Is Hemp Paleo? Ancient History Suggests Yes.

Is Hemp Paleo? Ancient History Suggests Yes.

Riley McGraw Hart

The Denisovans, living 160,000 years ago on the Tibetan Plateau – may have been among the first to discover the benefits of the Cannabis sativa plant for food, fiber and medicine – thus qualifying it for consideration in a Primal Diet and lifestyle.

Let's Talk Hemp @ Southern Hemp Expo (SHE) 2019 Digital Magazine

Honeysuckle Writes

Honeysuckle is proud to launch the first digital magazine for the Southern Hemp Expo (SHE) [https://southernhempexpo.com/], taking place this weekend, September 6 and 7 in Franklin, Tennessee! Earlier this spring we partnered with NoCo Hemp Expo [https://nocohempexpo.com/], the largest industrial hemp conference in the world, to produce their inaugural publication Let’...

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