c Whether it’s clothing, smoking products, literature, body care, nutritional care - all of those have the ability to target the luxury market. When those products are able to be sourced at high-end stores like Barney’s or Saks, I think people like the association with Mother Nature and her plants and wealthy people will pay more for that experience. - Deborah Johnson, Director of Business Development MCA Accounting Solution

Honeysuckle: In your opinion, what is the space/niche for luxury beauty brands within the cannabis and CBD industries. Do you see it growing?

Deborah Johnson: I do believe that especially once the FDA settles on it’s guidelines to the industry there is a large market opportunity for luxury CBD and I think other minor cannabinoids are going to be highlighted like CBN, CBG and will play a role in various products. I like to think the marketplace is learning how CBD is absorbed by the body - meaning which products are worth paying for as opposed to bed sheets, pillows and incense. I also like to think that product standardization / testing will increase, so when a product indicates it has a certain amount of CBD in it, it goes.

Honeysuckle: What do you see as the future of luxury in cannabis?

DJ: As the cannabis space matures and becomes a natural part of our consumer landscape I do believe people are going to want to experience all levels of products. Luxury is one that many are experimenting with. Whether it’s clothing, smoking products, literature, body care, nutritional care - all of those have the ability to target the luxury market. When those products are able to be sourced at high-end stores like Barney’s or Saks, I think people like the association with Mother Nature and her plants and wealthy people will pay more for that experience.

Black Dahlia

Few brands know how to evoke sensuality, mystery and luxury all at once. As soon as we came across Black Dahlia at the Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference in NYC, 2019 we were hooked. Everything from their decadent branding, to their aromatic products and lush scents. The company is committed to groundbreaking science, ethically-sourced botanicals and conscientious craftsmanship. Through collaborations with leading scientists, artisans and makers, their inspired CBD products deliver quality, efficacy and serenity.
Black Dahlia CBD oils and creams use a patented technology that results in a highly refined organic product. This, combined with natural flavors, results in an ingredient perfect for cocktails, added to foods or as a direct, sublingual spray. Black Dahlia leans toward its indica genetics and delivers strong body effects suitable for insomnia and pain relief.

Malin + Goetz

Malin + Goetz is one of the world’s most fascinating luxury beauty brands, renowned as a long runner that was also among the first to incorporate aromatherapy into skincare. Founding partners Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, together in business and life for over 35 years, opened their flagship store in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood in 2004. Stylized as a “modern apothecary,” the Malin + Goetz aesthetic combines high-quality natural ingredients with advanced technology for clean, sustainably-sourced products that work beautifully on all skin types, especially people with sensitive skin. The company now has retail locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Hong Kong in addition to their New York shops; each apothecary is intricately architected to reflect its unique surroundings. In recent years, Malin + Goetz has taken greater risks in plant-based beauty sources, being an early adopter of adding cannabis to their skincare products. At presentations for the exclusive Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference, Goetz has proudly spoken about the importance of maintaining a “crossover brand” – a mainstream luxury brand that continues to innovate and engage niche markets to make the best ingredients accessible to all consumers. Bravo

House of Gro

Irina Gottesman and her brother Sam Kandhorov have building brands together for decades. First fashion, then food, and now wellness, their true passion with their latest endeavor House of Gro. Woke, one of their favorite holiday picks, is a “luxuriously rich face, neck and chest oil that feels incredibly silky,” says Gottesman. An enhancement to their moisturizer After Dark, but also perfect for hydrating skin on its own; leaving it looking visibly “woke”. It works under and over make up and is proven to balance the microbiome. In a sea of CBD, Irina says one of the ingredients that makes House of Gro unique is their sourcing of only organic CBD, which has “a challenge and priority for us. What makes our organic CBD ingredient even more unique is how we combine it with Chaga mushroom wild harvested in Maine. Chaga is a super antioxidant which strengthens skin resiliency,” she said.

The Nature of Things

Luxury to me is really all about rarity. I view self care more as a necessity these days than a luxury. We, as humans, are learning that we need to take care of ourselves first in order to truly take care of the people and the natural world around us. That’s why making the extra investment on products that are truly purposeful, crafted from the highest quality ingredients and are thoughtful about their entire footprint is really important. We wanted to distinguish ourselves from products that people mindlessly pump out and dump down the drain. Every moment with our products is like partaking in a ritual, the customer is more deliberate and present in opening, applying and luxuriating in our offerings. My favorite gifts to give are all about ultimate relaxation and pampering for the recipient. This year, I’m gifting our bath immersions, Restorative Floral Bath or Fortifying Magnesium Soak, along with our newly launched Skin-Smoothing Stones, so that my family and friends can soak up the benefits while gently massaging and exfoliating their skinFor your gift bags: Restorative Floral Bath + Skin Smoothing Stones - these will be sold as a set for $198; a 10% discount - Jamie Leilani Pelayo; CO-Founder The Nature of Things. natureofthings @notwellness

** Some of Deborah's favorite products sampled at the last Luxury x Cannabis event:

They sent their #3 serum with honeysuckle and avocado and it’s really nice! The smell is heavenly and the product feels wonderful

Fog and Tree
I love Fog and Tree and Elizabeth is a female founder, went to CanopyBoulder, is found in Fred Segal and just continuing to grow. Beautiful branding.

Get Frigg
I’ve been following Kimberly Dillon for a few years now - she did marketing for Papa Barkley before launching Frigg. Just a rock star. https://www.instagram.com/getfrigg/

Antedotum is a husband and wife pair out of Aspen, also attended CanopyBoulder. I got their serum and face oil and love it!

Brown Girl Jane
Brown Girl Jane has a very interesting back story and I attended their panel that I found interesting, but frankly the serum product I got was no bueno.

See full copy in our 420 Edition. Purchase here.