers to smash sales at their local dispensary (or, in the wake of the pandemic, their favorite digital stores). This can be an amazing way to support small plant-centric businesses, as well as those contributing to larger causes.

At Honeysuckle, we’re all in when it comes to cannabis for community healing. So for Green Wednesday, we’re spotlighting brands that we know give as much as they get. In the list below you’ll find the best deals, but also products that we believe in. From accessories that help free cannabis prisoners, to flower that empowers economic growth in marginalized communities, sales from many of these items will help make a difference. If you’re going green, do it for good!

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The Best Green Wednesday Deals from Cannabis Dispensaries

Support your local brick and mortar retailers this Green Wednesday. For us, these East Coast spots always have something special in store.

(C) Etain Health

Etain Health

New York’s first women-owned dispensary did more than break a glass ceiling. Led by a family of doctors, Etain is at the top of the cannabis game when it comes to finely-crafted wellness products. Tinctures, lozenges, powders, flower – you can choose your favorite delivery method according to signature formulations for desired effects. The secret to health is that, if you pay attention, it’s never un-Etain-able.

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(C) Rebelle


As their website says, “Let’s Rebelle!” This women-led brand believes in crafting cannabis adventures that aim higher, to be intensely personal to consumers and healing for body and mind. At Rebelle’s flagship dispensary in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, visitors can choose from all manner of flower, edibles, concentrates, vapes, tinctures, topicals and drinks. For those who live outside NYC but want the big city experience, Rebelle is the perfect fit. The brand is also dedicated to social justice, with internship and hiring opportunities that engage underserved communities in the local area, and working with nonprofit organizations on an expungement fund.

Check Out Rebelle’s Green Wednesday Deal

Rebelle has exclusive new product bundles and extended hours for Green Wednesday. Don’t miss it. Shop holiday deals and discounts now.

The Best Green Wednesday Deals for Cannabis Experiences

Is everyone having fun? Visit our favorite one-of-a-kind cannabis culture hubs for a high time.

HIGH art at The Stone Age (C) Adam Fujita and Natasha Platt

The Stone Age

Welcome to New York’s first entirely immersive cannabis pop-up, an educational experience in the heart of Chelsea that gives visitors a multisensory elevated journey. Travel through interactive art activations at the Stone Age to learn about social justice and wellness via thoughtful, visceral calls to action. Get empowered to explore and discuss what moves you most, be it sex, creativity or the injustice of the War on Drugs. Through a partnership with the Last Prisoner Project, the Stone Age raises awareness of incarcerated people’s struggles as never before. Visit the gift shop afterward for unique souvenirs and cannabis-themed items from local brands. It’s a transformative adventure you have to see in person to believe.

Check Out The Stone Age’s Green Wednesday Deal

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Dr. Green

Though New York is famous for its nightlife, you haven’t lived in the Big Apple’s cannabis culture until you’ve visited its most intriguing cannabis culture spot. Dr. Green hosts themed nights for music, comedy, and artist showcases among other events, all curated to celebrate the plant-based lifestyle. But this club is membership-based, so you’ll have to get known to get in. Start by saying hello – tell ‘em Honeysuckle sent you!

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Shop now for more information on hours and special events.

The Best Green Wednesday Deals for Treating Yourself with Cannabis

Feel good and treat yo’self with these premium cannabis products, hitting your pleasure points and healing you in body and mind.

Laganja Estranja Grinders (C) Robert Hayman

Laganja Estranja Grinders

LGBTQ+ icon Laganja Estranja has just dropped new grinders in her first-ever piece of genuine cannabis paraphernalia! The RuPaul’s Drag Race star, world-renowned as a female illusionist, music artist and cannabis advocate, has thrilled fans with collections of cannabis-themed lifestyle items before, but not until now have her buds been able to enjoy their own green with the stamp of the “Lip Sync Assassin” herself. This slickly designed steel medallion grinder is comprised of four parts including a mesh screen center chamber and bottom kief catcher with mini scraper. Retailing for only $25, it’s a steal of a deal. And don’t forget to peep Laganja’s colorful apparel collections throughout the holiday season.

