If you’re a stoner in Los Angeles, there was only one place to be last week: Pot Girl Summer. An award-winning tour activation experience, #PotGirlSummer has begun its summer series that merges elements of game/reality shows, travel, and of course, the best cannabis in markets across the United States. On Thursday, July 13th, #PotGirlSummer kicked off on a high note at Two Bit Circus, an adult arcade located in L.A.’s Arts District.

Journalist Shirley Ju @shirju tries Marty Grimes's "Marty Missile" at #PotGirlSummer in LA (C) Behind The Lens Films @shotbybtl

What Is The #PotGirlSummer 3.0 L.A. Amazing Race Experience?

The highly-anticipated event, presented by Supernormal, serves as a reminder that 4/20 can be celebrated each and every day, reeling in cannabis lovers and connoisseurs from all over town to come celebrate this beautiful flower. Beyond L.A., the tour will stop in Las Vegas, Denver, Detroit, and New York City.

Taking place from 4:20pm to 9pm, this year’s opening festivities were called the #PotGirlSummer 3.0 L.A. Amazing Race Experience, where attendees could partake in an immersive stoner scavenger hunt featuring some of the most popular cannabis brands in the industry. As a play on the format of the hit reality show The Amazing Race, participants were divided into teams. Each participant had to visit each sponsor booth to complete a stoner game that activated their brand in a unique way. Once that challenge was completed, the contestants then received a clue that brought them to further booths and different categories of challenges, until the games eventually yielded a winner for the #PotGirlSummer 3.0 L.A. Amazing Race experience.

The atmosphere was immediately welcoming as you entered the premises, which is expected in a cannabis event. Stoners are generally some of the most chill people on earth, and most of the population who consumes shares that common trait. Plus, rapper and cannabis innovator Marty Grimes brought his Marty Missile, which holds a whole pound of weed.

Rapper Marty Grimes @marty_grimes shows off the Marty Missile (C) Behind The Lens Films @shotbybtl

Which Brands Were At #PotGirlSummer L.A.?

Brands represented at the #PotGirlSummer 3.0 L.A. Amazing Race Experience included Wiz Khalifa’s Khalifa Kush, Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis Co, VIBES Papers, Kalvara, The Clear, Dab X, Zatix, Her Highness, High Herstory, LEVO, ROAM, RKive, Narvona, Gold Crown Extracts, Flower Mill, KushKards, Drew Martin, Rogue Paq, Stashlogix, Stoner World Order, Live High, Effin Relax, Blazinscoops, Triple Phoenix, Momo’s CBD, SOB Labs, and Pure Dharma.

Rapper R-Mean @rmean with #PotGirlSummer founder Jasmine Walton @thehotboxseries (C) Behind The Lens Films @shotbybtl

#PotGirlSummer Founder Jasmine Walton Keeps It Smokin' With The Hot Box

Founder Jasmine Walton states, “I started #PotGirlSummer to celebrate women in cannabis, and to not just have one day like a holiday, but to go ahead and take over the entire summer to celebrate us! Women in cannabis are still overworked, undervalued and obviously underpaid, so #PotGirlSummer is a way to prove to the industry our worth and that we are here to stay! See you every summer always.”

The beauty lies in the fact that #PotGirlSummer is female-led and female-owned, reminding masses the value that women have not just in cannabis, but all industries across the board. Walton also created her own network called Wanderverse TV, home to her smoking series called The Hot Box. Here, the Pot Princess herself sits down with a celebrity as they consume weed via a wide variety of forms, such as joints, edibles, blunts, vapes, gravity bongs, and more.

Watch journalist Shirley Ju try the Marty Missile at #PotGirlSummer:

Who Were #PotGirlSummer L.A.'s Special Guests?

Additionally, Jasmine filmed live Hot Box episodes with Los Angeles rapper R-Mean, American Idol alum Eli Mac, and Grammy nominee BLVK H3RO. The event also featured a number of guests of honor such as musical artist Kenneth Brother, professional skateboarder Boo Johnson, Mercedes Valencia of Master Thyself Skincare, former NFL player turned cannabis entrepreneur Nico Marley (grandson of Bob Marley), Chopped420 winner Chef Wendy Zeng, musical artist Mang-Yee Reverie, and many more.

Fans of the event series should stay tuned for the tour’s next stops in the U.S. (and this fall, in different countries around the globe.

R-Mean with Nacho Agency founder Viva La Serg @nachoviva (C) Behind The Lens Films @shotbybtl
Marty Grimes and the Marty Missile (C) Behind The Lens Films @shotbybtl

All #PotGirlSummer Tour Tickets are available on EventHi:

L.A. July 13

Vegas July 20

Denver July 29

Detroit August 5

NYC August 18

For more about #PotGirlSummer, follow @potgirlsummertour on Instagram.

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Featured image: Syd Smiley @_shadesofsyd tries Marty Grimes's "Marty Missile" at #PotGirlSummer in LA (C) Behind The Lens Films @shotbybtl