Alex Cochran is a designer and developer known for his vast array of projects that reflect his expertise in music, tech, and cannabis. The founder of Wondermore, a creative agency focused on meeting high-end media content and communications challenges in consumer products, entertainment, and hospitality industries, Cochran has worked with clients ranging from garage bands to Fortune 500 companies.

Designer Alex Cochran: From Grassdoor To Wondermore

Based in Los Angeles, Cochran established himself in the cannabis space as the Creative Director and first employee of leading delivery company Grassdoor, a position he held from 2018 to 2021. He recalls of that time: “My responsibilities shifted with the needs of the business early on. I transitioned out of operations and into a more focused marketing and creative role as the company grew. No one could have predicted a Covid-19 pandemic, but Grassdoor was perfectly positioned; strengthening my belief in the saying ‘timing is everything.’ Three years later, my shares are fully vested, and the company is now worth $250M+.”

Alex Cochran's Hip Hop-Themed Weedsday Playlist

A lover of classic hip hop and fine strain pairings, Cochran shares a Weedsday Playlist inspired by some of rap’s best cannabis-themed tracks.

Kanye West Featuring Talib Kweli and Common - "Get 'Em High"

An often forgotten cannabis track, maybe because it has one of the worst ever lyrics in rap. During Common's verse he says, "Real rappers are hard to find, like a remote," but other than that regretful line, this track is fire. Perhaps one of the most underrated cannabis jams of all time. Kanye reminds us in the chorus: "...if you're losin' your high, then smoke again." Fun Fact: Big Gigantic did a solid remix to this song, which is also worth a listen.

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50 Cent - "High All The Time"

This song made the list simply because it comes on directly after "In Da Club" off the Get Rich or Die Tryin' album. Back when CDs were a thing, this disc lived on in my first car's visor CD organizer and was definitely in the rotation. Since I am in fact "High all the Time," I felt this track should be included simply because it's both nostalgic and accurate.

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Method Man And Redman - "Dis Iz All 4 My Smokers"

"Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers" was featured on their highly anticipated album Blackout! 2. It took over ten years for Method Man and Redman to record a follow-up to their beloved Blackout! (1999); which was a lot of time for a teenage me to get overly excited about the release of this album/song. The dynamic duo have forged an album that not only reflects their love for weed, but also stands the test of time, and is still one of my favorite boom bap cannabis anthems to this day.

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Lil Wayne - "Kush"

"Kush" is one of Lil Wayne's best songs and is also one of my favorite cannabis strains; a popular and potent indica. The beats on this album are all harmonic goodness and full of ear candy. "Kush" was originally slated for Tha Carter III before it leaked. The song was later released on Tha Carter III, but as a deluxe edition bonus disc titled The Leak, which included four other tracks, including "I'm Me," which is still my go to Lil Wayne project to date.

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Blueprint - "No Half Smokin'"

Blueprint is an underground MC and Producer signed to Rhymesayers. "No Half Smokin'" dropped when I was in highschool and I may have been selling weed at the time. I wanted to include this song because it's such a deep cut, and I think it may be the first time it's included on any Weedsday Playlist. This track is Blueprint’s version of Big Daddy Kane’s song “Ain’t No Half Steppin'”, but unlike Big Daddy Kane’s song, Blueprint only uses one sample that was originally used, “Blind Alley” by The Emotions. This song takes me back to the neighborhood, dub sack, weedman days. Enjoy!

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