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(C) GKUA Ultra Premium

GKUA Ultra Premium

Weezy weed always brings that high, baby. From the mind of music legend Lil Wayne comes GKUA Ultra Premium, an innovative cannabis line that works with the country’s best growers to cultivate some of the most exciting new strains on the market. Pure and potent, GKUA cannabis can back up the claim that it will give you “The Best High of Your Life.” Available in California, Colorado, Michigan and Oklahoma, GKUA is taking the world by storm as it merges cannabis and creativity seamlessly. This year GKUA partnered with Lil Wayne’s Young Money label for the first-ever UPROAR music festival and a live touring series featuring artists such as Gudda Gudda, Cory Gunz and Lil Twist. The beats aren’t stopping, so you’d best get #thatgkua right away.

Check out GKUA’s Green Wednesday Deal

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Built by girls and powered by plants, TribeTokes is more than a product line; it’s a true community of cannabis advocates and creative women. Founders Degelis and KymB have respectively pioneered the clean vaping and CBD beauty markets. Together they have an innovative inventory which includes CBD vapes, beauty and skincare products, pain cream, gummies, cool accessories, and more. New for this season, look out for Delta-8 products and deluxe CBD gift sets, including a special set to improve sleep.

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House of Puff Soho Duo Featuring Paula Flores Collection Rolling Papers

Sophisticated smokeware is House of Puff’s milieu, with luxurious accessories designed for those who love artistic flair in their elevated experience. Woman and Latinx-owned and aesthetically-focused, the brand innovates new devices by engaging in multisensory details. Among House of Puff’s latest holiday items, the utterly chic Soho borosilicate glass holder is paired with one-of-a-kind rolling papers designed by internationally acclaimed artist Paula Flores. Echoing the vivid colors and joyful spirit of Flores’ original paintings, these papers make for celebratory rolling. Proceeds from those sold go to benefit the artist, ensuring that independent female and Latinx creativity will thrive. Cannabis and art often go hand-in-hand, so enjoy the brightness here that will draw all eyes to you. As for the Soho holder, it’s protective and fabulous; the length of the holder cools your smoke before it reaches your throat, and it also safeguards fingertips and lips from too much heat, and makeup from smudging. Can you say smokin’?

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Her Highness Pleasure Oil (C) Her Highness

Her Highness

This one’s for the ladies: Her Highness offers the best in female-forward cannabis couture, with an emphasis on pleasure. Women-owned and imbued with an ever-present sense of fun, the brand delivers sexy, stylish high-quality products designed to enhance every facet of a woman’s life. From luxurious vape pens and grinders to skincare, bath bombs and an almost sinfully good pleasure oil for intimacy, Her Highness has established a true canna queendom where we are most definitely amused. Long may she reign.

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The Alchemist’s Kitchen

Connected by artisanship, sustainability and conscious living, the Alchemist’s Kitchen team work with the power of plants to change the world. You’ll find herbal elixirs and wellness products made from more than just CBD here. Mushroom tinctures, plant-based sleep aids and spiritually healing items are a big part of their collection. But the cannabinoid offerings provide a wondrous range: CBD oils, CBD balms, CBD chocolates, and other products await to do their magic on your body.

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The Best Green Wednesday Deals for Delta-8

So you want to try Delta-8, the hip new cannabinoid on the block? It’s known as “THC-lite” and excellent for the canna-curious, because it has all of CBD’s energizing effects without any psychoactive hangover. We’re loving what’s emerging in Delta-8 from the East and West Coasts.

Dose of Delta 8 (DD8)

Delta-8 is hemp-derived THC that provides the best of both cannabinoid worlds – a motivational high with the health benefits and focus of CBD. The New York-based brand Dose of Delta 8 (DD8) crafts premium all-natural products featuring the cannabinoid that will bring you a sensational feeling of elevated wellness. Mindfully sourced and full of rich, flavorful terpenes, DD8 products are formulated to uplift and inspire those seeking creative vibes minus lethargy. Awake and vape.

