Say hello to Jorgeous, from RuPaul's Drag Race!

American fans got a taste of "chunti" realness during RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 2: "Big Opening No 2". Jorgeous, a drag queen originally from San Antonio, brought what she calls "Tex-Mex Latina showgirl realness" to the stage. Her performance wowed judges and fans alike, scoring her a spot to continue to next week!

Who is Jorgeous?

Introducing Jorgeous! (C) VHI

Jorgeous is a cast member of RuPaul's Drag Race and was introduced in season 14, episode 2. Jorgeous is a self-described "Tex-Mex Latina showgirl." She is 21 years old, living in Nashville, Tennessee, but hailing from San Antonio, Texas.

A San Antonio drag queen, Jorgeous has been performing since 2013. She has worked at many different venues around the city and performed in several large productions, including The Wizard of Oz at The Majestic Theatre and The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Alamo Drafthouse.

Jorgeous plans to change the landscape of drag performances in Texas. "The drag in Texas is very 'pageanty.' Very cookie-cutter drag. Everyone is doing pretty much the same thing," Jorgeous says. She has been doing drag for six years.

A competitive queen, Jorgeous's dancing skills will be on display as she tries to win against the competition. Her drag revolves around dance, dazzling us with flips and dips. Her mixed drag-style adds Southern flair to her moves and grooves. As we previously reported, we have the movie To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar and John Leguizamo's character Chi-Chi Rodriguez to appreciate for encouraging Jorgeous to enter the drag world. Upon entering the competition, she declared, "There has never been a short Latina winner, and it's my turn now."

Biography: Everything Fans Want to Know About Jorgeous

Out of Drag: What is Jorgeous' Real Name?

Jorgeous Out of Drag Source: (C) VHI

Jorgeous's birth name is Jorge Meza. You might notice the playful nod as the root of her drag name. The 21-year-old queen is the youngest cast in season 14 of the show.

Jorgeous joins this season's other queens who were introduced before the premiere in RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14: Meet the Cast of TV's Fiercest Series. Though she and six queens made their entrances in Episode 2, seven other contestants including fan-favorite Willow Pill had debuted in the premiere of Season 14, Episode 1's "Big Opening No 1".

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What is Jorgeous' height?

The tiny diva stands at a whopping 5'2". She's aware that her small stature might make her seem like she isn't a threat, but she promises to turn up the heat this season on stage!

What is Jorgeous' Ethnicity?

Jorgeous identifies as Mexican American, born and raised in the southern state of Texas. She is inspired by other Latinx icons and brings flavor to the southern drag style.

Where is Jorgeous' Hometown?

Though she was lives in Nashville, Jorgeous was born and raised in San Antonio. San Antonio is a city in Texas, USA. Jorgeous pulls from her Tex-Mex culture in her dancing and drag style.

What is the origin of her drag name?

This queen is, of course, gorgeous, and that is partly where her name comes from, along with her birth name Jorge. Her name balances her masculinity with effervescent femininity. She combined the two facets of herself to come up with her captivating stage name.

In her own words: "The name Jorgeous came from the word "gorgeous" and my boy name, which is Jorge."

Personal Life of Jorgeous

If you're trying to learn more about Jorgeous on Instagram or other social media, it might be tricky. Details about her personal life are still vague, but she's just starting to make a splash! The beautiful queen probably has plenty of suitors. Her stage name shows the kind of confident energy that would win hearts over! Who knows? Maybe a relationship is in her future, or perhaps it's just a secret.

She started doing drag when she was just 16 years old and has spent the last six years performing in drag culture. She has achieved a few milestones in her career, like being featured on a Nashville billboard.

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Jorgeous on RuPaul's Drag Race Series

Episode two, the second part of the Season 14 premiere, introduced seven new queens competing for this year's title, including the miniature dynamo Jorgeous. The caliber of her lively performance style has already impressed the judges as well as avid fans of RuPaul's Drag Race. Jorgeous is sure to land a spot in the group of legendary queens who have competed on the reality show. She joins a pantheon of fan favorites including Season 14's Willow Pill.

Jorgeous is shocked on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 2 Source: (C) VHI

What Are Jorgeous's Most Memorable Quotes?

  1. "Hello-tis! It is gorgeous like Jorgeous. Ow!" (Entrance quote)
  2. "I might be small, but I pack a big punch."
  3. "Yes ma'am!"
  4. "My first impression of Maddy is very... mmm, I wanna see what else you got."
  5. "Oh my God, I'm a mess!"
  6. "My boy name which is Jorge, but people like to whitewash it."
  7. "I cannot do the splits, for nothing, for nobody."
  8. "I am proudly the smallest queen of the cast."

Jorgeous Lip Syncs First on the Drag Race Stage: Episode 2 Recap

Jorgeous brought her unique sultry style to her performance and tore up the stage with a lip-synced performance to Dua Lipa's "Last Dance." Her flips and turns exuded empowered sexuality and sensuality. The outfit change mid-performance was memorable. The diminutive dancing diva was the first to perform and set the tone for the evening's show. As the first to sashay into the werk room in a showstopper red feather-detailed dress, her opening line, "It is gorgeous like Jorgeous," summed up her presence perfectly.

Jorgeous' Drag Queen Look-Showgirl Realness

Why have just one big opening when you could have … two? Jorgeous stunned everyone with her first entrance look of the season, a two-piece, purple-and-silver gown that she transformed on stage into a blinged-out gemstone catsuit. For her debut, she previewed the southern glam realness she plans to bring to the show. "You're going to catch this look from the Westside of San Antonio, Texas," Jorgeous says about her drag queen look. She described her look as very Tex-Mex — "hella chunti, hella bad b*tch." She takes inspiration from icons like Selena and JLo. Her look is an ode to other dancing divas of Texas.

Jorgeous on Instagram and Twitter

If you are on the search for something to keep up with Jorgeous outside of the show, check out her social accounts! Her feed features drag makeup and beautiful gowns. With 84.6 K followers, Jorgeous is making a name for herself, bringing content creating consistency with flair to the social media sphere.

IG: @jorgeous_1

Twitter: @Jorgeous_1

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