Whether you’re celebrating Green Wednesday (the holiday for the best plant-based product sales), Black Friday or getting a head start on holiday gifts, we’ve put together the best deals for you. Cannabis and its trendiest compound CBD are found to improve pain relief and anxiety relief, elevate moods, increase focus, help consumers get better sleep, and provide health benefits for a variety of conditions. And in a year that’s seen more and more companies expand their offerings in plant medicine, we know this season will be ripe for cannabis and CBD gifts.

Here’s our list of the best CBD Black Friday deals, coupons and discounts for 2021, broken down into categories for those seeking oils, chocolate, skincare, and even products for pets. Read on for discounts of up to 40% off on items from the brands we hold in high esteem.

Check back frequently, as we will update this list throughout the holiday season!

Core Roots CBD Tincture (C) Core Roots CBD

Best Overall Black Friday CBD Deals and Holiday Discounts

For holiday deals and discounts across all categories, these brands have a wide range of offerings for CBD oils, gummies, skincare, bath products, edibles and beverages, and more items to help you live healthier.

The CBDistillery

One of the largest and most cost-effective CBD brands on the market, The CBDistillery offers unbeatable value in its online selections of wide-ranging products, including oils and tinctures, gummies, pet products, skincare, drink mixes, and more. Consumers can shop CBDistillery’s diverse wares by exploring their desired effects. Categories for pain relief, relaxation, improved sleep, and petcare easily pair CBD products to the needed benefits. The gummies particularly have a loyal fanbase among CBDistillery’s audience of 2 million and growing. Join the #CBDMovement today!

Check Out The CBDistillery’s Black Friday Deal
Get 40% off on all orders with The CBDistillery’s Black Friday coupon.

Core Roots

Founded by a professional athlete, Core Roots is on a mission to help the body’s natural recovery process with the magic of CBD. Their hemp extracts are organically grown in Kentucky and are processed at GMP facilities, and all products are vegan and gluten-free. Product lines include tinctures, topicals, sprays, gummies, and vapes.

Check Out Core Roots' Black Friday Deal
Get 25% off all online purchases with CBD discount code STOCKUP25.

Hempfield Botanicals Comfort Oral Oil

An award-winning company based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that specializes in hemp-based wellness products, Hempfield Botanicals provides soothing vegan CBD products. The husband-and-wife owners of Hempfield, Nathan and Heather, also advocate for medical cannabis education for consumers through a partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Health. A certified B corporation, their products include tinctures, topicals, face and body products, petcare, formulas targeted for pain, relief, and energy, and more.

Check Out Hempfield Botanicals' Black Friday Deal

Hempfield’s Comfort Oral Oil is a calming tincture made with hemp seed oil, CBD, and specially compounded terpenes. Each bottle (1 fl. oz) can contain a formula of 300, 600 or 1200mg of CBD depending on your preferred dosage.
$49.95 (300mg bottle), $84.95 (600mg bottle) or $149.95 (1200mg bottle). Use discount code HONEY10 for 10% off.

Kush Queen

One of the most fashionable and influential brands in the cannabis space, Kush Queen was founded by Olivia Alexander, a digital influencer and cannabis advocate dedicated to making products for women who love the plant. The company specializes in CBD topicals and skincare, with award-winning bath bombs, but their wide array of products includes tinctures, gummies, shower gel, cosmetics, scrubs, lube, and more. Kush Queen is also a proud supporter of nonprofits such as the Born This Way Foundation and Trans Lifeline, which provide resources for LGBTQ individuals in crisis.

Check Out Kush Queen's Black Friday Deal

Shop Kush Queen’s CBD holiday gift guide now for coupons, discounts, special CBD deals and more.

DoubleBlind Magazine and Tote Bag (C) Kaya Blaze Kelley

DoubleBlind Magazine: Psychedelic Revolution Courses and Merch

If you haven’t joined the psychedelic movement yet, trust DoubleBlind to guide you through its cultural transformations in health, business, art and more. Not only did the media company light up Times Square this fall with the world’s first psychedelics billboard campaign (we might know something about that), but the expert team also offers online events, courses and webinars for metamorphic education in the space. Get ready for adventure; whether you want to learn how to microdose, grow your own mushrooms, or what psychedelics can do for your overall well-being, DoubleBlind has the answers. In content, DoubleBlind reports on some of the most crucial issues of our time with stories from international contributors and visually compelling features that include art, poetry and photo essays.

