Celebrating Danksgiving? You may not realize it, but there are a whole host of holidays following the week of Thanksgiving. Those in the cannabis space love to inject more community impact into these days of gratitude and togetherness.

At Honeysuckle, we see this as a time to honor the brands that have the concept of community impact built right into their mission. So no matter which day you’re seeking out quality cannabis-related products - whether you’re looking for a Black Friday deal, hoping to support a local entrepreneur on Small Business Saturday, or uplifting good causes on Giving Tuesday - you can feel great about your purchases from the companies on our list.

Read on for the best cannabis-themed deals of the holiday season, in categories from flower to accessories to CBD skincare and so much more. (And hurry, because the highs may last, but the low prices won’t!)

Check back frequently, as we will update this list throughout the holiday season!

Which Holidays Are Happening During Thanksgiving Week 2022?

Danksgiving (November 24-November 27)

Depending on your traditions, some people believe Danksgiving to mean consuming cannabis at Thanksgiving dinner, while others believe it to be its own celebration entirely on a different day of the holiday weekend. If you go all-out for Danksgiving, you might be in the market for infused butters, cooking oils and sauces or a classic dessert to elevate your meal.

Black Friday (November 25)

The day retailers have planned for all year long. Giant deals and big perks await you on this official start of the holiday season!

Small Business Saturday (November 26)

Show your local businesses, craft producers and startups some love the day after Black Friday. Visit brick and mortar establishments when you can, to get that authentic interaction with the people who create the products you crave.

Cyber Monday (November 28)

Prefer to shop online instead of in-store? Get the most out of your e-commerce experience on this day dedicated to digital consumption.

Giving Tuesday (November 29)

Spread your dollars around to change lives. Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to amplify your favorite nonprofits, or those businesses that commit a portion of their proceeds to worthy causes. Your green is doing good.

Hillary Peckham, Chief Operating Officer of Etain Health, in Buy Weed From Women jacket (C) Etain Health

Remember: Buy Weed From Women (and Allies!)

Okay, not every brand on this list is women-owned. But many of the companies represented here were created by amazing women, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC entrepreneurs who stand up for their communities in the ever-evolving cannabis market. These are the pioneers who ensure we have an equitable cannabis industry, where the makers and the consumers are in harmony to innovate products that work for all. Support the brands you love; find the creators who are changing lives for the better.

Best Black Friday Cannabis Dispensary Deals

Etain founders: CEO Amy Peckham, COO Hillary Peckham and Chief Horticultural Officer Keeley Peckham. (C) Etain

Etain Health

New York’s first women-owned dispensary did more than break a glass ceiling. Led by the Peckham family, Etain is at the top of the cannabis game when it comes to finely-crafted wellness products. Tinctures, lozenges, powders, flower – you can choose your favorite delivery method according to signature formulations for desired effects.

Etain carries a curated selection of women-owned CBD and health and wellness brands to highlight other women in the industry and their products including these accessories and more. The company is the exclusive New York distributor of the Buy Weed From Women apparel brand, created by Newark-based poet Jasmine Mans. On Etain’s shelves, you can find acclaimed women-owned brands such as BuzzBoxx, Barbari, 024, Session Goods, Potli, House of Puff, Ken Ahbus, Ananda Farms, NSNT Spray, Gron, and more. The secret to health is that, if you pay attention, it’s never un-Etain-able.

Check out Etain Health’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Black Friday / Small Business Saturday Deal (November 25-26): Get 20% off all Etain medical cannabis products (click here to see) in the All Days sale. Or load up your plate with Etain’s exclusive Thanksgiving-themed cannabis strains - Forte CBH: Cranberry Haze Whole Flower (3.5g for $50, a sativa-dominant hybrid); Forte CB: Cornbread Pre-Rolls (10 0.3g Mini Moment pre-rolls, 3g total for $50, an indica-dominant hybrid); Forte MP: Mashed Potatoes Motif Pod (1mL pod for $130, a 20:1 THC:CBD hybrid for Etain’s Motif Magnetic Vape Pen).

