Holiday tipping can be stressful, especially during tough economic times, which is why we created this guide for you. Want to tip with something that isn't cash? We gotchu. Check out the suggestions below from creator and cannaseur Ken Ahbus!

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At least an ounce of good flower. They look after your kids, they deserve it. Alternatively, we suggest tipping them with some homemade edibles. This will also ensure that your kid gets an A on their next report card.

(C) Elsa Olofsson @cbdoracle

Mail / Package Delivery Person

Technically the people who deliver your mail/packages aren't allowed to accept non-cash gifts with more than a $20 value. We suggest rolling them a joint or two to wish them happy holidays.

(C) Elsa Olofsson @cbdoracle


We suggest one half to one full ounce to gift your doorman this holiday season. Your doorman keeps you and your packages safe and deserves to be rewarded with some flower that makes them feel safe and warm.

Cannagar (C) 3JsOfficial; see their rolling guide here @3JsOfficial

Building Super

The building super is someone you want to be on your side. They can make sure things are fixed quickly when your apartment falls apart. That's why we suggest gifting them a beautifully rolled cannagar.

(C) Elsa Olofsson @cbdoracle

Building Handyperson

This person not only fixes your shit, but ensures your building operates smoothly. They take care of the trash, pest control and your leaky faucet. They deserve something nice for the holidays. Ken Ahbus recommends gifting 1/8th to 1/4 for your building handyperson.

There's a lot of people we forgot, but a good rule of thumb is you can't go wrong tipping with an eighth. If that is too much, an infused pre-roll goes a long way.

Happy tipping and happy highlidays!


Ken Ahbus


Ken Ahbus is a New Yorker that loves cannabis and the drama of the industry. He sells clothing sometimes. For more information, visit

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