New this month, DoubleBlind has released exclusive merchandise collections of psychedelic-themed apparel and tote bags. Take advantage of holiday offers now for the psyche-curious!

Check Out DoubleBlind Magazine's Black Friday Deal, Cyber Week Deal and Holiday Deal
BLACK FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22-28: 40% off on all individual DB101 courses (How to Microdose, How to Grow Mushrooms, How to Use Psychedelics).
CYBER WEEK, NOVEMBER 29-DECEMBER 5: 50% off bundled courses (How to Grow Mushrooms and Psychedelic Essentials)
HOLIDAY SALE, DECEMBER 13-19: 15% off all online orders

RE: Botanicals Hemp CBD TIncture (C) RE: Botanicals

Best Black Friday CBD Oil Deals

From convenient sprays to sustainably-sourced tinctures to calming diffusers, these CBD oils make relaxing holiday gifts. Shop our favorite brands for CBD coupons and discounts.

PlusCBD™ Peppermint Spray Oil

PlusCBD™ is recognized as a pioneer in the industry with its trademark vertical integration and Seed to Shelf™ guarantee, meaning that all product components can be traced from planting to processing and manufacturing to distribution and delivery. Certified by the US Hemp Authority, its wide product lines include CBD tinctures, gummies, balms, capsules, skincare, and more.

Check Out PlusCBD™'s Black Friday Deal

The PlusCBD Peppermint Spray Oil takes a great CBD oil and makes it easy to administer daily doses through a quick oral spray. Each spray oil comes in original (unflavored), mocha or peppermint, but the latter has proven popular for an extra breath freshening along with relaxation. Bottles vary in size and dose: 1 fl. oz contains 100mg of CBD and 2 fl. oz contains 500mg.
$19.99 (100mg bottle), $54.99 (500mg bottle Peppermint or Unflavored) or $59.99 (500mg bottle Café Mocha). Shop holiday sales  and CBD discounts now.

RE: Botanicals™

As the brainchild of environmental and superfood expert John Roulac, founder of Nutiva, RE: Botanicals™ was bound to be great for planet and humans. The company is committed to making hemp products through regenerative agriculture, the closest-to-nature form of agriculture in existence. These high-quality hemp extracts make up flavorful tinctures, pain-relieving body oil, capsules, petcare products and more.

Check Out RE: Botanicals™' Black Friday Deal
Get 40% off all online orders with discount code BLACKFRIDAY40.

Restorative Botanicals™

Restorative Botanicals™’ passion is to make and sell affordable hemp-infused herbal products that provide calming relief and promote an overall sense of health and wellbeing. They’ve made history in more ways than one, being among the first hemp brands ever to advertise on Times Square, and their chocolate mint tincture is one of the greats. Products include oils, skin creams, salves, infused foods, petcare and more.

Check Out Restorative Botanicals™' Black Friday Deal
Get 40% off all topicals with CBD discount code TOPICALS40.

Aster Farms Signature Scent Reed Diffuser Oil (C) Aster Farms

Aster Farms Signature Scent Reed Diffuser Oil

Something smells amazing – and it’s good for the Earth too! From sustainable cannabis company Aster Farms, this signature scent reed diffuser oil blends aromatic essential oils formulated to transport you to the California coast. Many of these oils share the same terpenes as cannabis plants; did you know lavender and holy basil were canna cousins? Produced in-house by the Aster team, the blend features all organic oils and ingredients including bamboo reeds, eucalyptus, atlas cedarwood, lavandin, patchouli, holy basil and apricot kernel oil. Aster Farms was born from three generations of cannabis and plant cultivation knowledge and is dedicated to intentionality, transparency, and organic practices. You know you’ve got the good stuff here.

Seeking more sustainably-sourced holiday fun? Don’t miss Aster Farms’ collaboration with infused beverage brand Artet, a single-strain live resin version of the Founders’ Blend aperitif. It’s the first of its kind on the market!

Check Out Aster Farms' Black Friday Deal

Valhalla Confections CBD Gummies (C) Valhalla Confections

Best Black Friday CBD Gummies Offers

Feel like a kid again as you embrace these easy-to-use CBD gummies. Vibrantly colored and bursting with flavor, their often fruity qualities enhance cannabinoids’ natural appeal. Check out holiday deals, CBD coupons and discounts from the brands below.