Best Black Friday Cannabis Apparel & Accessories Deals

House of Puff x Chris Wilson Rolling Papers (C) Allie Pisarro-Grant / House of Puff

House of Puff

Sophisticated smokeware is House of Puff’s milieu, with luxurious accessories designed for those who love artistic flair in their elevated experience. Woman and Latinx-owned and aesthetically-focused, the brand innovates new devices by engaging in multisensory details. A signature brand item is Le Pipe, the minimalist ceramic one-hitter that makes the perfect stocking stuffer. This holiday, get one free (see below) when you gift with House of Puff products! And engage in the spirit of generosity with products that support good causes, such as the House of Puff x Chris Wilson rolling papers, which benefit the Baltimore-based artist and social justice activist as well as the nonprofit Solitary Watch, which raises awareness about the harms of solitary confinement.

Check out House of Puff’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deal (November 25-28): Spend $100 on houseofpuff.com and get a free pink Le Pipe (a $32 value).

Giving Tuesday Deal (November 29th): Shop and Stop Solitary with House of Puff! Add the House of Puff x Chris Wilson rolling papers to your cart on Giving Tuesday and contribute to ending solitary confinement. Portions of the rolling paper proceeds benefit Wilson and the nonprofit Solitary Watch. Purchase online on Giving Tuesday, 11/29,22, and check your email inbox to see an additional gift your support will unlock.

Enjoy free shipping by using code ship2me.


There's not too many people who can flout his experience of the early days in the cannabis mecca of San Francisco, where it all began. The legendary cultivator, Champelli, whose name and eponymous strain have been immortalized in hip hop over the past several decades, is such a giant precisely because he has done and can do it all.

His Champelli lifestyle brand now offers clothing as well, which has always been part of the brand ethos even from it’s early days. “I’ve always been passionate about fashion, design and creating. Every medium is an opportunity for me to express myself, whether it's designing a new cut and sew piece for the clothing line, or creating a new strain cross and bag design. I truly enjoy the process of creating and I apply all my skills from producing music to painting and even cooking; it's all just making art to me in different forms.”

“In the creation of my cut and sew pieces I've been trying to find ways to reduce the brands footprint and move away from the fast fashion model; for example, in my retrograde line of jackets I used almost all upcycled materials from my manufacturers warehouse. They used to do the original cut and sew for The North Face before they became what they are today. So the retrograde jackets are literally old North Face nylon material from the 80’s. Even down to the zippers, excluding the embroidery and the labels, which were new production. Trying to find a way as a brand to do our part as it aligns with my own beliefs of reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible. I believe it starts with awareness and education and brands should be on the forefront of finding solutions wherever possible."

For Black Friday Specials, check out his website at https://champelli.co/

Black Friday Sale Starts Friday and Runs Through The Weekend with 35% Off Sitewide and Includes a Free Gift When Spending Over100$!

KushKards founder Lauren Miele with her award-winning creation (C) KushKards


“Strike a match and light what’s attached!” The award-winning KushKards is the first line of cannabis greeting cards to have a thoughtful slot where a pre-roll or one-hitter can be inserted for your enjoyment. A woman-owned small business created by fashion designer Lauren Miele, KushKards was named the National Stationery Show’s Best New Lifestyle Product of 2022. This cannabis gifting staple is sold at over 4000 retail locations nationwide, and is proof positive that the plant-loving lifestyle can go from classy to sassy and back again in a snap. Seal your holiday cards with a kiss - of kush.

Check out KushKards’ Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Black Friday Deal (November 25th): Get 50% off on purchases on kushkards.com.

Small Business Saturday Deal (November 26th): Get limited-edition Stoner Stockings filled with products from small businesses ($49.99).

Cyber Monday Deal (November 28th): Check kushkards.com and @kushkards on Instagram for a special giveaway!

