Lil' Wayne on UPROAR festival stage, Source: @nataliakopelman

Lil Wayne is a man of few words – when he’s not rapping. But the world’s best rapper (born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) was able to spare a few for us. Admittedly we caught him at a busy time. Not only is he planning for the next phase of touring with Young Money, the cohort of talented artists he’s mentoring, after a successful run with the inaugural UPROAR Hip-Hop Festival, but he’s also deep in the creative process on his own work. In January Lil Wayne penned and was featured on The Weeknd’s single “I Heard You’re Married.” Most recently, he collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly on the song “Ay!” The two also duet on one of the tracks from MGK’s new album Mainstream Sellout. Apparently, 2022 is all about the collabs, because Lil Wayne will reunite with 2 Chainz later this year for the sequel to their 2016 hit ColleGrove. According to sources, ColleGrove 2 will be “lyrical excellence from two of the South’s finest wordsmiths.”

Lil Wayne's Cannabis Brand: GKUA Ultra Premium

Source: GKUA Ultra Premium

And then there’s continued innovation with his cannabis brand, GKUA Ultra Premium, which is planning a multitude of diverse activations and rollouts this season. Lil Wayne lends his eye as an "artistic giant and connoisseur of cannabis", to create the ultimate cannabis brand, GKUA Ultra Premium. The products from GKUA Ultra Premium are created with some of the finest cannabis strains, and each product is Lil Wayne tasted and approved.

Lil' Wayne on UPROAR festival stage, Source: @themcdub3344

The brand also champions celebrating culture and artistic achievement, "by supporting artists and dreamers and throwing the ultimate Private VIP Parties, featuring once-in-a-lifetime performances."

In the midst of the action, Lil Wayne spent a moment with us this 420. He shared his thoughts on art, creativity, and music – all of Honeysuckle’s favorite things.

Lil Wayne Chats With Honeysuckle for 420

Lil' Wayne on UPROAR festival stage, Source: @dannywoners-33

You’ve said that cannabis and music have always gone together, and rap makes cannabis "more acceptable." How does cannabis influence your ability to create, and why do you think the two will continue to fuel each other? How does UPROAR reflect this?

This is creativity. If you are a creative person, it's up to you to put the creation together and weed has always been part of my process.

As Honeysuckle’s 420 cover artist, what do you have to say to all of our peeps on 420?  A lot of us are based in NYC and can’t wait for all the adult-use provisions to take effect.

Four twenty - enjoy it.

What is your perfect way to spend 420?  Which GKUA strains do you recommend for the sacred weed holiday?

I love all the GKUA strains and of course, I have to love Mr. Carter OG a little extra - I share what I love and I love what I share.

With any business, to be a success, you have to embrace - you gotta learn it and love it.

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Source: GKUA Ultra Premium