Valhalla Confections Gummies

Whether you’re playing Secret Santa with co-workers, friends or family this year, these great-tasting, long-lasting gummies are sure to be the most coveted present. Available in various flavors and iterations which include indicas, sativas, hybrids and CBD, they’re dosed precisely for consistent effects. If they’re not on your list yet, check it twice.

Check Out Valhalla Confections' Black Friday Deal

Sweet Talk Gummies (C) Trulieve

Sweet Talk Gummies

New cannabis and CBD consumers will be grateful for this gentle introduction to plant-based euphoria. Bite-size gummies from Sweet Talk, an edibles line by leading company Trulieve, deliver a variety of flavors to please every palate. These fun treats are a great way for those looking to reduce pain and anxiety and improve sleep quality. Let your sweet tooth loose.

Check Out Sweet Talk's Black Friday Deal

CBDfx Turmeric and Spirulina Gummies

The finest, purest, and most accessible organic CBD is available through the San Fernando Valley-based CBDfx. Their expertly-selected crops go through a distinctive process at CGMP facilities to make it to distributed product lines, which include tinctures, edibles, gummies, drinks, capsules, petcare, and more.

Check Out CBDfx's Black Friday Deal
While CBDfx’s gummies come in various flavors, the Turmeric and Spirulina Gummies provide a “one-two punch of superfoods” within a vegan, gluten-free infused gummy package. Sweetened by a small dash of agave, this might as well be nature’s candy. Each bottle of 60 gummies contains 1500mg of CBD. $49.99 per bottle.

Save up to 25% on all online orders with CBD discount code CHILL.

Vital Leaf CBD Chocolate Variety Pack (C) Vital Leaf

Best Black Friday CBD Chocolate and THC Chocolate Offers

Dessert that’s good for you? With these CBD chocolates, it can be done. Ring in the holidays by enjoying these fun-sized sweet treats. Even sweeter, there are seasonal CBD deals, coupons and discounts abounding.

Bhang CBD Dark Chocolate Bar

An award-winning company for high-quality hemp products, Bhang offers gourmet infused chocolates, a premium vape line, gummies, lip balms, breath spray, isolate, and more. Its chocolates are made by a master chocolatier with over 25 years of experience and are vegan with shelf lives of one year from purchase.

Check Out Bhang's Black Friday Deal
Bhang’s acclaimed CBD Dark Chocolate Bar weighs 4 pounds and contains 250mg of full-spectrum hemp oil (25mg per segment). Receiving industry plaudits, it provides a relaxing and effective experience.
$17.99 per bar. Shop coupons and discounts now.

CBD Living Nano CBD Chocolate Bar

CBD Living has been called a company of the future for the way they use nanotechnology to infuse hemp extract into their products. This unique process allows CBD to be absorbed into the body more quickly. Their products include tinctures, drinks, capsules, edibles, topicals, petcare, and more, with different formulas targeted for calming, energy, immune support, pain relief, and vegan or kosher diets.

Check Out CBD Living's Black Friday Deal
The CBD Living Nano CBD Chocolate Bar uses the patented technology to infuse hemp seeds into dark or milk chocolate so consumers can experience greater health benefits of CBD at smaller doses. Each gluten-free, non-GMO bar is 26g and contains 200mg of CBD (about 8 servings to a bar).
$15.00 per bar. Shop CBD coupons and discounts now.

Vital Leaf CBD Chocolate Bar Mini Variety Pack

Women-owned and committed to regenerative and fair trade practices, Vital Leaf produces some of the most innovative hemp-infused chocolates in the business. Founder Christina Sasser, an artisanal chef, operates with her team using a Plant Forward CBD™ approach, meaning that for each product Vital Leaf selects, sources, and pairs specific ingredients with CBD infusions for best medicinal benefits and flavors. Best known for their chocolates, their products also include tinctures, capsules, and skincare items.

Check Out Vital Leaf's Black Friday Deal
Vital Leaf’s most unique product is its Mini Variety Pack of three CBD chocolate bars (Classic Dark, Roasted Hazelnut & Sea Salt, and Toasted Quinoa Crunch). Each made with 30mg of hemp extract, these .5oz snacks are a fun and easy introduction to CBD.
$15.00 per pack. Shop CBD discounts and deals now.

