Creative Vice is the brainchild of Randy Richard Morales, a Los Angeles based artist, designer, writer, and Creative Director at Cadre. Considered to be one of L.A.’s hottest new brands, Cadre is a visionary social equity company that actively advocates for equitable opportunities across the cannabis industry, offering exceptional cannabis products while uplifting marginalized communities. Morales is currently helping to shape Cadre’s uniqueness as a revolutionary force in cannabis by creating cool fashion for the brand: everything from hats, shirts, hoodies, tents, and flags to promotional gear and celebrity gift boxes. His art captures the company’s ability to foster meaningful change with flair.

One of Creative Vice's fashion designs for Cadre (C) Creative Vice / Cadre @creativevice

What Is The Creative Vice x Cadre Collaboration All About?

“My Cadre collaboration is all about finding ways to express the creativity of Cadre,” Morales explains. “Since the brand stands for the people, the culture and the Revolution, the designs I create try to reflect those pillars. The Goddess graphic shirt I created represents an ethnic goddess, which is something you don't really see in fashion, since the graphics don't always represent the Black and brown culture. Any of the graphics that are made for Cadre have that vibe and feel.”

*Editor's Note: Did you know? We got the scoop on Cadre's first dispensary, Off The Charts: Powered By Cadre, from the brand's CEO Madison Shockley in his Weedsday Playlist (which shares some artists with Creative Vice's Playlist below). Check it out by clicking here.

Creative Vice (C) Creative Vice / Cadre @creativevice

Who Is Creative Vice (Artist Randy Richard Morales)?

As a creative, his passion is to create works for others to enjoy. In childhood, Morales would take paper from his father’s work and design shoes and clothes just for fun. A United States Navy veteran and an alumnus of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in L.A., the artist truly believes creativity is what breathes life. Without creativity, he asserts, the world wouldn’t exist as we know it.

Morales often says, “Life for a creative is lonely, it’s like living in a world only you can see,” which is why he started Creative Vice. The project is an outlet for him to share what’s on his mind. 

(C) Creative Vice / Cadre @creativevice

The Creative Vice Weedsday Playlist

The Creative Vice Weedsday Playlist is all about artistic action. “This playlist is inspired by movement. It's all the right sounds and words that keep me pushing while creating. To me, music is the highest form of art, so having the right playlist to continue to create is important.”

Drake And Future - "I'm The Plug"

This is my hype song. I feel like I’m the plug for all creative things and I love to help people, so I say "I’m the plug." Whether it's designing for my own projects, Cadre, Cuts or Alo, I want everything I create to have this kind of energy. The song's beat just goes in and I want everything I do to go in like that. 

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NLE Choppa Featuring Moneybagg Yo - "Too Hot"

Another Hype song!!! I feel like my career has been taking off and a lot of people are coming to me for help. I firmly believe in speaking things into existence. I'm going to be that hot one day. You're going to see my name attached to it, but in a good way. With my name being Creative Vice, I'm going to try my hand in every creative outlet there is. The only way to do that is to be so hot that people want your creative mind. So this is another little song to boost that confidence.

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I’m a lover at heart. Everything I do has some kind of emotion tied to it, so this song specifically always gets me in the right vibe to create. Especially, when he says” Smoke just a little bit, drink just a little bit. He don’t drink like he used to. He don’t think like he used to.” I always have my Cadre joint and drink next to me ready to create something.

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Nimino - "How You Holding Up"

This is my vibe check song. It’s the song that I ask myself, How we doing today? With so much going on in my life, I find it is important to constantly check in and make sure the screws that are loose are the ones that are normally loose.

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Bryson Tiller - "Self Righteous"

First off, this beat and his vocals just go hard. I personally believe as a creative, you are a little self-righteous. You almost have to be in a sport. If you aren’t, that’s when that doubt comes in and you will never release anything. In all honesty, this song feeds into my sad emo side and emotions are where I live in order to create some of my best works. 

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