The queens face their first acting challenge of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 in Episode 4. Contestants must write and perform in an extended trailer for a Drag Race Super Tease. Queens have another night to show off (hopefully) spectacular looks on the runway with special superstar appearances from Jennifer Lopez and guest judge Loni Lopez.

Kornbread​​ Jete vs Jasmine Kennedie: Talking or Having a Conversation

After three episodes, the ladies have gotten to know each other. That means they know who they like and who they barely like. After June Jambalya’s elimination, the queens digress in the werk room and Jasmine Kennedie rants about not winning the ball, shedding tears for just being safe. As Trixie Mattel once said, “That’s a lot of emotion for safe.” It’s established Jasmine likes to hear herself talk and Kornbread Jete airs that out the next morning.

The room heats as Kornbread educates Jasmine on the difference between talking and having a conversation. Kornbread lets her know she needs to make room for others to speak and to actually listen to other people. Not surprisingly, Jasmine interrupts Kornread at least three times during the lesson. The tension between these queens rises during the maxi challenge when the not-picked Jasmine joins Willow Pill’s team with the first-pick Kornbread.

Super Tease Drama and Shade with Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley

On team Willow Pill: Kornbread Jete, Lady Camden, Bosco, Kerri Colby, Jorgeous and Jasmine Kennedie. On team Maddy Morphosis: Deja Skye, Daya Betty, Angeria Paris VanMicheals, Alyssa Hunter and Orion Story.

Team Willow is in half-baked drag trying to deliver the laughs. Kornbread, Kerri and Jasmine relived their run in from the morning with Jasmine talking a mile a minute and being told to shut up. It didn’t stop there. Kornbread goes off pulling off an over-the-top anger from being the guess for who’s in the bottom two. Willow remarked she thought she was on the Bitcherlor. And Kerri is sorry none of y’all are her. Although I’m not sure Kerri was acting in that scene.

For Team Maddy, they are in exaggerated drag being as ridiculous as ever. Angeria and Deja have a catfight; in their Untucked! exclusive, titties are out, but the fight is on and fun.

Maddy is heterosexual, to the disappointment of her dads. While Daya comes out as straight too, shocking the crowd, Deja is hysterical because she woke up with shit in her pants when she was a baby.

“I was born at a young age,” she says.

It could not have been any crazier and we love chaos.

Runway Looks: Night of a Thousand J.Lo’s

After a belly full of laughs, our eyes are blessed with the runway looks. Each queen gave glamorous outfits that gave Jennifer Lopez a run for her money. But the contestants followed JLo’s advice when she stopped by the werk room: “Get loud, be proud and shake it.”

Willow Pill was the first to walk the runway in JLo’s Grammys 1998 look. Kornbread followed up a Met Gala 2018 inspired bodysuit. Straight from the 2019 CFDA, Lady Camden graced the stage. With her signature eyebrows and sadly no horns, Bosco served her Lopez imitation in a 2009 Golden Globes ensemble. In the exact dress that JLo wore was Kerri Colby from the Spring 2020 Versace collection. How did she get Jennifer’s dress?

Super Bowl 2020 was Jorgeous’ inspiration for her JLo look. Jasmine Kennedie was surprisingly quiet as she walked down the runway wearing a dress from AMA 2015. Switching it up from runway and award show looks was Maddy Morphosis in an all white suit from the 2021 inauguration. Deja Skye sashayed in her VMAs 2019 dress putting a spin on the look.

Back with a Super Bowl costume but from 2020 was Daya Betty. Miss Angeria Paris VanMicheals always serves glamour galore and tonight was no different in JLo’s 2019 Met Gala dress. The 2018 Billboard Award was Alyssa Hunter’s inspiration. While last but not least, Orion Story gave her best Jenny from the Block impression in a 2013 HRC Dinner outfit.

Once again, Angeria Paris VanMichaels won the night.

Two Bottoms and a Chocolate Twist

After 13 copies of JLo and two funny sketch teasers, the stage clears. Kornbread, Kerri, and Alyssa are the last to hear their verdict. The judges want more range from Kornbread. They ask Kerri to let go and be vulnerable, while Alyssa requires more versatility if she wants to stay in drag race.

Mama Ru leaves Alyssa Hunter and Kerri Colby to lip sync for their life. Embodying their best Jennifer Lopez, they lip sync to her song “Play.” Kerri plays the pretty girl, flittering the Versace dress and modeling down the runway. Alyssa gives the full performance, dancing aground the stage, flipping hair and showing superstar status. However, Mama Ru saves Kerri.

We wait with bated breath as Alyssa unwraps her chocolate bar. But she does not have the golden ticket and sashays away.

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