Vickram Singh

Vickram Singh

Based in New Jersey, Vickram Singh is a staff editor for Honeysuckle Magazine, where he runs his column: Raised by the Internet. He is also the Editor-in-Chief for The Medium, the satirical newspaper


Who is Hideo Kojima and WTF is Death Stranding?

The whole world is abuzz about the new game, Death Stranding []. It features an A-List celebrity cast of Norman Reedus [], Mads Mikkelson [], Guillermo Del Toro [], and many more silver-screen names....

Berserk : The Antithesis to Binge Culture

Welcome to the new Honeysuckle Column: Raised by the Internet. This bi-weekly section will be covering the weird, niche, and nerdy from places around the world and the internet. It is all run by yours truly, a man who claims to have been raised by the internet— for better or for worse. The social media...

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