Incredibles Cookies & Cream Chocolatey Bar (C) Incredibles

Incredibles Cookies & Cream Chocolatey Bar

Gourmand cannabis lovers can now upgrade what they leave out for Santa with this limited-edition flavor of Incredibles’ delectable chocolate bar. The award-winning brand, founded by industry OGs, has been innovating edibles consumption since 2010, pioneering methods of dose transparency and product effectiveness that set national and global standards. With 10mg of THC per piece, this notable chocolate provides a consistent elevation for sophisticated and casual consumers alike. Bon appetit!

Check Out Incredibles' Black Friday Deal

Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub (C) Populum

Best Black Friday CBD Skincare Offers

Relax sore muscles, rejuvenate dry skin, and pamper yourself with CBD skincare. Because the cannabinoid is a natural anti-inflammatory, it’s particularly effective at healing your body’s most common ailments. Say goodbye to chapped lips and cramped fingers, hello holiday kisses and hugs!

Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

Populum seeks to destigmatize hemp, and in their process of bringing products from farm to home, they do everything by partnering with local Colorado farms to providing third-party test results in every box. “For the people” is their motto, and their products include tinctures, supplements, coffee, skincare, petcare and more.
Chill out with Populum’s Cold Therapy Hemp Rub, an arctic-cold topical CBD cream designed to soothe aching muscles. Vegan and paraben-free, with aloe vera, the rub provides a natural relief from pain. Each rub contains 100mg of CBD.
$45.00 for a one-time purchase, or $36.00 with subscription.

Check Out Populum's Black Friday Deal
Shop holiday sales, CBD coupons, discounts and deals now.

Tommy Chong’s 100MG Full Spectrum CBD Muscle Balm

There is only one CBD company bearing the name of Tommy Chong. Once the movies’ “ideal stoner,” Chong is now synonymous with the most powerful medical cannabis advocacy. The products bearing his name, which now includes a prolific CBD line, contain the highest quality for the greatest benefits.

Tommy Chong’s 100MG Full Spectrum CBD Muscle Balm blends the plant with menthol and camphor for an active pain reliever. This soothing topical will definitely bring the good vibes. $39.95 per tub.

Check Out Tommy Chong’s Black Friday Deal
Shop CBD discounts, deals, and holiday sales now.

Clari CBD Peppermint Cooling Rub

Formulated for all skin types, this CBD rub makes it easy to cool down. It provides soothing moisture for parched skin, with peppermint as an added anti-inflammatory agent. Certified vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, Clari’s CBD Peppermint Cooling Rub has been reported as an effective treatment for cramps and pain due to skin conditions. Let it take you to a winter wonderland.

Check Out Clari’s Black Friday Deal
Shop exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for sales, coupons and discounts on specific CBD skincare items.

(C) Belushi's Farm

Best Black Friday CBD Petcare Offers

It’s true that dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system just like humans do. So CBD for pets will alleviate stress for our four-legged friends, whether helping with anxiety relief, easing joint pain, improving sleep, or adding extra pep in their step. They just might bark “Jingle Bells” at these holiday CBD deals, coupons and discounts.

Belushi’s Farm K-9ine Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

To help your furry family members, look no further than this Oregon-grown CBD oil from Jim Belushi’s brand Belushi’s Farm. The name nods toward the actor and cannabis farmer’s hit film K-9, but the positive effects for dogs are real. According to Belushi, 5mg of this oil, two or three times a day, helps rejuvenate his own German Shepherd Taro when the pup is feeling joint pain or anxiety. “Taro is my friend, my partner, and my loyal mate in life,” says Belushi. “In fact, he has saved me. Many times. I love him. So, as Sam Moore says, ‘When something's wrong with my baby, then somethin' is wrong with me!’… I put [k-9ine Full Spectrum CBD] on his food, under his tongue, or sometimes on a treat. In a couple days’ time, he's dancing like a Blues Brother and my best friend is back!”

Check Out Belushi's Farm's Black Friday Deal

Honest Paws Relief Bites for Dogs

Seeking human-grade CBD formulated for your pets? Honest Paws products are organic, non-GMO, soy-free and lab-tested to ensure your furbabies can live their healthiest lives. Oils, pet treats, and formulas for calm, mobility, and pain relief are among the top sellers.

