Actress and singer Dove Cameron joins the cast to play the coveted snatch game along with Drag Race royalty Raven as this challenge truly separates the tops from the bottoms.

“To just deliver isn’t enough anymore, you have to transcend the challenge.”- Bosco

For tonight’s mini challenge the ladykins had to create wearable pop art using nothing but bubble wrap. Luckily it wasn’t just the clear poppable sheets but an array of pretty pastels and deep hues. With 30 minutes to get into quick drag the werk room was an ASMR nightmare. The ladies each delivered cute bubble wrap looks given their limitations but Bosco surpassed expectations. She stood out in a risque red ensemble look reminding some of Aquaria’s entrance look and secured $2,500.

Who Killed The Snatch Game?

This parody of the classic “Match Game” is played every season and it’s season 14’s cast turn to have their season be one to remember. It is a test of celebrity impersonations and improvisational comedy. The pressure is on for the queens as celebrity illusions are one of the most important parts of drag history.

This snatch game will be remembered but for all the wrong reasons. Willow jinxed it when she said, “there’s gonna be one challenge we’re all gonna bomb” and it was the snatch game. Lady Camden was William Shakespeare embracing England’s best. Willow decided to be Drew Berrymore but the judges could feel her insecurities. On a similar path was Bosco impersonating Gweneth Paltrow but it just wasn’t funny.

Perhaps the funniest celebrity to impersonate would be a comedian. Jorgeous took that route challenging Ilana Glazer from Broad City however unlike Glazer Jorgeous did not get anyone to laugh. Another easy target is a celebrity everyone knows like Ozzy Osborne. Daya looked like Osborne and sounded like him too but failed to impress.

Tammie Brown made her way back to the Drag Race stage with Angeria but she illustrated Brown to be one-note and confined. Jasmine Kennedie switched it up as Betsy DeVos, former secretary of education, but in drag form she wasn’t any better than the real deal. The only saving grace of this week’s challenge was Deja Skye. Her impression of Lil Jon the Atlanta rapper was hilarious. She went for it and did what no one else could, be funny.

Despite the iconic legacy of snatch game season 14 left little on the positive side to be remembered. The jokes were like a plane with no tarmac… they did not land. All except for Deja. She was a better Lil Jon than Lil Jon, with her “yeahs” being the perfect tension break.

Oh My God, Holy Couture Runway

The queens were given a chance to make up for their maxi challenge fail with this week’s runway. It was a battle of good and evil watching these goddesses on the runway.

Deja was inspired by Joan Jett of Arc and gave us silverly royalty. Jasmine praised her Gemini astrology with a galaxy dress and sun and moon appliques. Taking us to church was none other than southern belle Angeria, being the classic black church mother. The oddest of them all was Willow as her idea of holy was mushrooms. She shared she worshipped mushrooms because their life is dedicated to helping other things grow, although their psychedelic effect helped too.

Channeling Lady Gaga was Daya Betty bringing us a look from the singer’s Judas video. It was a first for the season when her heels said no and she fell to her knees on the runway. It was a holy high for Joregous bringing elements of weed and the pope into her look. An all-green clergy with a giant joint held like a bouquet. We all know Lady Camden loves the Spice Girls and she was inspired by their hit Never give up on The Good Times, however, she delivered more Halloween costume than superstar. The already dark character Bosco played off her Catholic upbringing for her holy runway interpretation. She was a slutty demonic nun with hooves just to throw us off even more.

All But One

The much anticipated Snatch Game left the judges speechless and 7 queens up for elimination. Deja Skye was the only queen safe and it was not a surprise given everyone’s performance. With no one eliminated last week and tonight there are still 8 queens left but not for long. Next week will be a lip sync lalapalooza smackdown, where seven queens will battle it out for their lives and one will sashay away. Not even chocolate can save their padded ass.

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