Virtual casinos are an interesting and extremely entertaining expansion of the idea of a traditional land-based casino. So, how has this development of casinos and their games developed into a vibrant and thriving online community in Tuscany and far beyond it? Well, that is exactly what this article is interested in examining.

Understanding Virtual Casinos

Of course, if you want to understand how these digital environments have developed around virtual casinos, then you are first going to need to develop a strong understanding of what is even meant by the term virtual casino in the first place.

A virtual casino is, at its simplest, a website that serves to provide access to a litany of digital casino games to its customers. As such, it fills much the same role as a land-based casino by acting as a hub from which customers can find any number of casino games that they might be interested in playing.

However, it could be said that digital casino spaces have an advantage over their physical counterparts, as they can provide a far wider variety of potential casino games, making them far more interesting and entertaining. You can find a range of games from hundreds of online pokies through to live dealer blackjack. These sites generally have a range of payment options as well as safe betting practices to keep players and their budgets safe. 

How Virtual Casino Communities Have Developed in Tuscany

The Italian government passed legislation to regulate online gambling in 2010, which established the Italian Gambling Authority, also known as Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM), as the regulatory body overseeing the industry. This has ensured fair standards across online casinos played in Italy; for instance, the requirement to use certified random number generators and ensuring data protection. The security that this has implemented has meant that many more people across all age groups in Italy are taking part in online casino games. 

The rise of online communities dedicated to online gaming, in general, was substantial across the world, and of course, with online casinos becoming more mainstream, this led to communities focused on digital casinos and the games they have to offer. Community feedback to the game developers has also resulted in new developments and enhancements in the world of professional video game development that have led to the creation of far better, more visually and mechanically engaging casino games online. 

For example, the development of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets have led to a complete redefinition of how immersive a digital casino experience could conceivably be. With this new technology, you can completely submerge yourself in a virtual poker experience, holding your cards up with your hands and seeing the casino around you digitally. Amazing.

The Greater Reach of Virtual Casinos

Of course, the reach and impact of these digital casino communities extend far beyond Tuscany itself. In fact, the nature of the internet itself means that these communities will have an inherently global reach. Alongside the laws put in place in Italy, the government established cross-border cooperation with other European countries, making it possible for Italian players to participate in country-wide games and tournaments. This again resulted in an increase in online casino popularity in Italy, particularly in online poker games. 


Featured image: City of Florence, capital of Tuscany (C) Martti Salmi @marttisalmi