Check Out Honest Paws' Black Friday Deal
Check out the Honest Paws Relief Bites for dogs of all sizes (5mg of CBD per bite). With 30 treats in each bag, all made with 100% organic turmeric, oats, coconut oil, and peanut butter plus full-spectrum hemp oil, these crunchy bites support joint health and flexibility. Perfect for your four-legged running buddy!
$24.95 for one-time purchase; save 15% with an auto-refill subscription. Shop CBD coupons, discounts and deals now.

PetlyCBD Pet Hemp CBD Oil for Cats

When dogs and cats need whole-body CBD solutions, Petly’s products are designed to help. Their organic hemp is grown and processed using proprietary methods to deliver cannabinoid-rich extracts, and is quality assured through lab testing. Even better, Petly pledges $1 of every item sold to help pets in need. Their products include oil drops and treats.

Check Out PetlyCBD's Black Friday Deal
One of their most highly-reviewed items is PetlyCBD’s Pet Hemp CBD Oil for Cats. A 30ml bottle contains 125mg of CBD (approximately 4.16mg per drop), and has a specially crafted dropper just for felines. Comprised of only two natural compounds, broad-spectrum hemp extract and MCT coconut oil, this is great for kitty’s health.
$39.99 per bottle. Shop CBD discounts, deals and coupons now.

The Anxious Pet Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs

Just as humans do, animals deal with anxiety. The Anxious Pet sets out to help pet parents whose furbabies need extra sources of calm and relaxation. Hemp-based oils, soft chews, bars, and other products allow pet parents to choose formulas targeted for calming, inflammation, immune support, allergies, and more.

Check Out The Anxious Pet's Black Friday Deal
One of their all-time best products, a #1 pick from Pet Life Today editors, is The Anxious Pet Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs. A 30ml bottle contains 400mg of veterinarian-formulated CBD oil, recommended to promote calming and reduce inflammation, and help soothe mild to moderate anxiety in canines.
$48.00 for one-time purchase; 15% discount with an auto-refill subscription.

PAX3 Limited-Edition Hand-Dripped Vaporizer in Shadow Rain (C) PAX

Best Black Friday Vapes and Devices Offers

Many cannabis lovers experience their greatest highs on the go, so portable devices like vaporizers are a must. But these holiday finds stand out from your typical vape - whether a limited-edition design, super high-tech for excellent heating, aesthetically pleasing or a great value for your money (under $50), they’re sure to get your fire going. Light up at these deals, coupons and discounts.

PAX Labs One-Of-a-Kind Limited-Edition Hand-Dripped Devices

Number one in the nation for vaping technology, PAX Labs offers award-winning devices that deliver exceptional cannabis experiences. This season, enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime treat from the iconic brand: Unique limited-edition hand-dripped versions of the PAX 3 and Era Life vaporizers. These beautiful iterations (available in black-and-grey Shadow Rain for PAX 3 and blue-black Midnight Rain for Era Life) will elevate your vaping to a work of art. PAX 3 is the ultimate portable cannabis vaporizer for dry herb and extracts, works with or without the PAX app – available on Android or desktop – and comes with a concentrate insert for waxy extracts. The Era Life, PAX’s most compact device, is also a sleek way to decompress; both include extended battery life for a long-lasting smoke session.

Check Out PAX Labs' Black Friday Deal and Cyber Week Deal

Get a 20% discount all online orders starting 12PM PST on Green Wednesday (November 24) through 11:59PM PST on Cyber Monday (November 29). Giving Tuesday (November 30), 10% of proceeds on all online orders will be donated to Last Prisoner Project's reentry services, which provide micro-grants and resources to constituents as they exit prison and rebuild their lives.

House of Puff Le Pipe colored set (C) House of Puff

House of Puff Le Pipe

Sophisticated smokeware is House of Puff’s milieu, with luxurious accessories designed for those who love artistic flair in their elevated experience. Woman and Latinx-owned and aesthetically-focused, the brand innovates new devices by engaging in multisensory details. For the holiday season, House of Puff has re-engineered its minimalist ceramic one-hitter Le Pipe to come in six gorgeous new colors – “one to match every outfit.” Sleek and discreet, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer, mais oui!

