Are you cannabis enthusiasts ready for a smoke-off with an icon? Cannabiz Chris, AKA “the guy with the wrestling belt,” is the founder of SF Canna and one of the leading cultivators on the West Coast. He’s also the organizer, with TerpHogZ’s Jondo, of Litty in the City, the most curated sesh for consumers who know their flower and terpenes.

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Litty in the City: Los Angeles, May 20, 2023

Litty in the City comes to Los Angeles on Saturday, May 20th, bringing together industry legends and larger-than-life personalities over the plant they love at The Vortex community Center. (Click here for tickets.) Ahead of the event, Cannabiz Chris visited the Honeysuckle Podcast to throw down the flower expertise with our Creative Director Sam C. Long and our founder Ronit Pinto.

Listen to the Honeysuckle Podcast interview with Cannabiz Chris:

Cannabiz Chris Litty in all the Cities - Honeysuckle Magazine Podcast
Get ready for Litty in the City! The most curated sesh of the season, featuring industry leaders and larger-than-life personalities, comes to LA May 20th! Ahead of the event, organized by icons Cannabiz Chris of SF Canna and Jondo of Terphogz, Honeysuckle spoke to Cannabiz Chris about enthusiasts ca…

Cannabiz Chris Launches Cannabis Vs Bags: SF Canna Versus TerpHogZ's Zkittlez

The sesh kicked off with Cannabiz Chris giving the low-down on his biggest drop yet. He’s launching his first-ever “Cannabis Vs Bags,” where brands battle it out in a friendly-fire competition. Terpene versus terpene, eighth versus eighth - consumers get two brands in the same package and must vote for who wins.

It’s only right that this one-of-a-kind product debuts with Cannabiz Chris’s own SF Canna, 20-year veterans of the game, versus TerpHogZ GeneticZ, the creators behind the multi-award-winning industry phenomenon Zkittlez. Not only are the hosts of Litty in the City forming a meetup of plant aficionados, they’re taking healthy competition right to the people, the next evolution in crafting cannabis products specifically to taste.

“Definitely the best way for brands to collaborate without doing a nine-month pheno hunt,” Cannabiz Chris grinned.

Which Brands Will Be at Litty in the City?

Talking about the new drop made the innovator even more psyched for this weekend’s event. Litty in the City will feature a deep lineup of time-honored pioneering brands, including Jelly Wizards, Sluggers, Doja, Deep East, LA Traffic, Punch Extracts, CGO Lyfestyle, Wizard Trees, plus some newer-generation players like Gotti (winner of the 420 East Coast Zalympix) and ancillary partners such as Staack. Each of the brands, approximately 60, will have a booth in this old-fashioned “trap-a-thon.”

Over the conversation with Team Honeysuckle, Cannabiz Chris delved into his beginnings in cannabis, going back to his school days in the Bay Area with rapper Berner, co-founder of the global phenomenon Cookies. He also explained the origins of his symbolic wrestling championship belt that he carries everywhere - but you’ll have to check out the podcast episode if you want that secret!

What's Next For Cannabiz Chris?

Following Los Angeles, Cannabiz Chris and his team plan to grow Litty in the City and take it on the road to various locations. “It’s for the community,” he said. “We want to remind people that it’s about the plant… It’s a great way to celebrate everybody’s fucking work.”

So stay tuned, ganja heads - in the coming months, we could get litty in all the cities! In the meantime, make sure to keep up with the champ that is Cannabiz Chris and his collaborators. Just like in wrestling, the best way to thrive in cannabis is to know that teamwork makes the dream work.

Litty in the City LA takes place Saturday, May 20, 2023 at The Vortex, 2350 Porter Street in Los Angeles. Get your tickets on Eventbrite now, and follow @littyinthecity_sesh  on Instagram for more information.

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