Summer is coming, and we're turning up the heat! There's a lot of elevated vibes to go around and celebrations abounding. Whether you're honoring graduation, letting off some steam on vacation, or just enjoying some good old-fashioned solar-powered happiness, we've got the cannabis products you need to make this a smoking hot season.

Whether you are celebrating self-love, someone you love, or that sweet summer lovin', cannabis has never been more full of flavor and fun. This bunch is easy to fall for… trust us, we’ve got the proof. They're bursting with the fruity essences, decadent nuances, and breezy comfort that defines the season.

So what are you waiting for? We'll tell you more!

Cannabis Gift Guide Summer Essentials: The Best Flower

(C) Khalifa Kush

KK [ Khalifa Kush ]

For your best bud!

We can’t get enough of the “KK” signature strain from Wiz Khalifa's iconic cannabis brand Khalifa Kush. If you are looking to unlock the power of the flower, this Indica-Dominant Hybrid OG delivers the perfect punch as your go-to strong, well-balanced, all-day smoke. Our friends at Khalifa Kush take their jobs very seriously and have delivered a classic terpene profile that is loud and potent and blended this with a Chef’s touch with notes of Piney Kush, OG Fuel and Gassy Incense. The smoke is a perfect way to take your intimacy to a sweet new level with this smooth palette and unlock a high that has no ceiling.

Want to learn more? Check out our behind-the-scenes peek with the Khalifa Kush team! For more info:

(C) Kingston Royal

VS1 Diamond Encrusted [ KINGSTON ROYAL / ENDO ]

Because diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Leave it to Kingston Royal to really level up your game with their VS1 Diamond Encrusted Cannabis. The first of its kind, this diamond infused cannabis strain from this top selling social equity brand incorporates next level mixology horticulture techniques by taking the material from one strain to create the THC diamonds and combining them with a completely different strain. With flavor combinations ranging from sweet and savory, fruity and gassy, to earthy and citrus, we know you will find the perfect pairing for you and your special someone.

For more info:

(C) Sonoma Hills Farm

Pink Jesus [ Sonoma Hills Farm ]

We love you... once and floral.

Sometimes you just want to go “top shelf” and our friends at Sonoma Hills Farm are sure to knock more than your socks off with their signature “Pink Jesus.” With notes of lavender and raspberry, it brings a fully enveloping body high paired with a lifted cerebral experience that amplifies connection and supercharges intimacy. Sonoma Hills Farm has set out to bridge Sonoma County's rich agricultural history with a farm-to-table cannabis lifestyle, curating an experience for the sophisticated and passionate flower consumer. This special herb is truly deserving of a Chef’s kiss. It’s that good.

Want to learn more? Check out our exploration of Sonoma Hills Farm's sustainable and organic practices! For more info:

Cannabis Gift Guide Summer Essentials: The Best Edibles and Gummies

DELI Dimes (C) Erin Scott / DELI by Caliva / The Parent Company

DELI Dimes [ DELI by Caliva / The Parent Company ]

Something to cherry you up.

Looking for a sweet (and fun) treat for your sweetheart, but chocolate just isn’t cutting it this time? We love DELI Dimes fruitful mixes. This delicious new cannabis-infused gummies featuring 10mg of THC from 100% full-spectrum oil for a rich experience. We fell head over heels for the Black Cherry. It’s bursting with juicy flavor; whether it’s a juicy slice of sweetness or tart taste of the orchard, these are sure to please. 100% Indica Full-Spectrum Oil; 10mg THC per Dime, 10 Dimes per pouch.

Want to learn more about social equity initiatives at The Parent Company? Check out our interview with board member Mary Pryor! For more info:

(C) Select Cannabis / Curaleaf

Select X Bites [ Select Cannabis / Curaleaf ]

We love this berry much.

Ever dreamt of walking on the moon? Select promises to take you up, up, and away with their new X Bites. combine Select’s award-winning oil with new encapsulation technology – a specially-engineered coating that protects the cannabinoids to maximize the absorption of every milligram. We fell for the Strawberry Spacewalk’s promise of onsets, steep climbs, and extended flight times of our most intense ride yet. What’s not to love?

Want to learn more? Check out how Curaleaf is supporting cannabis justice through B Noble with Fab 5 Freddy! For more info:

(C) PLUS Products

Uplift Sour Watermelon [ PLUS Products ]

She's one in a melon!

Looking for that perfect Watermelon Sugar High? Day or night when you need a boost, PLUS’s best-selling Uplift Sour Watermelon gummies contain uplifting THC to help you feel euphoric and energized and can spice things up thanks to the perfect combination of 5mg THC and is crafted with a custom blend of terpenes to deliver Sativa-specific effect per serving. A little sweet and a little sour, we think these gummies are a refreshing way to amplify any occasion.

For more info:

(C) Leune

Sol Berry [ Leune ]

Looking for your SOL mate?

Perfect for your summer vacation, that romantic anniversary or a fun-loving night out with friends, Sol Berry is your go-to for a social, well balanced high. Where sweet meets tart alongside a boost of B complex, these 5mg THC gummies sparkle, offering an even keeled cannabis experience. We can’t get enough of the vibrant bold mix of flavors that, while taking a page from true comfort foods of days gone by, this is definitely not your mom’s strawberry rhubarb pie. This is new. This is fresh. This is delicious.

For more info:

Cannabis Gift Guide Summer Essentials: The Best Chocolate and Cookies

(C) Flor de Maria

Hibiscus Flower Bar [ Flor de Maria ]

For anyone in need of a garden angel.