Check Out House of Puff's Black Friday Deal

Get 25% off all week with discount code "blackfriday".

Beboe Inspired Vape Pens

Fashionistas rejoice – these sparkly yet functional vapes are intended for early afternoon enjoyment and social gatherings. Perfect to relax you during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, they give euphoric and clear-headed highs like no other device on the market. Designed to be “socially-dosed,” Beboe products are sleek, portable and innovated for a 100 percent natural cannabis experience. (And because they feature a minor cannabinoid cocktail, they’ll keep you grounded so you’ll have the ideal balance to maintain that life-of-the-party status.)

Check Out Beboe's Black Friday Deal

Omura XLE Vaporizer (C) Omura

Omura Series XLE Vaporizer

Neat, discreet, and easy to beat the heat: Say hello to the Series XLE, a limited-edition first-of-its-kind vaporizer for the whole flower. Utilizing Heat-Not-Burn technology, this device gently warms the whole flower through a patented heat curve, housed in a slim design that allows for portability and quick access in social settings. No lingering vapor or odor; a matching charging base is included.

Check Out Omura's Black Friday Deal

Gage Vape Cartridges

If you’re seeking cannabis gifts on a budget, look no further than these reasonably-priced high-quality cartridges from Gage. The brand, a leading cannabis operator, produces pure cannabis with exclusive delectable strains from Gage’s in-house team of cultivation artists. Now consumers everywhere can enjoy clean flavors delivered in Gage’s reliable hardware, with a poppy aesthetic sure to please. And if you know BIPOC entrepreneurs working to make a difference in the cannabis industry, point them toward the Gage social equity grant programs – any time is the right time for change.

Check Out Gage's Black Friday Deal

PAX Labs and Last Prisoner Project's collaboration bucket hat and tote bag (C) PAX

Best Black Friday Deals for a Good Cause

Cannabis heals bodies, but it can also heal minds, hearts, and sometimes even destinies. Sales from these items all benefit causes, from freeing those imprisoned on cannabis-related charges to providing new opportunities for BIPOC and even helping animal shelters. Don’t you want your holiday gift to mean a little bit more? It can with these unique deals, coupons, discounts and offers.

PAX Labs and Last Prisoner Project Limited-Edition Apparel

We’re suckers for a good cause, and the cannabis justice nonprofit Last Prisoner Project (LPP) is crucial to the community’s future. LPP works to free the 40,000 people still imprisoned on cannabis charges in the United States, and provides extensive programming and resources, including legal counsel and reentry microgrants to help formerly incarcerated citizens transition upon release. In honor of LPP’s two-year anniversary, PAX Labs has launched a limited-edition tote bag and bucket hat; proceeds from the items benefit LPP and ensures its work will continue. PAX will also highlight the stories of LPP Legacy Fellows Donte West and Stephanie Shepard, exploring how their personal experiences with cannabis incarceration are helping them to catalyze change. The PAX Labs tote and bucket hat for LPP are available until the end of the year or while supplies last.

Check Out PAX Labs' Black Friday Deal and Cyber Week Deal

Get a 20% discount all online orders starting 12PM PST on Green Wednesday (November 24) through 11:59PM PST on Cyber Monday (November 29). Giving Tuesday (November 30), 10% of proceeds on all online orders will be donated to Last Prisoner Project's reentry services, which provide micro-grants and resources to constituents as they exit prison and rebuild their lives.

House of Puff Soho Duo (C) House of Puff

House of Puff Soho Duo Featuring Paula Flores Collection Rolling Papers

Be the life of the party this season with the ultimate accessories to ensure your every entrance is a dramatic one. The utterly chic Soho borosilicate glass holder is paired with one-of-a-kind rolling papers designed by internationally acclaimed artist Paula Flores. Echoing the vivid colors and joyful spirit of Flores’ original paintings, these papers make for celebratory rolling. Better still, proceeds from those sold go to benefit the artist. Remember, ‘tis the season to give as well as receive!

Check Out House of Puff's Black Friday Deal

Get 25% off all week with discount code "blackfriday".

Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls

Animal lovers get a boost with these premium pre-rolls, and their little dogs do too: Proceeds from each pack sold go to benefit animal shelters around the country. Inspired by the simple pleasure of leisurely strolls with your furry friends, Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls feature expertly-crafted premium flower in discreet packaging. Easy to enjoy on the go, and available in a range of sizes to address different needs, these puppies put the “wow” in bow-wow.

