In Spirit with Third Eye Film Festival

13/10/2017 Jaime Lubin 0

There’s always magic in the movies, but nothing truly transports you like Third Eye Film Festival. Founders Darian Brenner and Namu Desai celebrated their unique program’s inaugural series last year with a spectacular array of […]


Bell of Amherst

05/08/2017 Jaime Lubin 0

From The Walking Dead to Dallas, Emma Bell has lit up our TV screens playing strong, self-assured women who defy extraordinary circumstances. But one of her greatest recent challenges was embodying an American icon, poet Emily Dickinson, […]


A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

16/06/2017 Landon Evanson 0

By Landon Evanson Before anyone panics, this remains a horror-themed column. Martin Lawrence will not be the focus of this piece, but rather a character who carefully navigated the tightrope between love and loathe. While […]


Beyond the Gates

25/05/2017 Landon Evanson 0

Let’s be clear right off the bat: If you’re the type who assesses horror films frame-by-frame, stick with Alien: Covenant (2017) and Get Out (2017), because this probably isn’t the flick for you. With a […]