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Women in Weed: The Gathering Presented by TribeTokes

On Thursday, September 29th, women from the local NYC and New Jersey area gathered at a private outdoor space under the Chelsea Highline for the Women in Weed event sponsored and hosted by TribeTokes. From cannabis-focused lawyers and legacy operators to weed moms and entrepreneurs, this event brought a community of empowering women together to uplift each other within the cannabis industry.

Women have the right to take space in the cannabis industry and to be given equal opportunities to their counterparts. However, there has been a significant decrease in women in executive positions in the cannabis industry over the last few years.

Why Women in Weed? Women Leaders in Cannabis Need to Connect

MJBidDaily’s 2021Women and Minorities in Cannabis report noted, “In 2021, the percentage of women holding executive positions fell below the average recorded across the larger U.S. business landscape.”

While we’re seeing spikes of inclusive leadership in other mainstream industries, the cannabis industry could use a boost. With companies like Tribe Tokes hosting events like Women in Weed more women can have opportunities to connect with other industry professionals and gain the resources, they need to be successful in the cannabis industry.

The Women in Weed event garnered the exchange of LinkedIn handles, legal contacts, upcoming events, and more. Between the snacks and wine, these women were able to chill out while also keeping business and equity at the heart of the conversations. Tribe Tokes even provided guests with name tags and questions to help guide conversations.

After mingling and checking out some Tribe Tokes THC and CBD goodies, everyone gathered in the courtyard for some inspirational stories from women who have pioneered the cannabis industry on the east coast and around the world.

TribeTokes co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer KymB at the NORML FORML in 2021 (C) NORML FORML / CWCBExpo / Curved Papers

TribeTokes Co-Founders KymB and Degelis Tufts Celebrate Women in Weed

The women behind this event, TribeTokes co-founders Kymberly Byrnes (KymB) and Degelis Tufts, were thrilled to bring so many industry and community experts together for female power. KymB shared her story of coming to the cannabis industry and helping to start the company.

“We formed our own tribe,” she mentioned, “everyone was invited.”

With the company creed of “Happiness over everything” in mind and her desire for an inclusive and uplifting space, KymB helped to make that a reality for the cannabis community in New York and around the country.

Alongside her efforts with TribeTokes, she plans on hosting more Women in Weed events which she describes as “Women coming together meeting our customers, mentors, lawyers, business partners, and our fucking friends, man.”

One Kym B’s dearest friends is her lawyer Lauren Rudick of Hiller PC, who specializes in cannabis law. Rudick helped Kym B with licensing early on in her cannabis career and has been supporting women-owned businesses since.

“Don’t listen to the noise, pay attention to competition and mind your business—there’s room for everyone,” she said.

Rudick shouted out and congratulated people in the crowd that were applying for licensees to get their cannabis dispensaries up and running in the NYC area. With the roars of cheers from the crowd, it’s no doubt these women taking on the intimidating process of licensing felt supported.

“There’s so much room for all of you,” she shared. “Just focus on you and yourselves.”

Work'n'Roll CEO Juliia Deviatkina on Inclusive, Cannabis-Friendly Workspaces

After Rudrick spoke on licensing, Work'n'Roll co-founder and CEO, Juliia Deviatkina spoke on her experience coming into the cannabis industry and how she started her own cannabis-friendly workspace in NYC.

Deviatkina wanted to make the workplace a better space that allows creative people to bring their projects to the world, through community and collaboration.

“You can use cannabis and create what you are passionate about,” she said.

This space allows people to grow their creative ideas into living projects and start-ups. At Work'n'Roll you can find partners, team members, and even soulmates as Deviatkina mentioned.

KymB (in back) and Tanya Osborne (far right) in Honeysuckle's Clio Award-winning EMPRESS STATE photo shoot, which featured 26 women leaders of the East Coast cannabis industry (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Tanya Osborne of Women Grow and The CannaDiva on Women's Empowerment in Weed

To close out the testimonials, Tanya Osborne was introduced. As the director of community at Women Grow leader, founder of The CannaDiva, and caregiver of 5 years, Osborne spoke to her work within the cannabis industry and how everything she does is in support of the women in the community.

“We encourage, connect, support, and empower women to get into this space,” she mentioned.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business leader, activist, caregiver, cannamom, or anyone interested in cannabis, Women Grow and The CannaDiva can help you find space in the cannabis industry, and help you grow.

“We support women at any point in their cannabis career,” she shared. “And we are some stigma busting bitches!”

From shattering negative stigmas to helping people find their mentors, these women are always working to make the cannabis industry a more inclusive environment. With these strong and empowering women at the forefront of the cannabis space in NYC, there will be a seat for everyone at the table.

For more about TribeTokes, visit To learn more about KymB and how to support women in cannabis, visit

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