Check Out Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls' Black Friday Deal

Good Green Popcorn Flower (C) Good Green

Good Green Popcorn Flower

Instead of the typical holiday popcorn tub, try “popcorn flower” – easy-access fun-sized premium nugs from Good Green. Not only are these better for your winter health, they’re gifts that give back. Proceeds from each Good Green sale supports funding and grant programs to nonprofits for social equity. The partner organizations are focused on employment, education and expungement, creating new opportunities for Black and brown people to establish a viable future in cannabis. Once you pop, the positive energy won’t stop!

Check Out Good Green's Black Friday Deal

(C) LOWD Craft Cannabis

Best Black Friday Craft Flower Offers

Cultivating cannabis for the ideal health benefits and effects is an art in itself. The brands here have perfected the elevated journey they want for consumers; get ready for an exceptional holiday trip. But hurry, the discounts, coupons and deals will fly by if you wait.

RYTHM Premium Flower

The music-obsessed will groove to the good vibrations provided by RYTHM’s true-to-plant experience. Optimal potency, lush aromas and rich flavors distinguish the brand’s classic and brand-new flower strains, specifically cultivated to harness unique qualities for body and mind. One hit of this, and it’s an unchained melody indeed.

Check Out RYTHM's Black Friday Deal

LOWD Craft Cannabis

Short for Love Our Weed Daily, LOWD’s award-winning cannabis embodies the art of urban craft cultivation. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, LOWD exists effortlessly at the intersection of urban culture and epic nature unique to the city. By employing innovative processes aimed at peak plant performance, LOWD’s flower is aimed at impressing even the most discerning of smokers. The company takes superior quality to another level through its Smoke Like A Grower a/k/a SLAG jars, which contain intentionally selected buds that are stick trimmed straight into LOWD’s one-ounce, half-ounce, and quarter-ounce collectible, ultraviolet resistant glass, providing the optimal slow cure. LOWD fans are literally the first to ever touch these buds. Count yourself among them and join the movement to keep diversity and legacy growing alive in the cannabis industry. LOWD holds the flag, high, proud, and with unapologetic humility knowing that the best thing about being a cannabis grower is smoking like one.

Check Out LOWD's Black Friday Deal

Baker’s Infused Pre-Rolls

Elevate your stocking stuffer ideas with these highly potent infused pre-rolls, coated in a cannabis distillate developed by the minds behind California cultivation pioneer Canndescent. Portable and easy to share, they come in a pack of three .8g rolls, available in indica, sativa and hybrid varieties. The Baker’s distillate is infused with terpenes for maximum flavor and rolled in a THC kief for the ultimate entourage and a full-body high. Big surprises come in small packages!

Check Out Baker's Black Friday Deal

Canndescent Variety Flight (C) Canndescent

Canndescent Variety Pack

Sample the best effects of Canndescent’s luxury goods in this gorgeous box. An excellent hostess gift, the Variety Pack includes convenient mini packs of the iconic brand’s Calm, Cruise, Connect, Create, and Charge. Flavorful and rich in terpenes, these strains are cultivated specifically for the effect you or your loved ones desire most. Salut.

Check Out Canndescent's Black Friday Deal

Laganja Estranja "Lip Sync Assassin" Tee (C) Laganja Estranja

Best Black Friday CBD Accessories Offers and Holiday Gift Ideas

You may know your strains and flavors, but every cannabis enthusiast needs CBD accessories - stash bags, holders, apparel and more - to be fully decked out for a happy high. And for the canna-curious, these holiday deals are a great way to be introduced to the plant without a commitment to infused goods. Shop cannabis and CBD-inspired deals, discounts, coupons and limited-edition offerings now.

Laganja Estranja Collections

Spend your holidays in fabulous style with exclusive cannabis and Christmas-themed apparel from LGBTQ+ icon Laganja Estranja. The RuPaul’s Drag Race star, a world-renowned female illusionist, choreographer, music artist and cannabis advocate, is immortalizing her fiercest looks in shirts and hoodies made for the whole family, as well as weekend totes and stash bags for the serious consumer. Ready to go viral? From her classic “Lip Sync Assassin” to Neon to holiday cheer, Laganja’s collections will ensure you have a colorful winter season.