SnowTree Worldwide

Known best for their signature product The Boro Buddy, the visionary brand SnowTree develops and innovates items for consumers who look to the future. The versatile magnetic glass cleaner Boro Buddy is an imperative tool for anyone who loves a cannabis session with glass pieces from sophisticated art creations to classic bongs. Its cleaner and scrubbing pads provide the most hygienic way to enjoy your smoke sesh, allowing the pure flavor of the flower to come through. And now, new for the 2022-2023 season, cannabis enthusiasts can thrill to awesome SnowTree products including Pure Titanium Mesh Screens to keep smoke top-quality, and the Treehouse Ashtray. The latest of SnowTree’s offerings, the Treehouse is an ashtray that attaches to your bong - plus it functions as a lighter holder!

Stay tuned for more news from SnowTree soon… Before the year is out, this forward-thinking brand will release the much anticipated Boro Buddy Mini! Your purest ever high is about to get a lot more portable. Happy holidays!

Check out SnowTree’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Black Friday Deal (November 25th): Get 25% off all purchases on snowtreeworldwide.com with code BF25.

@rennhaas and @k.atastrophe demonstrate The Flower Mill (C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Flower Mill

Stop pulverizing your herb and level up your flower powered experiences! The Flower Mill grinders are second to none, thanks to the rotor design which rolls the herb across the screen, progressively crumbling the herb where it naturally wants to break apart, leaving you with naturally soft and fluffy herb. Customize your grind to fit your taste, flower selection, and delivery method. And as the Flower Mill team says, “Mill, don’t grind!”

Check out Flower Mill’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deal (November 25-28): Get 20% off all purchases on flowermillusa.com with code BLACKFRIDAY22.

Aerospaced by Higher Standards Grinder (C) Higher Standards

Higher Standards

A luxury lifestyle brand for an elevated smoking experience, Higher Standards was created to provide true cannabis connoisseurs with the tools they need. As a one-stop shop for cutting-edge brands and tech, the company specializes in premium care and maintenance products that ensure the best flavor from consumers’ material, to heavy-duty glass and limited-edition collaborations. This season’s biggest hit? The Aerospaced by Higher Standards Grinder, which features aircraft-grade aluminum and sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that finely shred material to an even consistency.

Check out Higher Standards’ Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Cyber Monday / Cyber Week Deal (November 28-30): Get 30% off all purchases on higherstandards.com with code Cyber30.

Best Black Friday Cannabis and CBD Skincare and Bodycare Deals

Culinary and Cannabis

This holiday, make your own spa thanks to the CannaSpa Self-Care Bath Set. Culinary and Cannabis, an interactive educational platform and brand, developed this unique gift set for the canna-seurs who know how amazing hemp and CBD are for the skin. Relax with bubbles, body butter and scrub while taking in Culinary and Cannabis’ series of DIY workshops. Whether you love wellness, infused cooking, or want to make your own plant-based topicals, they’ve got the expertise you need.

Check out Culinary and Cannabis’ Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Now through the holidays: Get a 16% discount when you purchase all items in the limited-edition CannaSpa Self-Care Bath Set. Set includes 16oz Hemp 500mg Infused Bath Salt Fizz, 4oz Hemp 300mg Infused Body Scrub, and 4oz Hemp 300mg Infused Whipped Shea Butter with Shimmer.

TribeTokes founders KymB (left) and Degelis (right) (C) TribeTokes


Built by girls and powered by plants, TribeTokes is more than a product line; it’s a true community of cannabis advocates and creative women. Founders Degelis and KymB have respectively pioneered the clean vaping and CBD beauty markets. Together they have an innovative inventory which includes CBD vapes, beauty and skincare products, pain cream, gummies, cool accessories, and more. Look out for Delta-8 products and deluxe CBD gift sets, including a special set to improve sleep.