For this year's special release, Flor de María has chosen the Hibiscus Flower to deliver a flavor pairing that brings a true garden of delights to life. We were charmed by the fact that not only is Hibiscus an excellent antioxidant and can boost your immune system, but this flower – that blooms only one day on the vine – is also a symbol of the preciousness of ephemeral beauty. The cacao is Carenero Superior from Barlobento, Venezuela, roasted to perfection to match the taste of our Full-Spectrum CBD from Tricolla Farms in Berkshire, New York.

For more info:

(C) Herve

Chocolate Ganache Macarons [ Hervé ]

They're just too a-dough-able.

Hervé proudly blends decades of traditional French culinary history with an innovative infusion process, to launch the first intricately infused luxury desserts. And we can’t get enough of their Chocolate Cremeux macarons containing 10mg of premium hybrid distillate per macaron. Each macaron is hand-made, gluten-free, low in sodium & sugar, and dusted with real 23k Gold. With deep roots in the classic world of pâtisserie creations, we bet you can’t manage to eat just one.

For more info:

Cannabis Gift Guide Summer Essentials: The Best Beverages, Sublinguals, and Capsules

(C) Mary's Medicinals / BellRock

The Remedy [ Mary’s Medicinals / BellRock ]

A real tongue teaser.

Mary’s 1:1 CBD:THC sublingual was formulated by their team of scientists to harness the “ensemble effect." The unique terpene blend works synergistically with the cannabinoids to enhance therapeutic value. Regimen users utilize the graduated dropper to ensure accurate dosing. The Remedy 1:1 CBD:THC Sublingual oil is the remedy you’ve been searching for.

For more info:


Love Cordial [ KOAN ]

A shot to the heart.

Koan’s new Love Cordial powered by Resonate delivers a unique blend of precision-calibrated cannabinoids and terpenes to deliver a smooth and sensual high that releases tension and stress in the mind and body. The experience allows for a deeper connection, heightened tactile sensation and greater sexual satisfaction. Koan Cordials, all designed to enhance well-being, can be taken alone, or added to any beverage and provide a fast-acting, long-lasting, consistent, and beneficial experience.  This proprietary formula, manufactured with industry-leading Vertosa emulsification, has brought to market this exciting, life-affirming new blend and all we can say is “Sex, please!”

For more info:

(C) OpenNest Labs

Real Sleep [ OpenNest Labs ]

Never give up on your dreams.

Fast-track your self-care ritual this summer with the gift of sleep. Not just good sleep. Not just great sleep. But real sleep. This product knocks it out of the park by knocking you out in all the right ways. RealSleep is the first personalized, clinically tested personalized plant-based nightly sleep solution, created just for you.  RealSleep builds tailor-made formulas from 14 natural plant-based ingredients specifically for individual needs and will transform the way you rest and recharge.

Want to learn more? Check out our guide to CBD sleep aids. For more info:

Cannabis Gift Guide Summer Essentials: The Best Topical


Chronic Bath Soak [ TONIC ]

We like big tubs and we cannot lie.

Whether you are loving yourself or treating someone else, TONIC’s got the “Chronic” we just can’t get enough of. This restorative blend of Himalayan Sea salt, epsom salt, and dead sea salt infused with TONIC's proprietary 'Chronic' essential oil blend and a potent dose of full spectrum CBD is, simply put, perfection. Each essential oil is carefully selected by the creators for its ability to target all your worries and pains and the combination of natural plant compounds layer in to leave your skin feeling silky smooth while the light layer of foamy bubbles makes the vibe complete.

For more info:

Cannabis Gift Guide Summer Essentials: The Best Rolling Papers

(C) House of Puff

Paula Flores Limited Edition Rolling Papers [ House of Puff ]

Sometimes you've gotta just roll with it.

Good things come in small packages and our friends at House of Puff are on a mission to make getting lit even more pleasurable — with art that will take you to a beautiful place right on your rolling papers. These gorgeous rolling papers take the art of smoking to a whole new level thanks to internationally acclaimed Latine artist, Paula Flores. These gorgeous papers come wrapped in the vibrant image of her original painting, Grass Level, with a portion of the proceeds from each pack going directly to the artist. These papers hit all the marks: Made of unbleached hemp, 33 leaves per booklet with thin, and with slow-burning tips.

Want to learn more? Find out how to roll the perfect joint with this step-by-step guide from House of Puff! For more info:

Cannabis Gift Guide Summer Essentials: The Best Accessories

Offline Pre-Rolls (C) Potent Goods

Trio of Items: Kimono, Lounge Pant and either Offline Vape Pen or Offline Pre-Rolls [ Potent Goods ]

The whole nine yards.

Love and luxury go hand-in-hand and there is nothing more perfect than this triple threat from our friends at Potent Goods. Get into the mood by slipping into their Offline Kimono, an all-around favorite, inspired to uplift the senses and pair with the matching lounge pants so you can truly bring sexy back. Marry this with Potent Goods’ signature “Offline” strain which is sure to delight your senses with an exquisite blend of Purple Punch and Cactus Cooler flower, ripe mango and honey delivering an enriched experience thanks to a blend of Myrcene, Beta Caryophyllene, Pinene terpenes.

For more info:

Offline Kimono (C) Potent Goods

What's Next For Your Cannabis Summer Lovin'?

Summer 2022 is off to a hot start, and the "high" holiday of concentrates, 7/10 (Oil Day), will be here before you know it. Do you have products or brands that you're planning to celebrate on 7/10? Hit us up at @honeysucklemagazine on Instagram or @HoneysuckleMag on Twitter to tell us all about your favorites!

Make sure to live your lit life this summer!

And if you're still in need of more product recommendations before then, check out our other comprehensive gift guides for all your tried-and-true cannabis needs.

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