Photography by Sam C. Long; styling by Khalid Mosely; production by Ronit Pinto; special thanks to Her Highness

“I know a lot of people and I know how to get things done.” That’s the mantra of Serge Fils-Aime, the Haitian-born visionary whose multitude of talents as creative director, photographer, model, event producer and more have taken him to artistic heights. Perhaps you’ve seen him in the pages of Vogue, viewed his photography on Law and Order, or caught his work with Cara Delevingne. But if you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you might be most revved up for You Deserve Flowers, the annual 420 event that Fils-Aime has conceptualized to elevate cannabis to its highest interpretations of glamour.

Check out behind-the-scenes highlights from Honeysuckle's fashion shoot with Serge Fils-Aime!

What Is You Deserve Flowers?

You Deserve Flowers, which takes place on Saturday, April 22nd (Earth Day), is a celebration dedicated to reimagining the merging of cannabis, community, and grandeur for consumers and creatives. Sponsored by Her Highness, Zenco, YELOrx & WELLBeing, it's sure to be the party that dazzles. Honeysuckle is proud to be a media partner for this special event.

HONEYSUCKLE MAGAZINE: Why do you choose to highlight cannabis in your work?

SERGE FILS-AIME: I knew since high school that once the East Coast jumped onboard like [California] and got cannabis legalized, and I was of age to start doing business, I'd be getting straight to work.

Cannabis got legalized, I turned 21, and exactly 6 months later I was directing my first cannabis event, Serge's Tea Party: A Pre NYFW Mixer. I choose to highlight it in my work because my "work" is my execution of my creativity, and cannabis plays a role in my creative process.

How is cannabis received in the fashion world?

It's very much a thing that's taboo yet... we are all consumers? So I feel like, “Hey everyone, can we all stop acting like we don't smoke weed?” I enjoy being greeted at the door with a glass of champagne, of course, but what if I had the option of being greeted with an elevated mocktail instead? How can we start to include cannabis in our events without compromising the values of glamour? I'm here to show the fashion world how!

How did you select your wardrobe for the shoot?

I asked my favorite friend in the world, Khalid Mosely, an emerging stylist, model, and tastemaker, to style me for this photoshoot. We visited a showroom together and I stood back and watched him do his thing.

Though, I was only choosy on one item in particular... The purple robe. I felt like it was a must-have! In my mind I was like, “It's purple, that equals indica. It looks like a robe, that equals nighttime, nighttime equals sleep, sleep equals indica.” The green jacket I liked for its shape and bagginess. One could interpret a nug of weed from looking at it.

What’s the concept for You Deserve Flowers, happening on 4/22 this year, and why is it significant to you?

You Deserve Flowers is an annual commencement dedicated to reimagining the celebration of cannabis, community, and grandeur while establishing an elevated space for consumers and creatives alike. This upscale affair welcomes distinguished individuals of all backgrounds and orientations for an evening of glamor, music, and delicious infusions. Our team’s influence is motivated by redefining what it means to enjoy cannabis in a setting of prestige.

Mission: To curate a sophisticated and interactive 4/20 experience

Values: Engagement, Exclusivity, Style, and Longevity

The event is significant to me because it symbolizes growth and maturity in ways that the vast majority may overlook, and I know, in more ways than one, how it feels to put in endless effort for change without the desired recognition.

Upon creating this event, I thought, “Hmm, I just hosted a tea party; it was formal chic... So what should I do next?” Then I thought, “Okay, 420 is coming up. We're not in high school anymore, so we're not doing tie dye t-shirts and bongs. How would a young adult celebrate 420 in an elevated way?'

Then it dawned on me that I should be partnering with cannabis brands that share my vision––that's when I connected with Laura Eisman, co-founder of Her Highness NYC, she played a huge role in the making of this 420 event; walking with me every step of the way! And I also got connected with Zenco, a grand and new way of consuming cannabis using their table-top vape machine.

How does cannabis help you most?

I become very calm and creative when I smoke or take an edible. My focus is a lot more narrow and I'm able to complete tasks with ease. I am able to sleep better, if I'm in need of a sleeping aid, but for the most part a busy schedule is good enough. It's great for a wind down after a long day.

You’re up to so many amazing things! What do you look forward to most?

I look forward to taking on new work, directing events and projects for fashion, cannabis brands, and personal clients. Aside from that, I am eager to show the world what else I have up my sleeve.

For more information, visit or follow @serge.fils on Instagram.

A version of this article was originally published in Honeysuckle's 16th print edition. Click here to get your copy now!

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