Following last week's episode that bid goodbye to everyone's favorite February birthstone, Salina EsTitties is thankful to be safe and slaying another day. Luxx Noir London notes who in the room are the frontrunners at this point in the game: She, Anetra, Sasha Colby, and Loosey LaDuca have all won maxi challenges. Meanwhile, the queens discuss Malaysia Babydoll Foxx's underdog status and Mistress Isabelle Brooks dishes in a confessional that Malaysia lacks taste.

Hello, Old Gays

As a new day dawns in the Werk Room, Malaysia and Mistress banter over Mistress's opinion that Malaysia should have been in the bottom. However, RuPaul interrupts before anything can get too spicy.

Ru announces that this week's challenge will be a girl group challenge - and even better, a Golden Girl Group challenge. (No, sadly, not the show.) The contestants will dress as older women and perform songs in the categories of either heavy metal, hip hop or country.

Quickly the girls separate into three groups. Group One consists of EsTitties, Marcia Marcia Marcia, Mistress, and Luxx. Group Two has Robin Fierce, Jax, Loosey, and Anetra. Spice, Malaysia, Sasha, and Aura Mayari comprise Group Three.

For inspiration, RuPaul invites TikTok sensations The Old Gays to share what keeps them young with the assembly. What's their secret? Laughing a lot, together.

Golden Oldies?

Listening to the song choices, the groups debate who should perform which track. Nobody wants country, while Marcia a bit too loudly proclaims that heavy metal is the best option. Group One and Group Three are then dead-set on getting heavy metal, while Group Two sneaks quietly away with hip hop and grabs the popcorn to watch the fight brewing.

Luxx and Mistress dig their heels in about the choice to do heavy metal, while Malaysia refuses to back down and Sasha Colby seems ready to lay down the law on the less experienced queens. Eventually, they decide to draw the options out of a hat instead of coming to blows. Karma is apparently with us all as Group Three scores the metal song and Group One is stuck with country.

Even though the groups get to work and "Metalgate" is settled, Malaysia and Mistress are still beefing. They take the honor for the best lines of the night.

MISTRESS: "[Your look is] giving drag delusion."

MALAYSIA: "You have drag confusion."

Sasha Colby's Teaching Moment About Trans Identity

Meanwhile, Sasha avoids the drama of rehearsals and the Werk Room to give the world some wisdom about trans identity, and nearly makes everybody cry. Lean in, please.

Talent Show: Thank You For Being a Friend?

It's a funny stage indeed with comedienne Megan Stalter as this week's guest judge, but we all know the stars of the show are Mama Ru's legs in her mini minidress.

First up in the talent show, the Banjo Bitches serve up country twang. For being so against the genre, everyone in the group does well, with Luxx displaying an astounding aptitude for country singing. Marcia again proves that she deserves her BFA.

Next, the Rockin' Old Gs show off heavy metal with a performance that's all broken hip and pee jokes, but the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent are on point in their delivery. Special mention to Sasha, who brings her beloved neck crack back from "All Queens Go to Heaven."

Oddly, the promising hip hop group Ol' Dirty Bitches left a lot to be desired, with their choreography falling flat and their performance rather one-note.

Runway: Tie-Dye Is To Die For

Who can really concentrate on the runway looks when they're all crammed into less than two minutes of screentime? Just check out the video for yourselves and keep hitting replay.

Who's On Top?

In a surprise few could have predicted, given her less-than-thrilling run so far, the judges determine that Aura Mayari is the winner of the girl group challenge! Mistress and Sasha also place in the top. This may be foreshadowing a Sasha Colby Supremacy.

Meanwhile, Anetra seems to falter in her confidence and places low, a rare miss for her. But she's at least able to avoid falling in the bottom two.

Lip Sync for Your Life: Who's Going Home?

Robin Fierce and Jax are selected to lip sync for their lives, as the judges feel that neither delivered the performance expected at this stage of the competition. The two queens must lip sync to "In Your Room" by The Bangles.

Ultimately, it's decided that Robin Fierce is the one to sashay away. Although she gave solid looks and has a strong presence, it's clear that her quiet beauty could not survive the edit that's been relegating her to the sidelines all season. Two Connecticut queens down, two remaining (if you count Jax as a CTer), and it's still anybody's game.

Check out Robin Fierce's exit interview in WHATCHA PACKIN':

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