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A sampling of Dimo Hemp's Delta-8 products (C) Dimo Hemp

Dimo Hemp

If you’re going to go for Delta-8, you might as well go for something out of this world. Fortunately, Dimo Hemp has you covered with its bestselling Delta-8 Rockets! These pre-rolls contain infused hemp CBD flower coated with premium Delta-8 oil, flavored with terpenes and wrapped in a CBD Kief from RAW Paper. This pedigreed combination of ingredients creates a one-of-a-kind smokable sensation that can be customized through the consumer’s choice from three different strains – indica OG Kush, sativa Mimosa, and hybrid Gelato. Founded by the minds behind several of Los Angeles’ reigning cannabis brands, Dimo Hemp will provide you the happiest Delta-8 experience you’ve ever had. Alongside the Rockets, check out premium edibles (including gummies with a nostalgic twist) and cartridges of all kinds. For the ultra rare cannabinoid find, venture into the world of Dimo’s Delta-10 THC cartridges. Similar to the positive effects of Delta-8 but with added punches of creativity, Delta-10 is recommended for the artistically inclined.

Check Out Dimo Hemp’s Green Wednesday Deal and Black Friday Deal

Now through November 30, enjoy tiered discounts on your favorite Delta-8 and Delta-10 products!

Spend $75, save $25.

Spend $150, save 30%.

Spend $200, save 40%.

The Best Green Wednesday Deals for Cannabis for Good Causes

We can’t resist cannabis brands that give back. Let there be peace on Earth, goodwill toward men, and the power of plants to improve our society.

Evidence (C) Nabil Elderkin @nabil


“We grow weed in a prison to help people get out of prison for growing weed.” So says the tagline behind one of the most inventive and mission-driven cannabis brands in the industry, Evidence. Founded by siblings Casey, Dan and Kelly Dalton, Evidence operates on land in Coalinga, California that includes a vacant prison facility. You can in fact purchase Evidence flower in genuine evidence bags that once belonged to the prison, and proceeds from every bag sold benefit the cannabis justice nonprofit Last Prisoner Project (LPP). Founded by industry pioneers Steve and Andrew DeAngelo, LPP works to free the 40,000 people still imprisoned on cannabis charges in the United States, and provides extensive programming and resources, including legal counsel and reentry microgrants to help formerly incarcerated citizens transition upon release. In partnership with reggae icon Damian Marley, an LPP advisory board member along with Dan Dalton, the Dalton family have expanded from their parent company Ocean Grown Extracts to focus on addressing inequality within our society. What more evidence do you need to get some of their goods?

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PAX Labs and Last Prisoner Project's limited-edition apparel collaboration (C) PAX

PAX Labs and Last Prisoner Project Limited-Edition Apparel

Number one in the nation for vaping technology, PAX Labs offers award-winning devices that deliver exceptional cannabis experiences. But behind the gadgetry are huge hearts and minds dedicated to making the plant accessible and safe for everyone. To this end, PAX has teamed up with the Last Prisoner Project (LPP) in celebration of the latter’s two-year anniversary. In its honor, PAX Labs has launched a limited-edition tote bag and bucket hat; proceeds from the items benefit LPP and its vital programs. PAX will also highlight the stories of LPP Legacy Fellows Donte West and Stephanie Shepard, exploring how their personal experiences with cannabis incarceration are helping them to catalyze change. The PAX Labs tote and bucket hat for LPP are available until the end of the year or while supplies last.

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Good Green Popcorn Flower (C) Good Green

Good Green Popcorn Flower

Instead of the typical holiday popcorn tub, try “popcorn flower” – easy-access fun-sized premium nugs from Good Green. Not only are these better for your winter health, they’re gifts that give back. Proceeds from each Good Green sale support funding and grant programs to nonprofits for social equity. The partner organizations are focused on employment, education and expungement, creating new opportunities for Black and brown people to establish a viable future in cannabis. Once you pop, the positive energy won’t stop!

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What are your favorite Green Wednesday cannabis deals and local dispensaries to support? Let us know in the comments. If you buy something we link to on our site, Honeysuckle may earn commission.