Samantha Keely Smith: The Apocalypse and Abstract Painting

When stepping inside Samantha Keely Smith’s Brooklyn studio, it is impossible to miss the massive, surrealist paintings decking the room. There is an abundance of detail to examine in all of them: miniscule trickling veins of paint, hidden opaque layers upon layers, scraped away and repainted clouds. Some pieces are serene, while others are...

Amanda Johnson: Cigar Smoke and Connection

Amanda Johnson carries herself with a quiet sincerity that betrays her upper-midwestern roots. She takes her time answering questions, choosing her words and phrases carefully to get her message across. She has even made notes for our discussion ahead of time, in a spirit of preparation and politeness that you can only pick up by...

Berserk : The Antithesis to Binge Culture

Welcome to the new Honeysuckle Column: Raised by the Internet. This bi-weekly section will be covering the weird, niche, and nerdy from places around the world and the internet. It is all run by yours truly, a man who claims to have been raised by the internet— for better or for worse. The social media...

Andrew Thiele and the Journey of the Artist

“What are you doing to check off your goals? Do you possess mementos of your journey? How do you process what you consume?”  Andrew Thiele’s Gallery 8 solo exhibit: Moral Compass posed these questions directly to the viewer. The introspective exhibit highlighted themes of identity, environment, and action through intricate mixed media pieces pulling...

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