When starting a new business, it is important to research and build out a well-thought plan before the execution. Some fitting a more niche demand, like opening a therapy practice, require the advice of an expert.

Following the footsteps of a professional that mapped out the way avoids unnecessary hurdles and obstacles.

Vanessa Bethea-Miller fits this description, and she knows everything there is to know about this kind of entrepreneurship. Her accomplishments in the field of applied behavior analysis only reinforce her knowledge and expertise. A board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA), a PA Licensed Behavior Specialist (LBS), is extending her mastery of human conduct by pursuing a doctorate in philosophy in this field. As she holds a Master of Arts in Applied Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, she is on her way, if not already, to become the most reliable source of help.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, she is well-versed in building a venture and leading it to success and obtained an Associate's degree in Business Administration. Set on giving back to the community and helping anyone she can, she founded Bethea-Miller Behavioral Consulting, Shaping Tomorrow Child Care Service, and became the co-founder of the ABA Taskforce, an organization created to provide actionable blueprints for systemic and incremental behavior change in the world.

The work that she does is needed by many. Commonly used as a treatment for children on the autism spectrum or other developmental conditions, behavioral analysis remains a therapy that can improve social communication and learning skills that apply beneficially in other circumstances.

Knowing this, Vanessa wrote the following books to grant easier access to her services and knowledge.

To help fellow professionals who wish to open their practice, her book Task Analyses for the ABA Therapy Practice Owner: Streamline your Processes One Step at a Time becomes the walkthrough needed to streamline operations and increase productivity. It breaks down complex activities into simple tasks that anyone can implement - creating free time to oversee quality and ethical service delivery.

If childcare services are the targeted business, Building an Applied Behavior Analysis Based Child Care Center: Steps for Success, Vanessa shows childcare workers how to build a thriving setting for children, regardless of their individual needs. With data-based science that uses the principles of behavior to create meaningful and positive changes, everything is laid out clearly and effectively.

As a fun addition to her repertoire, she is also relaunching her kids’ book, I Know What I Want To Be, which allows them to discover the wonderful profession of a behavioral analyst.

"Shaping the world, one behavioral contingency at a time," said Vanessa; a motto that describes her mission perfectly.


For more about Vanessa Bethea-Miller, visit vbetheamiller.com and bethea-millerbehavioralconsulting.org, or follow on Instagram at @BCBA_ness and @betheamillerbehavioral.