Last week on the Season 14 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race, we were introduced to the first seven queens in the competition. For Episode 2, “Big Opening No 2,” we met the remaining contestants, all with larger-than-life personalities. (Need a reminder? Check out Honeysuckle’s guide to the RPDR Season 14 cast.)

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Lady Camden makes her entrance (C) VH1, courtesy IMDB

The Final 7 Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14

First to sashay in the werk room was Jorgeous in a showstopper red feather-detailed dress. Her opener “It is gorgeous like Jorgeous,” summed up her beauty perfectly.

Deja Skye walked in next in a pink and white polka dot dress contrasted by her light green wig. Declaring confidence in her curves, her introductory line “Alright season 14, let’s get thickening,” referenced the meme-worthy “Let’s get sickening” uttered by Laganja Estranja in Season 6.

Putting fear in the other contestants, Jasmine Kennedie sauntered in with an “Oh this y’all is just the entry look,” wearing a studded pink pageantry dress and letting us know she has much more in store.

With a Guy Fieri inspired look, Maddy Morphosis entered with short spiky blond hair and Flavor-town flames on her ensemble. Her opening line introduced her drag style and comedy, “Get ready to pitch a tent America, the camp queen is here.”

Taking us back in time, Angeria Paris VanMichaels delivered a Southern belle 50s black and white polka dress complete with a matching umbrella. Her glittery red accents stood out along with her opener, “Now let’s make it shake, honey.”

Loud and proud like her line “Hello you sexy bitches,” Lady Camden looked delicious in a candy outfit matching this season’s theme. With pretty pastels, big hair, and an edible bra she is here to win.

Last but not least, “You betty be ready,” especially for queen Daya Betty. In a grungy rocker look, she gave us a blond mullet and a tight tiger-esque dress before the final bell rang.

RuPaul Outs Maddy Morphosis

The competition wasted no time before it began. The queens were informed one contestant had already gone home and another would be in jeopardy tonight. After the first photoshoot mini-challenge, where the ladies modeled in a giant bowl of Tic Tacs, they took time to mingle in the werk room. In confessionals, Maddy made it clear she did not want her heterosexual orientation to be hot gossip. However, in her one-on-one chat with RuPaul in the middle of the werk room, everything was aired out.

The camera panned to shocked faces from all the other queens and Maddy clearly looked uncomfortable. Fans have already shared mixed opinions on Maddy Morphosis entering the drag culture, with negative claims of her invading the space. But her fellow queens have rallied in support, claiming at the end of the day that drag is an art and the community is about inclusion. Many of the queens, especially Angeria, gave Maddy kudos for being so secure in her sexuality that she can embrace all parts of herself unashamed.

Extra Special RuPaul’s Drag Race Guest Judge Alicia Keys

Even bigger buzz than the show’s first cisgender heterosexual drag queen was none other than the presence of Alicia Keys. The amazing singer/ songwriter was tonight’s guest judge. She gave the queens motivational notes, to be as big and bold as humanly possible. She of course was stunning herself, giving a sneak peek on her Twitter account before tonight’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race premiered.

Alicia Keys as guest judge (C) VH1, via screengrab

Angeria Paris VanMichaels, Winner of “Big Opening No 2”

After Alicia Keys’ words of wisdom, the episode’s talent show commenced. Daya Betty lip synced with props for a comedic flare. Lady Camden gave a contemporary spin to classical ballet, with splits, dips and flips in her lip sync and dance routine. Deja Skye performed a funny sketch of teaching cheerleading. Maddy Morphosis played guitar, even playing with her tongue. Jorgeous had a sexy dance with her lip sync. Jasmine Kennedie gave splits, dips and flips in her lip sync and dance routine. But the spotlight was on Angeria Paris VanMichael’s original song and choreography.

Performing an original song in front of Miss Alicia Keys and Mama RuPaul takes guts and that is what brought Angeria her big win. Not only did she win the maxi challenge and grabbed $5,000, but she also won the mini-challenge, securing another $2,500. She gave the most fabulous looks modeling with thousands of Tic Tacs and commanded the stage during her talent performance. She danced and lipsynced to her song that left us all singing “Get your life” and “check” way after the episode ended. In last week’s premiere “Big Opening No 1” Kornbread “The Snack” Jete also won the talent show with an original performance. Clearly originality is a big key to winning this competition.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Sickening Signature Drag

After the queens had a chance to show who they are with what they can do, they came showing who they are in what they wear. Jorgeous walked the runway first in a sparkly dress, ripping off the purple train to reveal a studded bodysuit. Jasmine Kenndie showed off her glamor in a 60s drag sleek gold dress. Tying it all together was Daya Betty in her ribbon dress. Most unique of them all was Lady Camden, who wore a peacock-inspired ensemble equipped with functional feathers. Deja Skye was larger than life in a lovely blue gown decorated in roses. The two highlights: Maddy Morphosis and Angeria Paris VanMichaels. Maddy graced the runway in a headless Marie Antoinette costume. Not only was it a standout, it was also daring. Angeria delivered showstopping pageantry in her glittery wine-colored gown, perfectly polished from wig, dress to shoes.

Daya Betty Becomes Second Queen Eliminated on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14

After the giant bowl of Tic Tacs photoshoot mini-challenge, talent show maxi challenge and showstopper runway look, Daya Betty was the one chosen to sashay away. She was the last to enter the werk room, giving us a grungy rocker look. She managed not to get swallowed by the pool of orange Tic Tacs, but her talent performance and runway look were lackluster. She performed a lipsync to Pink’s “Get The Party Started,” but there was no party. It was not a standout talent, especially with three other queens lipsyncing too. Although her runway ensemble was a beautiful ribbon dress with vibrant hair and heels, it was coming undone at the seams. Literal rips in her dress. Her lip sync talent did not save her in the final battle of Alicia Keys’ “Fallin” against queen Deja Skye. Her opening line was “You betty be ready,” but it turns out she just wasn’t.

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