Check out TribeTokes’ Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Now to November 27th: Add 2 of any of TribeTokes’ special Black Friday products (click here to see) and one will be free with the code BOGO2022 at checkout. Spend over $100 for free USPS Priority Shipping. Also, for the vapes listings, the code will still work if you add 2 different strains. Up to ONE of each product (6 max). The code does not apply to any discounted product bundles.

Cyber Monday / Cyber Week Deal - Now through the holidays: See TribeTokes’ special Cyber Week products (click here to see). Get 20% off already discounted bundles + gift sets with checkout code NAUGHTYELF20.

Only on December 20th and 21st, orders over $150 are eligible for free overnight shipping at checkout.

Herbas CBD Salve (C) Herbas Bodycare

Herbas Bodycare

Herbas is a Latinx woman-owned small business founded by Miriam Aristy-Farer. The brand operates out of New York’s Harlem neighborhood; all cannabis plants used for Herbas products are sustainably grown by upstate New York farm Head and Heal, and items are produced by hand using cruelty-free methods and vegan ingredients. Herbas’ craft CBD products are standouts in the category, particularly the moisturizing CBD salve. A lifesaver for those who experience eczema and inflammation on a daily basis, this potent topical also makes a great muscle reliever, bug bite soother, and sexual lube. (Our staff highly recommends it for help with acne breakouts too.) Made in small batches with organic cold-pressed coconut oil, essential oils, and a combination of homegrown and wildcrafted herbs, the CBD salve is the first step on an everlasting wellness journey.

Check out Herbas Bodycare’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Now to December 2nd: Get 20% off all purchases on herbasbodycare.com with code HER4YEARS.

Kreaky Products' 8-piece Smoke Kit with Kreaky Plushie (C) Kreaky Products

Kreaky Products

Kreaky Products is a woman-owned, small-batch plant-based company featuring apparel, accessories, beauty and wellness items with a feminine vibe. Founded by cannabis community leader Chica, the Kreaky brand came into being when she used her experience in plant cultivation and medicine to help her grandmother manage chronic pain. Realizing that many more people can benefit from access to wellness products and education, Chica grew Kreaky into a high-impact brand that speaks directly to the consumer. Kreaky hosts an annual giveback program every year where items are donated to poverty-fighting charities such as the Bowery Mission.

Check out Kreaky Products’ Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Black Friday Deal (November 25th): Get the exclusive Kreaky 8-piece Smoke Kit for $40 - limited time only. Order via @kreakyproducts on Instagram.

Now through the holidays: Get the limited-edition Kreaky Body Care Kit for $40, including handmade soap, a sugar scrub and a whipped body butter, all made with the Kreaky signature scent. Order via @kreakyproducts on Instagram.

Best Black Friday Cannabis Devices Deals

PAX Infused Flower with Solventless Hash device lineup: PAX Buds with PAX Mini and PAX Plus (C) PAX


PAX, the leading global cannabis brand known for its award-winning technology and devices, has unveiled an all-new lineup for flower and concentrate vaporization this season. Make it a December to remember with the newly-launched dry-herb devices PAX Mini and PAX Plus. These super-portable vaporizers pack a punch for fast and easy sessions on the go. They pair beautifully with the PAX Infused Flower with Solventless Hash, which comes hand-pressed into eight ready-to-use Infused PAX Buds. The Solventless Hash offers the high purity of all-natural, full-flower cannabis with the added potency of full-melt water solventless hash. Each PAX Bud has a potency of 125mg THC for a longer-lasting experience.

Plus, select PAX purchases benefit Last Prisoner Project, a restorative justice nonprofit that works to free cannabis prisoners around the country and provide reentry grants and resources to those recently released from incarceration.

Check out PAX’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Now to November 28th (Cyber Monday): Get up to 40% off on purchases on pax.com in the U.S. and Canada.

Giving Tuesday Deal (November 29th): 10% of all proceeds from pax.com purchases benefit Last Prisoner Project.

