A recent survey done by the CDC shows that at least one in five adults experience pain on a regular basis. This does not account for the billions of individuals that experience brief moments of uncomfortability and pain throughout a week. There are many different things that can cause pain in the body. If your muscles are worked intensely or overtrained, they will experience soreness. If your joints are stiff, they will feel inflamed and painful, and if your body is misaligned, you will be chronically uncomfortable.

It’s critical to understand the products that are truly effective in reducing and eliminating pain throughout the body. CBD is a product that is newer to the market but has grown in popularity exponentially over the last five years. With so many products on the market, it is important to shop with a trustworthy brand. Joy Organics sells effective CBD products that are available in many different application methods.

Types of CBD

CBD is highly effective as an infused oil that can be applied topically or ingested. You can also inhale CBD through a vape, and there are many topical creams and ointments that are infused with cannabidiol. These help reduce pain and inflammation in affected areas. Lastly, you can consume edible CBD products. From baked goods to gummies, edibles are known for releasing slowly and offering long lasting benefits.

How Do I Know Which CBD Will Best Treat My Pain?

The best type of CBD to use for an ailment varies based on the symptoms that you are experiencing.  If pain is your primary symptom, you may want to opt for a topical pain relief cream. If sleeping problems are your ailment of concern, you may enjoy edibles more because they release over time while providing pain relief benefits.

Acute Pain

If you are feeling acute pain or discomfort throughout the entire body, consider using a vape pen. These pens are known for offering the fastest way to feel the effects of cannabidiol in the body. If your pain is unbearable, this will offer the fastest relief. The downside of inhaling CBD is that it is difficult to track dosages and understand if you are receiving the appropriate amount.  If you are new to CBD, it may be best to use pain cream or an edible gummy.

The pain of inflammation is often the most difficult pain to manage. If your pain is not acute, but chronic and becomes worse with some mobility, consider using pain relief cream that can be applied directly on the skin.

Joint Discomfort

If you are experiencing joint discomfort, applying infused topical creams to the affected area will be the quickest way to reduce pain. Since these aches are a result of inflammation, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can offer immediate relief. This pain relief cream is known to be the most effective pain reliever on the market. This pain relief cream has been tested against arthritis pain, back pain, and tendonitis pain. CBD is non-psychoactive so there are no feelings of being "high" or uncomfortableness that accompany traditional painkillers.

Muscle Aches

If your muscles are achy, it is best to use oil tinctures for CBD application. This type of treatment is best for ongoing pain. Although it offers effects quickly, their benefits last for an extended period of time. Since muscle discomfort commonly interrupts people's ability to sleep, utilizing oil drops may help the muscles repair and recover through a good night of rest.


Choose the type of CBD that best addresses the pain that you are experiencing. By experimenting with topical creams, oils, and edibles, you can find a way to effectively alleviate your pain for good.