Check Out Laganja Estranja's Black Friday Deal

House of Puff Soho Holder

Safety never looked so fabulous. This handblown borosilicate glass holder is the latest offering from House of Puff’s high-art goodies, available in four vibrant designs that evoke Breakfast at Tiffany’s-style charm. But beyond looks, it’s protective – the length of the holder cools your smoke before it reaches your throat, and it also safeguards fingertips and lips from too much heat, and makeup from smudging. Move over, diamonds; a girl’s got a new best friend!

Check Out House of Puff's Black Friday Deal

Get 25% off all week with discount code "blackfriday".

Paradiso Gardens Gear: Totes, Pins, and Rolling Papers

Across five-acres in California’s Central Coast, Paradiso is a passage to the faraway where tropicalia meets modern artistry, united by the positive forces of cannabis. Woman owned, and supported by life-long friends, Paradiso is radiant authenticity and passion for craft. Find your paradise with the beach-themed merch – including tote bags, pins and rolling papers – that stokes the imagination.

Check Out Paradiso Gardens' Black Friday Deal

House of Puff Downtown Duo (C) House of Puff

House of Puff Downtown Duo

Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares with the Downtown Duo, an elegant set featuring the Le Pipe ceramic one-hitter and the matching Barrow Street Herb Bowl. Ever matched your smoking experience to your outfit before? You can now, for an extra dash of style. Available in eye-popping colors, this pair can be themed to complement or contrast with your bedroom décor. And the bowl is perfect for DIYers who love to grind their mix, or used more simply as a unique footed ashtray. Either way, the effect is stunning.

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EYE ZEN VZN (C) Emily Eizen

Emily Eizen Art and Photography

For the art lover in your life, add some flair with prints and works by queer multimedia artist Emily Eizen. Her 1960s psychedelic inspired works showcase the beauty, freedom and diversity Eizen considers essential to establishing equity in the cannabis space and beyond. Emily’s portfolio and commissions highlight her ability to adapt to different styles and aesthetics across spectrums of gender and sexuality, defying convention. Welcome to the world of Emily Eizen, where the in-demand artist reflects the colorful and vibrant feelings she experiences while merging the cultures of cannabis and art. And if you’re seeking a custom piece as a holiday gift, make your commission requests now!

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House of Puff Stuffed Stash Bag (C) House of Puff

House of Puff Stuffed Stash Bag

Dream of a pink Christmas this year with House of Puff’s exclusive Crosby Pouch, a stash bag that isn’t afraid of pastel power! More than its pale color to distinguish it from the usual dark and drab stash bags, the Crosby Pouch is also top quality, antimicrobial, stain-resistant and odor-resistant. Made from state-of-the-art Krypton performance fabric, its versatility will make you feel like a superhero. Look deep within its chenille outer layer and satin inner layer to discover matching pink-toned accessories just for the holidays: The Le Pipe ceramic one-hitter, Soho Cigarette Holder, and king-sized signature rolling papers are included to give you or your loved one the happiest high. Color us impressed!

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Bloom Farms CBD Tinctures (C) Bloom Farms

HS Picks

Team Honeysuckle can’t resist giving a shout-out to a couple of our favorite CBD brands changing the consumer landscape with their planet-friendly practices and innovative packaging. Take a peek for CBD coupons, discounts and deals while on your holiday gift search.

Bloom Farms

A sustainable 1:1 company, Bloom Farms is a luxury brand highlighting cannabis’s tie to a more mainstream market. Yet its process from seed to sale has universal benefits – from clean agricultural practices that support local farms, to encouraging women in leadership positions internally, to pouring developmental dollars back into their local economy with every step. Bloom CBD products include tinctures and vapes, and they are truly exquisite.

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1933 Industries

1933 Industries is a consumer-packaged goods company with a portfolio of authentic, premium brands in the cannabis industry. Our humble journey began in Las Vegas as the first cannabis cultivator servicing the medicinal market. Today, 1933 Industries boasts well over 100 SKUs in its product portfolio as well as 6 licensing partners. Along the way, we remain consumer-focused. By owning key aspects of the value-chain, 1933 Industries can deliver consistent, high-quality products that deliver exceptional experiences.

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