Chill Steel Pipes

Chill is the world’s first stainless steel, vacuum-insulated smoking apparatus. Featuring endless design combinations (match your pipe to your outfit?) and an easy-to-clean ceramic interior, this device is insanely popular. A favorite of cannabis industry innovators such as KymB of TribeTokes, Klaus creator Warren Bobrow, and Honeysuckle’s own Creative Director Sam C. Long, Chill Steel Pipes is the smoking buddy you can’t wait to chill with.

Check out Chill Steel Pipes’ Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Black Friday Deal (November 25th): Sign up for the Chill Steel Pipes newsletter on chill.store to get a sweet surprise for your holiday weekend.

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deal (November 25-28): Buy One Get One Free on any Chill Steel Pipes Mix and Match Neckpieces.

GPen Elite II (C) GPen / Grenco Science


The GPen, from Grenco Science, was the first vaporizer of its kind to market a tank system specifically designed for essential fluids and personal aromatherapy regimens. It has become one of the top cannabis devices in the industry, a household name known for its portable features and ease of use.

Check out GPen’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deal (November 25-28): Get 40% off on all purchases on gpen.com.

Stündenglass Best of Collaborations series devices (C) Stündenglass


Forward thinking functionality, precision craftsmanship and a transformative design aesthetic establish Stündenglass as the defining gravity infuser. Featuring a patented 360-degree system, the first-of-its-kind gravity infuser is revolutionizing consumption through design and science - leading the industry forward with an immersive experience. Stündenglass provides the most powerful and efficient filtration experience without a battery or motor, using simply pure fluid physics. The brand has become known for its innovative collaborations with industry leaders including Cookies (by rapper Berner), Dr. Greenthumb’s (by Cypress Hill’s B-Real), Taylor Gang (by Wiz Khalifa) and Tyson 2.0 (by boxing champion Mike Tyson).

Check out Stündenglass’ Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deal (November 25-28): Get 30% off the classic Black Stündenglass at stundenglass.com. Or get 20% off any item in the Best of Cannabis Collaborations series, featuring Cookies x Stündenglass, Dr. Greenthumb’s x Stündenglass, Taylor Gang x Stündenglass, and Tyson 2.0 x Stündenglass.

Marley Natural

Marley Natural smoking accessories foster awareness, authenticity, and genuine respect for nature. Developed by the family of reggae and cannabis icon Bob Marley, the Marley Natural line of premium smoking accessories feature walnut & glass constructed accessories and smoked glass products like water pipes, tasters, ashtrays, and more. If you're searching for smoking accessories that are not only trendy but also sustainably sourced, Marley Natural is the place for you.

Check out Marley Natural’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Cyber Monday / Cyber Week Deal (November 28-30): Get 30% off on all purchases on marleynaturalshop.com with code Cyber30.

(C) Eyce


Eyce silicone pipes are rugged, durable, and designed for the most epic of smoke sessions. Experience innovation at work with these colorful silicone pieces, crafted for cannabis consumers who enjoy active lifestyles. They come with a lifetime warranty and can be replaced in any condition, no questions asked. That’s cool as Eyce to us!

Check out Eyce’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Black Friday Deal (November 25th): Get 25% off on all purchases on eycemolds.com with code BF25.

Cyber Monday / Cyber Week Deal (November 28-30): Get 30% off all purchases on eycemolds.com with code Cyber30.

Best Black Friday Cannabis Apparel and Merch Deals

SpookyGirl art and home decor items (C) Rusty Daughtery / Andi Astra / SpookyGirl


SpookyGirl is colorful home decor, art, and apparel from multidisciplinary artist and illustrator Andi Astra. For everyday use, celebrating creative self expression, questioning of the status quo, and creating the place you belong, SpookyGirl encourages people to connect with their highest selves and inspire their inner child through art and color.

Check out SpookyGirl’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Now through the holidays: Get 40% off all rolling trays, stash bags and blacklight tapestries on shopspookygirl.com.

