Vickram Singh

Vickram Singh

Based in New Jersey, Vickram Singh is a staff editor for Honeysuckle Magazine, where he runs his column: Raised by the Internet. He is also the Editor-in-Chief for The Medium, the satirical newspaper


Who is Hideo Kojima and WTF is Death Stranding?

The whole world is abuzz about the new game, Death Stranding. It features an A-List celebrity cast of Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelson, Guillermo Del Toro, and many more silver-screen names. The game’s mysterious setting and oblique marketing consist of faces you may recognize, but in an uncanny, yet familiar world that does not look...

Berserk : The Antithesis to Binge Culture

Welcome to the new Honeysuckle Column: Raised by the Internet. This bi-weekly section will be covering the weird, niche, and nerdy from places around the world and the internet. It is all run by yours truly, a man who claims to have been raised by the internet— for better or for worse. The social media...

Do It Together, Tula Vera and Their Alternative to D.I.Y

The sound of music permeates the hot summer air in New Brunswick, NJ. While the college town is experiencing its recurring summertime lulls, the underground music scene is just as lively and popular as it is during the semester. Countless D.I.Y, basement shows litter the town, even after Rutgers University stopped sponsoring music...

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