If you’re a stoner in Los Angeles, there was only one place to be this past weekend: Litty In The City.

Check out highlights from Litty In The City at The Vortex (slide for all videos):

What Is Litty In The City? The Curated Event From SF Canna's Cannabiz Chris And TerpHogZ's Jondo

Wondering what this event entails? It’s all in the name. Taking over The Vortex in downtown Los Angeles, the highly-anticipated smoke sesh featured an all-star lineup of characters, performers, food vendors, and of course, some of the top cannabis brands in the world.

Litty In The City is the brainchild of Cannabiz Chris, founder of SF Canna, and Jondo, co-owner and Managing Director of TerpHogZ. Both 20-year-plus veterans in the cannabis industry, the two conjoined to create this amazing one-stop shop for brands and consumers to connect, network, smoke, and truly enjoy the fruits of their labor.

*Editor's Note: Check out our in-depth interview with Cannabiz Chris and Jondo on the creation of Litty In The City here!

Journalist Shirley Ju interviews Cannabiz Chris, co-creator of Litty In The City (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

Which Brands Were Represented At Litty In The City?

Over 50 brands were on display at this most recent Litty, including numerous OGs and several innovative up-and-comers: AirHeadz, Backpack Boyz, Big Al's Exotics, Cali Blaise, Cali Plug, De La Creme, Deep East, Doja, Dubz Garden, Fidel’s, Higher Vibrations, Jelly Wizard, Kre8genetics, LA Traffic, LionBoldt Farms, MK Edibles, Planta, Sour Waves, Super Dope, Ted's Budz, Turtle Pie Co., Waxx Bar, and Zatix were just a few of those heavy hitters showcased. And for the first time since its inception, Litty In The City featured live performances by artists such as Marty Grimes, Wakko the Kidd, and Yung LA.

We spoke with select brands at the event about what they stand for, as well as what most excited them at Litty In The City.

What Are Litty In The City Exhibitors Saying About The Los Angeles Event?

Shirley Ju interviews OG Louie The XIII (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

OG Louie The XIII

OG Louie The XIII, Founder: My name is Louie, the brand is Louie The XIII. Cannabis king in the game. I’m excited to see all the brands, all the young entrepreneurs here doing their thing. A lot of people networking together, no one hating. It’s all love here. Where else can you have that?

Shirley Ju interviews 40 Tons co-founders Anthony Alegrete (left) and Corvain Cooper (right) (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

40 Tons

Anthony Alegrete, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer: 40 Tons, social impact brand. We’re all about freeing the cannabis prisoners.

Corvain Cooper, co-founder and Chief Brand Ambassador: Free the guys!

Anthony: We were really appreciative that Cannabiz Chris invited us out. We did our podcast here earlier so we got a couple interviews in. Big shout out Litty In The City, Cannabiz Chris. The best of the best in Southern California is here.

It’s really surprising seeing Honeysuckle here because they’re East Coast. They’re all the way out here on the West Coast, big shout out Honeysuckle. Shout out my boy [Honeysuckle Creative Director] Sam [Long], shout out [Honeysuckle founder] Ronit [Pinto].

Corvain: It’s hella love. This is some real cannabis shit right here. This is a real cannabis environment. If you want to come and get the real feel of the industry, come here.

Anthony: I wouldn’t be surprised if you added up all the actual metric units of weed in this place, there’s probably about a thousand pounds up in here.

Shirley Ju interviews Ramsey of BlueMoon Cannabis (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

BlueMoon Cannabis

Ramsey: My name is Ramsey, we’re with BlueMoon Cannabis. We started 4 months ago, but we’ve been in the industry for a long time. We have a jewelry brand, a hookah lounge, a kitchen, a studio. Most people know us for our jewelry, we make jewelry for big artists. We combine a lot of our products with a lot of our industry clients.

This is a Diamond Box, it’s called Pure OG. It resonates in the jewelry world. Each of our products is inspired by our jewelry pieces.

We got a big ass raffle going on. 1st place gets…a diamond necklace, a diamond pendant, 2nd place gets $1200, 3rd place gets a care package. The way you win, you purchase something. Each product is a ticket.

Shirley Ju interviews Blaise of Cali Blaise (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

Cali Blaise

Blaise, Founder: I’m Blaise from Cali Blaise, and co-host on B-Real TV. Nicknamed The Concentrate King. I’ve been making concentrates for about 15 years and pride myself in working with the finest materials. Making the finest rosins not at a premium price, affordable. That’s what makes us the king, because everybody can buy it.

Being out here with people, nothing better than seshes. In a store, you don’t get to interact with your customers. Here, people get to come up like “Yo, I love this strain! I love this one, this one’s my favorite.” That interaction with a person, that’s everything for sure.

Jelly Wizard

Jelly Wizard is a premium solventless cannabis company out of Humboldt County, California. We focus on crafting high-end edible creations! We are most excited to see our friends at these events. It is a small cannabis community, and everyone treats each other with love.


Planta is an LA-based cultivation and brand. We focus on quality before all else and bringing new genetics to market. We were most excited to meet with the community and network with all the other brands and players in the industry.

Shirley Ju interviews Monster Pack Exotics (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

Monster Pack Exotics

My brand is Monster Pack Exotics, we’re from New York. We’re an East Coast brand. We’re a New York based company, but we do seshes all over. We’re trying to get our name out there.

I’m excited to get a bunch of hash holes, and some fresh rosin.


Kre8genetics is redefining the word “Exotics," specializing in many Purple Strains. Dubbed the King of Purple, each and every one of our strains is jampacked with specialized terp profiles, and various colors. We take terps to a new level. Our breeds are designed and developed for all levels of growers. 21x award winning genetics, edibles, extracts and company. Based out of Los Angeles, California, we bring you what the world has been waiting for!

Shirley Ju interviews Joe of Prestige Farms (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

Prestige Farms

Joe: My name’s Joe, I’m with Prestige Farms. We’re all about indoor, small batch excellence. We’re from Los Angeles. We’re up and coming at the moment. We haven’t been doing too many events the last few years, we stayed really low key. This last year, we’ve been doing a lot of advertisements. Coming to more events. The next few years, you’ll see a lot of us.

I’m excited to have a good time, meet new people, and [share] the terps with the world.

Shirley Ju interviews Risa, founder of Risa High Rollers (C) Shirley Ju / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @shirju

Risa High Rollers

Risa, Founder: I’m Risa, I'm from Risa High Rollers. I provide an entertainment service, I roll joints for your customers and guests. I provide a little bit more of an adult entertainment aspect to it. You can brand me out, we can get pasties made. Put your face on there, put your brand on there. Body paint. Just promote your brand. Your grow, your flower, or just entertain your guests.

I have Veganics weed right there. It’s a vegan, organic weed. They don’t use any synthetic pesticides at all. Very natural, very pure tasting. You get a nice flavor profile of the terpenes.

This is my first time out. This is our first time premiering our brand, so I’m excited to be here. I’m just happy we got here.

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