Continuing from last week's acting challenge, in the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, the remaining queens will get the chance to flex their theatrical muscles. Why? Because it's time for everyone's favorite impersonation exercise, Snatch Game!

Season 14's Snatch Game was so underwhelming that every contestant but one had to lip sync for their lives immediately afterward. Meanwhile, All Stars 7's Snatch Game was considered one of the best in the series' history. Where will Season 15's fall? Read on to find out...

New Perspectives in the Werk Room

The episode kicks off with the queens returning to the Werk Room after Princess Poppy's elimination. Amethyst has now been in the bottom two for the second time in a row, and her self-confidence is wavering. Meanwhile, Salina EsTitties is stirring the pot, first by bluntly agreeing with Amethyst that everyone's surprised she survived, and then asking Sugar and Spice how it felt to be separated during the maxi challenge. Though the twins take the question in stride, Sugar can't help mentioning how she knew the rest of her team found her annoying.

Conversations quickly turn to congratulating Sasha Colby for winning the infomercial challenge, but Luxx Noir London wants to give herself kudos for placing in the top three of the week. There's tension between Luxx and Loosey LaDuca, as they argue on who more clearly placed second. In the confessional, Loosey is emphatic that she's itching to take the number one spot this time around.

As the girls get out of drag, Sasha notes that many of her fellow competitors are starting to feel the pressure. Of course, she has no intention of letting anyone come for her crown.

Breaking News: A Supersized Snatch Game

When the queens reunite the next morning in the Werk Room, Sugar and Spice are testing out their lessons from their adopted drag mother, Mistress Isabelle Brooks. Specifically, they're showing their new reading powers when Spice asks Amethyst, "Do you play baseball? Because, you know, three strikes and you're out."

However, the lighthearted mood is interrupted by Ru, who enters in one of his swankiest suits yet. He announces that it's time for Snatch Game - based on the classic show Match Game, the queens will need to impersonate famous celebrities or characters and try to outdo each other with comedy. But this season, the rules are slightly different, because the challenge is a double-header.

That's right, this week will feature two Snatch Games, with each played by a group of seven contestants. In Group One, it's Mistress Isabelle Brooks, Anetra, Robin Fierce, Marcia Marcia Marcia, Malaysia Babydoll Foxx, Salina EsTitties, and Luxx Noir London. Group Two is comprised of Sugar, Spice, Jax, Amethyst, Loosey LaDuca, Sasha Colby, and Aura Mayari.

Who Are The Queens Playing in Snatch Game?

Season 15's cast makes some eclectic choices for their Snatch Game characters. Should Luxx be worried that she's playing Amanda Lepore when fan favorite Trinity the Tuck took that role in a past season?

Group One

Marcia Marcia Marcia as Project Runway host Tim Gunn

Luxx Noir London as LGBTQIA+ icon Amanda Lepore

Malaysia Babydoll Foxx as rapper Saucy Santana

Mistress Isabelle Brooks as actress and TV host Rosie O'Donnell

Anetra as Gorgena Ramsay (an interpretation on Chef Gordon Ramsay)

Robin Fierce as Real Housewife Karen Huger

Salina EsTitties as The Virgin Mary

Group Two

Aura Mayari as beauty influencer Bretman Rock

Sasha Colby as TV evangelist Jan Crouch

Sugar as YouTuber Trisha Paytas

Loosey LaDuca as comedienne Joan Rivers

Jax as Mona Lisa

Spice as actress and singer Miley Cyrus

Amethyst as musician and media personality Patricia Krentcil, AKA Tan Mom

In round one, Mistress sells everyone on her Rosie O'Donnell, while Marcia rocks Tim Gunn. Though Malaysia seems to nail the voice of Saucy Santana, her overall performance is disappointing. EsTitties makes a big scene with her pregnant Virgin Mary, morning sickness and all, accusing RuPaul of being the father, which he promptly denies. Luxx creates a beautiful Black vision of Amanda Lepore that while lovingly done seems unmemorable, while Robin and Anetra fade into the background.

For round two, Sasha's Jan Crouch starts off strong, playing off Loosey's pitch-perfect Joan Rivers. Spice goes full country bumpkin as Miley Cyrus, but the only laughs are her own goofy chuckles. Aura can't tap into any of the comedic goldmine that Brett Rockman should be, but Amethyst finally has a good night as Tan Mom. Sugar looks the part as Trisha Paytas, but doesn't deliver in the full impersonation and both twins' antics are, in Amethyst's words, "unprofessional."

On the other hand, would you listen to Loosey's spectacular Joan Rivers? I mean, can we talk?!

Runway: Beautiful Nightmare

Moving to the runway, award-winning actress Amandla Stenberg (The Hate U Give, Bodies Bodies Bodies) is here as a guest judge. Let's see what's on the catwalk.

This week's runway asks, "Can you be beautiful and a nightmare at the same time?" Answer: Yas, queen! At least for some of them.

Marcia opens the runway with her interpretation of a scary dentist, including Pennywise-style fingers and orthodontic gear. Luxx goes for what she terms a zombie bride look, but it's a little more bondage fantasy meets Dragula. Malaysia puts the ghoul into showgirl chic. Sasha shows nude illusion galore as she brings a Tim Burton-esque skeletal vision to life. Sugar plays to her usual pink aesthetic, this time as a creepy doll carrying a smaller creepier doll. Spice goes more Gothic Lolita for her interpretation, black and white and Bratz all over.

Spider is the popular theme of the night. Mistress explores arachnid-inspired glamour in a webbed corseted ensemble that evokes an Addams Family vibe. Anetra puts a black widow twist on the style that's all latex and lust. Robin is more obvious with tarantula legs sticking out of her lacy dress, though she brings a royal energy to her presentation. Jax chose to go snaky instead of spidery, dubbing her look "Lady Voldemort" as a reference to the mix of classical and edgy styles involved.

Famous slasher villains get plenty of tributes also. EsTitties is all flesh this time around, in an outfit designed to resemble human skin. Is she Leatherface or Buffalo Bill? It's hard to tell. Meanwhile, Loosey's Jason Voorhees homage is gore-geous and still snatched in the waist.

Amethyst shocks with her Lady Gaga-inspired silhouette and bloody stunt. Aura, bringing up the rear, is all polished in the front - all bloody exposed spine in the back.

Who's On Top?

The judges determine that Loosey, Mistress, and Marcia performed the best in Snatch Game, with Loosey taking the top spot and the challenge win for her embodiment of Joan Rivers. Her manifestations paid off!

Aura Mayari's impersonation of Bretman Rock was a deep disappointment, and she places low. However, she's not deemed to be in the bottom two. That dishonor goes to the twins.

Lip Sync for Your Life: Who's Going Home?

Sugar and Spice are selected to lip sync for their lives. Most fans predicted that the twins would have to lip sync against each other sooner or later. But does one of the TikTok duo have more powerful stage chops than the other?

The siblings must lip sync "You Better Run" by Pat Benatar. However, it seems the pair have planned to stick together till the bitter end, because they work out a routine for both of them. Sugar keeps tripping up, though perhaps she's doing so to amp up the campiness.

Unfortunately, kitsch and camp aren't enough to save Sugar, and she's the one forced to sashay away, leaving Spice devastated. Will she be able to avenge her twin and survive to the season finale? We'll just have to wait until next week to find out.

Check out Sugar's exit interview in WHATCHA PACKIN':

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