Tamara Anderson is the founder of Culinary and Cannabis, an all-sensory interactive cannabis event production company. The brand’s multiplatform approach covers all things cannabis with an emphasis on luxurious self-care, health, wellness and beauty. Culinary and Cannabis brings together healthcare professionals, advocacy groups, and food and wine experts within the community for a great cause - education.

Culinary and Cannabis founder Tamara Anderson (C) Emily Eizen @emilyeizen

Who Is Tamara Anderson?

A registered nurse and medical cannabis patient herself, Anderson founded Culinary and Cannabis with the mission to showcase the plant’s positive impact on people’s lives. Anderson uses her healthcare experience and her knowledge as a pastry chef to progressively create conversations around the complex intersections of medical cannabis and traditional medicine. Her focus helps educate audiences on total plant use by providing unique experiences for learning.

(C) Emily Eizen @emilyeizen

Culinary and Cannabis: Full-Spectrum Education on Medical Cannabis and Wellness

One of the highest goals of Culinary and Cannabis events is to refute the stigma associated with medical cannabis treatment by exploring its many delicious epicurean possibilities. From online modules and social media engagement, to in-person classes, culinary, and wellness spa functions, Anderson specializes in making people comfortable working with the plant and its myriad applications.

Headquartered in Southern California, Anderson does consulting work and organizes Culinary and Cannabis engagements such as the Canna Cool Lounge and Harrington Wellness. Demand for the interactive experiences is growing across North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Asia. As Anderson says, “Access to education is the key to change - and Culinary and Cannabis harnesses this passion to meet consumers where they’re at.”

(C) Emily Eizen @emilyeizen

Tamara Anderson's Throwback Feel-Good Weedsday Playlist

For her Weedsday Playlist, Anderson shares a nostalgic collection of throwback favorites perfect for true OGs: “Music is a connection of life experiences — the good, the sad, and everything in between can transport you to a time and place that only you may remember. All of these songs are feel-good memories and yes, I was buzzed during all of them.”

Snoop Dogg - "Who Am I (What's My Name)?"

This song just takes me back to my first experience with the plant, riding down Crenshaw, having to page the weed man for a dime bag and going to underground hip hop parties. Takes me back to being young and free. This was the first time I recall seeing someone of my generation smoke weed on screen or even talk about it.

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Method Man and Mary J. Blige - "I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need to Get By (Razor Sharp Remix)"

This song evokes memories and feelings, and it’s just an all around feel-good song. Sit back, relax or just do the two-step. There’s no better combo than Method Man and Mary J. His sexy voice and her powerful singing…it brings me back to a place in my life where adulthood was just beginning.

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Fugees - "Killing Me Softly With His Song"

Every generation has an artist or group that represents everything from that era. Well this is the song for me. I used to go to Leimert Park in L.A. and visit a coffee shop called "5th St. Dick's." We stopped in for tea and wrote poetry. It was a time of innocence and finding oneself. Music was a combination of a good beat and meaningful lyrics, quotes that are wrapped in words of love.

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Rihanna - "Diamonds"

This song always reminds me of my kids. We used to dance and sing along loud in my living room, all three of us, my son included. It brings me joy, peace and happiness. Loving them is my greatest joy and this just takes me back to a simple happy moment.

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Adele - "Oh My God"

As a woman in this industry, I often feel a lack of power. This song reminds me of all the strength I have inside me as a woman, all the strength it has taken me to even start and continue on this journey. This song makes me feel like I am doing the right thing at the right time and right place. It reminds me to demand attention when I walk in a room because I am me.

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For more information on Culinary and Cannabis, upcoming events, and wellness education, visit culinaryandcannabis.com.

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