As the queens process the results of last week's lip sync that sent Robin Fierce out the door, Loosey LaDuca wonders if anyone is upset about their safe placement in the maxi challenge. Mistress Isabelle Brooks is the first to speak up, noting that she thought her entire group would be in the top of the "Golden Gal" musical challenge.

Metalgate Continues

It seems some of the cast still can't escape from "Metalgate," the conflict that pervaded the previous episode's maxi challenge. When the three teams were tasked with choosing to perform country, hip hop or heavy metal, a battle began over the latter. Mistress and Luxx Noir London had been quick to announce that their group should do metal, while Malaysia Babydoll Foxx and Sasha Colby stood firm against what they viewed as bullying and arrogance. Though the genres were eventually decided by being picked out of a hat, with Malaysia and Sasha's team getting metal and the others relegated to country, the sore feelings around the situation didn't disappear.

In the backstage drama of the evening's Untucked, it's revealed that Malaysia still holds a grudge against Luxx and Mistress for how Metalgate went down. Even though Malaysia's group won metal, the Doll continues to vent about her frustration with being bullied. She and Luxx argue about this point, while Marcia Marcia Marcia (who was in Luxx and Mistress's group) cuts in to say that she's done talking about this. That only riles up Malaysia further, perceiving it as a sign of disrespect.

Now back in the Werk Room, Mistress brings up the topic again, as she missed the whole ordeal in Untucked. Malaysia's reply shows she's still simmering, and although Mistress attempts to explain her side of things, Sasha feels called to say that she found the attitudes patronizing. But as Mistress and Sasha hash things out successfully after a few tense moments, Malaysia refuses to come to a resolution. Early episodes have shown the two bigger queens bonding over a number of shared experiences, but as emotions erupt, it looks like this season's favorite aunties may be at their friendship breaking point.

After The Storm, The Daytona Wind

Another day begins in the Werk Room the next morning, and the cast is eager to put the past behind them. RuPaul enters and announces this week's maxi challenge: A reboot of everyone's favorite show, The Daytona Wind!

The Daytona Wind was made memetic in Season 14, as what was supposed to be a melodramatic soap opera about three feuding drag families became high comedy with the surprise addition of fart sounds. (As well as the major ship tease of fan favorite contestants Lady Camden and Angeria Paris VanMichaels, but that's another story...) For Season 15, RuPaul divulges, the basic premise of competing families will remain, but this time the format will be that of a sitcom.

One has to wonder, with most of this season's queens in their early 20s, do they even know what a classic TV sitcom looks like?

Of course, those who were expecting flatulence in this iteration of The Daytona Wind will be disappointed. The farts are gone, replaced by the canned laughter of a sitcom audience. What we've got instead of surprise comedy... is surprise queen-to-queen combat. Aura Mayari, who won last episode's girl group challenge, is given the responsibility of assigning the roles. She seeks out a juicy part for herself, but the real gag in the room is that Mistress and Malaysia are in the same group. And thus, their love-hate begets MALISTRESS.

When Aura seems to struggle with even reading her role in the Werk Room, Mistress pulls off some quick manipulation to get the lead. That's "fancy" brainwork at its finest.

The Daytona Wind: On The Set

Once the groups are ready, the girls head to the set where Ru is directing The Daytona Wind. Production has seen fit to pack the script with Drag Race in-jokes, but pity for Aura, who doesn't get the reference to Alyssa Edwards' famous "Riggamorris" line... or really, any other catchphrases from previous seasons. Spice falls back into her too-hillbilly Miley Cyrus impression for her Southern lady, and while she looks gorgeous, she's unable to take RuPaul's direction well.

Meanwhile, MALISTRESS is grabbing that spotlight and running away with it. Malaysia and Mistress's pairing is electric, to the point that Ru suggests a possible spinoff just for them.

But the biggest twist of the episode is the reveal of Big Daddy. Iconic actor Danny Trejo cameos in one of the strangest yet most enjoyable crossover Drag Race moments to date.

Runway: Puffa Please

Meanwhile, back at the ranch - er, runway - it's time for the girls to get puffed up. Actor Harvey Guillén, known for his comedic chops in the series What We Do In The Shadows, is on hand this week as a guest judge. He and the other judges are thrilled to see what the queens come up with, as all the outfits involve some kind of puffer fabric.

Loosey goes for a femme take on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, which plays out a little more like half a sailor suit and a giant parka. Spice does her own thing in a wintry Bratz-like ensemble. Malaysia says her inspiration goes to housewife, but it looks as though she's embracing her "Babydoll" moniker in sweeping yellow florals.  

Sasha brings the body as her bee-inspired jacket transforms into a nearly-nude number. Luxx tries to bring Jackie O. with her pillbox hat, but the cut of her bodysuit read more like an evil Judy Jetson. Aura goes glam in a fluffy 50-pound kimono. Jax also goes for what seems like a bee theme, wiggling her stinger.

Mistress channels Lil Kim in her hip hop look. Anetra brings it home to her Las Vegas roots in what she lovingly terms a prostitute style. Marcia gets frostbitten in her tiny white outfit. Salina EsTitties has hot Cheetos hidden everywhere in her wearable igloo, including some places you might not want to put your hands.

Who's On Top?

After the runway and a viewing of the new Daytona Wind, there are some great performances to choose from. Malaysia and Mistress both excel in their lead roles, and Marcia once more proves that she can back up her bragging about her theatre degree. Anetra, who started the season off strong but has had weak moments since, comes back with a vengeance in this challenge. Finally, it's Mistress Isabelle Brookes who ascends to the top this week, a fitting conclusion to the latest Daytona Wind saga.

Spice places low, as the judges feel she couldn't carry off her role with the same confidence as the challenge's top contestants. Everyone is starting to question whether Spice feels strong enough to continue on without her twin beside her. Despite this, she manages to cling to the safety of not being in the bottom two.

Lip Sync for Your Life: Who's Going Home?

Ironically, though Aura Mayari was given the power of casting, she didn't deliver on the more crucial aspect of acting. She ends up in the bottom two with Jax, marking the second time that the Queens-based queen will face off against a competitor in a lip sync.

The two must lip sync to "Sweetest Pie" by Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa. Jax serves a fierce performance, while Aura goes a route of graceful interpretation (somewhat making up for the fact that she doesn't know the words). Yet tonight grace doesn't stand up under pressure, and Aura is the one chosen to sashay away.

Next episode, we learn, will be the LaLaPaRUZa lip sync smackdown! Who will prevail and who will fail? Tune in and find out.

Check out Aura Mayari's exit interview in WHATCHA PACKIN':

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