Keyanah Nurse

Keyanah Nurse

Keyanah Nurse is a PhD from the Department of History at NYU. You can find her musings on love, sex, race, whisky, and makeup on Twitter @KeyanahNurse.


Reflections on Cosplaying at New York Comic Con 2019

I remember the first time I saw them. They were sauntering around Harold Square with their bubblegum pink hair, white patent leather platform boots, and slim-fitting nurses outfits. As a recent transplant to New York City at the time, I had no idea why these two people were dressed as such. Maybe they were headed...

Beyond “Africapitalism": Sustainability and Tech in Africa

In 2011, Tony Elumelu, founder of the Nigeria-based United Bank for Africa, introduced the concept of “Africapitalism.”  Offered as a solution to “save the continent,” [] Africapitalism maintains that it is possible, in fact necessary, for African entrepreneurs to develop the continent’s private economic sector while...

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