Do you want to try out CBD but aren’t sure it will work for you? Well, here is a list of celebrities who swear by it.

Unlike THC or cannabis products, CBD does not possess any kind of psychoactive features and will not get you high. With that said, many people are turning to CBD and CBD products as an alternative to consuming cannabis, especially for medicinal purposes. CBD products are available in a wide range of forms, from oils and tinctures to edibles and topicals. And with the increasing legalization of cannabis, it's easier than ever to purchase CBD products online at sites like Smoke Cartel. Whichever type of product you choose, make sure to do your research so that you purchase a quality product from a reputable source like the above mentioned. With so many products available online, it is easy to find the perfect one for you.

Many celebrities have also claimed to make use of CBD as a way to stay calm and relaxed. Continue reading to find out who these celebrities are.

Seth Rogen (C) Stephen McCarthy / Collision via Sportsfile, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Seth Rogen

The very first icon on our list of celebrities who use CBD to stay calm and relaxed is actor and filmmaker Seth Rogen. Seth Rogen is incredibly passionate about CBD oil and the benefits that it has to offer. In the past, he has stated that he was specifically interested in the effects of CBD on Alzheimer's disease.

Seth Rogen is one of the biggest advocates of CBD, especially when it is used for medicinal purposes and has even founded a nonprofit, Hilarity For Charity, to raise awareness for a particular Alzheimer's support program that makes use of CBD.

Rogen states that he believes CBD products are an incredibly valuable treatment management tool and has even dedicated a large portion of his time to speak up for CBD and medical marijuana benefits.

Kristen Bell (C) Myles Kalus Anak Jihem, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Kristen Bell

Moving on down our list, the next celebrity who makes use of CBD to stay calm and relaxed is Kristen Bell. Kristen Bell is a top actress in the world of Hollywood and has found her place in both television shows and movies.

Kristen Bell initially started as a performer in onstage productions, but quickly made the move to film and television, where she found more success. In the past, Kristen Bell has discussed her use of CBD as it offers her a better quality of life. She claims that life can get incredibly busy and complicated, and CBD is something that provides her relief throughout the day. It’s also something that she uses to improve her wellness routine.

Mike Tyson (C) Tyson 2.0

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is one of the most legendary boxers in all of history and is a huge advocate for CBD and CBD consumption, especially in his industry. Mike Tyson has claimed that he believes that CBD has a huge future and has jumped at the opportunity to invest in it.

Not only does he consume CBD personally, but he has even built a whole ranch specifically dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis for CBD. He also convinced many other celebrities to invest in this industry because of just how big he believes it will become in the future.

Martha Stewart (C) Gage Skidmore, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Martha Stewart

The next celebrity on our list who makes use of CBD for relaxation is Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart is a popular TV chef who has made an incredible name for herself. She has become great friends with cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg and has even started consuming CBD herself for the benefits that it has to offer.

Martha Stewart has raved about CBD products and their ability to relieve pain in her tendons, which is something that she struggles with. She has now even partnered with a company that has created a line of products infused with CBD that is suitable for both humans and their pets.

Mandy Moore (C) Daniel Benavides, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Mandy Moore

The final celebrity on our list of celebrities who use CBD to stay calm and relaxed is Mandy Moore. Mandy Moore is an actress as well as a singer and she is on her feet all day long. As an actress, your life can get stressful, and your feet can also ache from being on set the whole day or standing on red carpets for hours on end.

Moore claims to use CBD oil to soothe her aching feet at the end of a long day whether she's been on set or the red carpet and she said that she was taught this trick by a stylist who has encouraged other celebrities to do the same.

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