It’s officially February, which means Valentine’s Day is upon us! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, February 14th serves as the ultimate celebration of romance and love all around the world. It’s also a reminder to love yourself and love your partner, with self-love being the forever goal.

What Are The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Cannabis Lovers?

So what better way to show your love and appreciation for someone (or yourself), than giving gifts?! If you’re a cannabis consumer like me, there’s no greater love language than being gifted cannabis products. For couples, it’s the perfect way to elevate that highly-anticipated, romantic date night you have planned. For those who are single, what better way to celebrate the holiday than getting lit?

In fact, last year’s studies indicate 61 percent of American adults planned to incorporate cannabis into their Valentine’s Day plans. Additionally, 19 million American adults skipped the champagne on V-Day, replacing it with cannabis. Not to mention nearly 1 in 4 American adults believe cannabis improves their sexual performance… it’s a win-win!

Whether you’re a new smoker or a cannabis connoisseur, these gifts will be the ultimate treat!

Vessel's Helix Pipe (C) Vessel

Vessel: The Helix Pipe, The Air, And The Cone Devices

Vessel prides themselves in being the leading producer of vape pen batteries and dry-herb accessories, bringing new heights to what it means to be a luxury cannabis product. Each design is crafted with the consumer experience at the forefront, featuring high quality materials, aesthetically-appealing finishes and tech-forward functionality.

For V-Day especially, they have three rose gold products that make for cute (and high-end) gifts. First is the Helix Pipe, a modern reinterpretation of the classic pipe that holds up to 1g of flower inside the bowl. Priced at $70, the Pipe features Vessel’s signature double-helix shaped interior spiral, resulting in the smoothest hit possible.

Vessel's Air one-hitters (C) Vessel

Second is the Air, an innovative rendition of the chillum. Priced at $25 for a 3-pack, the Air comes in a variety of colors from pink to amber to emerald.

Vessel's Cone one-hitter (C) Vessel

Third is the Cone, the newest update to Vessel’s Helix one-hitter. Priced at $65, the Cone doubles the length of the smoke path and filters as residue builds up, designed specifically to deliver performance and style like you’ve never seen before.

Omura Series X vaporizer with flower bundle in Rose Gold (C) Omura

Omura Series X Vaporizer

With the new Bob Marley: One Love movie coming out on Valentine’s Day, what better way to celebrate than sparking up and watching the film at home? Introducing the Omura Series X, the ultimate dry-herb vaporizer that offers a unique and discreet way to consume, with no mess or clean-up. Imagine the cleanest, most hygienic vaporization on the market. Retailing at $149.99, the Omura gives off no smoke, just endless flavor. It also comes in Rose Gold for the ladies!

DaySavers Perfect Pack (C) DaySavers

DaySavers Perfect Pack

If you care about that special person in your life, you want to make their smoking experience easier. Instead of needing to roll up, get them the DaySavers Perfect Pack: the only cigarette tube-filling machine that was specifically created to work with cannabis. Rather than compressing, the DaySavers uses a screw method to perfectly pack the flower all the way to the end of the filter end. Say goodbye to tamping and repacking! Priced at $34.00, the DaySavers Perfect Pack is the perfect solution to getting that perfect joint in no time.

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo in limited-edition Rose Gold (C) Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Rose Gold Boost Evo

Calling all dabbers! If you dab, this new Dr Dabber limited edition rose gold version of their award-winning Boost Evo was made for you. The Boost Evo takes away the hassle of traditional dabbing, allowing you to hit the concentrates directly through a click of a button. Imagine taking the perfect dab each time, with six controlled heat settings and a customizable light system. Priced at $219.95, the Boost Evo is the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day plans.

James Goldcrown x PAX Love: Hits Different PAX Plus and Mini device collection (C) PAX

PAX x James Goldcrown Love: Hits Different Collection

We all know and love PAX as being a premiere cannabis vaporizer, but these new colorways arrive in perfect timing for V-day! Introducing their Love: Hits Different collaboration, teaming up with international artist James Goldcrown on his world famous bleeding hearts design. The PAX Plus cannabis flower vaporizer retails at $200, while the PAX Mini retails at $125.

Goldcrown states, “I’m very excited to be partnering with PAX on this collaboration. Did you know their brand name literally means peace? What is better than giving the gift of Peace & Love this holiday season?”

Artist James Goldcrown, courtesy of PAX
Mural by James Goldcrown, courtesy of PAX
The Spritz (C) House of Puff

House Of Puff's The Spritz THC Oral Spray

From lifestyle brand House of Puff, focusing on sophisticated smokeware and luxurious accessories, comes the debut of their very first THC product: The Spritz. This stylish, pocket-sized oral spray offers consumers a discreet, immediate and measured method of consumption, creating a versatility not obtained with traditional techniques, like smoking or eating an edible. Designed in partnership with Lunulata, The Spritz fits in a purse or pocket like lip gloss, and each spray is dosed at 1 mg, creating a sleek, low-key and controlled dosing experience. Available in two versions, “Social” and “Serenity” and with delightful fragrances and tastes, The Spritz is designed for social settings where smoking and the traditional scent of cannabis may not be preferred. As House of Puff's first consumable, this product is also water soluble and can be zested into a beverage. Plus, if you want to spread some love without spreading germs, The Spritz is ideal for a health-conscious, no-contact sharing experience.

New Yorkers can try The Spritz ahead of anyone else, as the special spray launched in the Empire State at select retailers on February 1st. Find it now at Elevate in Mount Vernon, Herbal IQ in Depew, and Gotham on New York City's Lower East Side, followed soon by The Travel Agency Union Square, Dagmar Cannabis in Soho, Lenox Hill Cannabis on the Upper East Side, and Etain in White Plains.

The Spritz on the go: House of Puff founder Kristina Lopez Adduci demonstrates the new THC oral spray (C) House of Puff

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