What a whirlwind of a year it has been for Web3.

What Is Web3?

When talks about Web3 - the metaverse, blockchain, crypto and NFTs - started to rise in popularity a couple of years ago, it became a booming topic with circulating buzzwords that no one had ever heard of before. The concept of a decentralized web was so revolutionary that it spurred visions of a future centered upon it, a golden-egg opportunity that quickly became the obsession of visionaries.

Suddenly, investing in cryptocurrency, creating NFTs and becoming well-versed in the technological language became a must on everyone’s to-do list. In what felt like a rapid succession of advances, one after another, the world quickly fell to its knees and adopted these new notions.

Since then, a lot of things have changed, most notably the public’s confidence in decentralization. This is due largely to the related crypto market downfall from over $2 trillion at the beginning of last year to about $800 billion by December 2022. This unexpected turn of events left many, especially skeptics, pondering the viability of results from Web3.

Although trends come and go, many people are now left wondering if the future of technology is certain enough to move forward in the same direction.  

Well, even with a larger amount of skepticism from the public, all hope is not lost.

How Is Web3 Transforming The World?

Over the past year, many notable events and trends have taken place. For example, NFTs have become a major phenomenon in the world of art, music, and collectibles. The emergence of metaverses - Metaverse projects like Decentraland, Sandbox, and Somnium Space - have gained popularity as virtual worlds that offer a range of experiences, from gaming to socializing to commerce. The industry is even seeing increased adoption by mainstream companies like Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal, which have announced plans to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency into their products and services.

Many experts believe the Web3 blockchain will completely transform various sectors and their processes. Some experts at Market Research Future predict that in 2023, the industry will be worth more than six trillion dollars – making it the fastest-growing sector in the next decade.

Innovation is born out of adversity, as they say, and Outer Edge LA (formerly known as NFT LA) is staying ahead of the curve as the biggest event on the West Coast for Web3 and emerging tech.

Welcome to Outer Edge LA, the Largest Web3 Gathering

Formerly known as NFT LA, Outer Edge LA is a four-day convention uniquely catered to the creative curiosity of every collector, investor, creator, artist, and industry-professional looking to onboard, connect, or co-create in Web3 and other areas of emerging tech. Last year alone, more than 250 speakers attended, with a number of artists surpassing 500, resulting in a colossal gathering of 3,500 attendees and a reach of 12 million across the media.

“Had an amazing week during #NFTLA. The networking and connections made were all possible through the love and passion for NFTs and the space as a whole,” tweeted NIGHTLY™ (@NightlyNFTs). Another user, MRMOE.ETH (@itsMrMoe) said, “A night where the NFT community came together in the City of Angels. Story Tellers and Game changers. Great times.”

Because Outer Edge’s goal is to embrace the best parts of a conference, they’ve fused together an immersive event with a strong focus on community-led activations to create a four-day experience like never before.

With the bustling energy of Los Angeles as its backdrop, the creators of the event - Joshua Kriger, Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney and Zach Sekar - also known for being the brilliant minds behind Edge Of and the Edge of NFT Podcast, are inviting all those interested in the future of technology to participate and explore Web3 and NFTs in the City of Angels.

Experts, developers, and like-minded people curious about learning and connecting with others in the tech, fashion, gaming, sports, NFTs, art and Web3 spaces will be present.

“LA being the cultural intersection between entertainment, fashion and technology, we want to celebrate and empower the creator economy,” said Josh Kriger, Co-Founder of Outer Edge LA.

The Biggest Names in the Industry

It’s no question why Outer Edge is dubbed as the largest gathering of cultural influencers and Web3 innovators to hit the West Coast; the panel of speakers always exceeds expectations. Here are the top speakers scheduled to attend this year:

With such fantastic feedback and attendance last year, they kept the ball rolling and have connected with the most prominent innovators across cultures, technology, and entertainment to provide the most insights possible for all those coming. These panels, presentations, and experiences will feature more than 100 executives, influencers and artists building the future – at the intersection of culture and technology to usher in a new era of digital creativity.

What Else to Expect at Outer Edge LA

The four-day convention is quite literally bursting with activities to keep attendees engaged.

Keynotes and panels aside, this year, they will offer community-curated co-creation activities centered around art and music meetups and the opportunity to experience energetic and unique LA nightlife, including parties, performances, and community-led satellite events throughout the infamous hot spot of LA Live.

They are also opening up dedicated spaces inside the LA Convention Center for communities, brands and individuals to build their own experiences to share with the greater Web3 community.

Outer Edge has pulled out all the stops to make this event even more unforgettable than last year’s. The future of technology is more extensive than just cryptocurrencies, and NFTs spread across countless communities through art, music, sports, gaming and fashion - all of which will be present during the event.

Intrigued? Curious to learn more? Buy your tickets before March 20th here. Use our code Honey10 to get 10% off!

Outer Edge LA takes place March 20-23, 2023, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA. For more information, visit outeredge.live.


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