Ken Ahbus

A lifestyle brand for the modern stoner, Ken Ahbus incorporates the three big Cs - comfort, cannabis, and comedy - into everything. A vast array of ready-to-wear apparel from tees and sweatpants to hats and hoodies creates the ultimate plant lover’s wardrobe. Meanwhile, the merchandise includes must-haves like the Necessity Pouch (for phone, keys, wallet and a little extra something green), clever mugs, and the ever popular “I’m a Blunt Person” tote bag. Based in New York, the inclusive small business also partners with a local nonprofit, Spectrum Designs, that trains and employs people on the autism spectrum to do printing and embroidery on the items sold.

Check out Ken Ahbus’ Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

December 1-5: Celebrate Ken Ahbus’ Birthday Extravaganza! Ken’s birthday kicks off December 1st with brand new items, massive sales throughout the store, and free gifts with purchases. Check kenahbus.com or @kenahbus on Instagram for details.

Kind Fine Jewelry

A bit of classic New York know-how, with the modern elegance that only the cannabis industry can bring: That’s Kind Fine Jewelry. Featuring a diverse collection of pieces from studs and cufflinks to pendants and necklaces, the exquisite Kind Fine brand was founded by gemologist Shella Eckhouse. All pieces are crafted using Eckhouse’s 20-plus years of expertise, in Manhattan’s historic Diamond District. Whether you want a subtle silver cannabis leaf or a blingy 420 necklace, Kind Fine has the shine for you. And to make things even kinder, a portion of proceeds from each item purchased goes to benefit the nonprofit Patients Out of Time, which helps patients near the end of their lives to acquire medical cannabis. We can’t resist beautiful jewelry for a good cause!

Check out Kind Fine Jewelry’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Now to November 30th: Get 20% off all products at kindfinejewelry.com with code Kind20.

(C) Goldleaf


Bespoke journals, infographic art prints, elegant office items - and cannabis. Goldleaf is an educational design company that makes print items for the cannabis and coffee communities. The brand’s mission is to create more accessibility for the science behind the plant, and establish an approachability through design.

Check out Goldleaf’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Now to November 30th: Get a free Lab Pen with orders over $100 - Just add a Lab Pen to your qualifying order and enter code: PENTIME. Or get 20% off orders over $50 by using code 20FROM50 at checkout.

Best Black Friday Cannabis Storage Deals

(C) Cannador


Take care of your storage needs while helping the Earth. Cannador is a premium storage brand that focuses on functional design and balanced humidity for the home. Not only will their products maintain your top-shelf collection’s freshness, taste, and quality, but the company also plants a tree for every Cannador purchased. Through a partnership with the nonprofit Plant-It 2020, Cannador promotes sustainable reforestation and corporate social responsibility. It’s not easy being green - but it feels so good.

Check out Cannador’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Now through the holidays: 15% off all products at cannador.com.

Best Black Friday Cannabis and Psychedelics Deals

(C) Kaya Blaze Kelley / DoubleBlind


If you haven’t joined the psychedelic movement yet, trust DoubleBlind to guide you through its cultural transformations in health, business, art and more. The media company’s expert team also offers online events, courses and webinars for metamorphic education in the space. Get ready for adventure; whether you want to learn how to microdose, grow your own mushrooms, or what psychedelics can do for your overall well-being, DoubleBlind has the answers. In content, DoubleBlind reports on some of the most crucial issues of our time with stories from international contributors and visually compelling features that include art, poetry and photo essays.

Check out DoubleBlind’s Black Friday / Holiday Deal!

Now to November 27th: Get 25% off course bundles at doubleblindmag.com.

Cyber Monday / Cyber Week Deal (November 28-December 5): Get 40% off single courses.

Both holiday sales include special bonuses. Plus, stay tuned for a holiday sale that starts December 13th!


Have you found any don’t-miss deals on cannabis and CBD products? Feel free to let us know in the comments. If you buy something we link to on our site, Honeysuckle may earn commission.


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Featured image: House of Puff's Black Friday Deal: A free pink Le Pipe with $100 purchase! (C) Allie Pisarro-Grant / House of Puff